The ending of his life

It's gone dark mum- his last words. Or was it?


6. knowing each other

'Its been a long time since I've walked..' Niall said

'How did you not suffocate?!' I asked remembering.

'Unm air holes? Me and my mother were religious and religious people give dead people air once buried. Wierd but hey ho'

'You use that 'hey ho' alot'

'Guess so'

Lottie's POV

Okay I know I just met this dude and I witnessed him coming from underground which was pretty scary and freakily awesome! But I am growing massive feelings for him and we just walked from the garden to my room. He has blonde hair blue eyes Irish accent. Hey I think he's Irish. 'Can I call you my little lepricorn?' I blurted out. He looked at me strangely frowned in thought and nodded. 'Hey I have been buried underground and I have forgotten y way round. I was wondering if you could be my guide' he said smiling. I nodded and asked, 'when's your birthday?' '3 months... Why?' He replied and questioned. 'Just wondering... Wait did you say 3months?!' I looked at him as he nodded. 'And your 16 so you'll be 17?!' He nodded again. 'I feel light headed.' I said holding my forehead. He looked at me worriedly but held me up all together. Then he layed me on my bed. 'Im guessing your 17 in three months then?' He said once he layed me on my bed. I nodded still holding my forehead.

Btw I'm doing this on my phone so sorry for like. Spelling mistakes. I type quickly and I don't look at what I'm typing just the keyboard :)

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