The ending of his life

It's gone dark mum- his last words. Or was it?


7. mums look!

Me and niall sat in the bed I curled up in the corner wall hugging my knees and niall say on the edge. "Loo!" My mum shouted up the stairs. "I got a sandwich for you!" I panicked. "Umm I kinda hungry can I have two?" I replied. Niall looked at me nodding his head in appreciation. "I'll do to plates come get this one whilst I make the other one." She agreed. I got up and ran down the stairs grabbing the plate saying thank you then running back up. I gave the first one to niall since he hadn't eaten for a while. He say there enjoying his sandwich when my mum came in and saw niall sat there. A dirty, mysterious boy. "Mum.. I can explain! Sure you won't believe me. But. I went out in the garden to see a patch of mud I layed next to it chatting to myself then the next thing I know Niall here is climbing out of it." I blurted. My mum stood there in the doorway shocked. I went up to her grabbed the plate, kissed her cheek and went to sit down. "Well then you best clean yourself up" my mum finally said. Niall nodded "what clothes will I wear?" He asked. "I'm sure Lottie will go and find something of her brothers." She said walking out. "She took that pretty well" he said smiling. I let out a small chuckle "my mums pretty chill." I giggled back at him. Well you can shower in the main bathroom. You should know where it is. I'll pick some clothes then I'll lay them outside the door. We're going out for a meal so I'll get ready in this en suite" I explained an smiled whilst pulling him up. Wow did his eyes put me in a trance. As he went in and shut the door behind him I skipped to my bros room and searched through boxes until I found the right outfit then I layed them outside the bathroom and went into my en suite

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