The ending of his life

It's gone dark mum- his last words. Or was it?


8. getting ready

Lottie's POV

I turned the shower on and got my make up and hair dryer on the side ready for when I get out. I checked the temperature and took my clothes off and got in. It feels nice being clean. I got out and wrapped a towel round me. Since my hair was in a towel to I decided to do my make up first just a natural look I then put the hair dryer on and aimed it at my face to dry my make up then I styled my hair and dryer it then curled it. I went into my wardrobe that had already been set up. It was never token down tbh. I chose a dress that was lace and buttoned an the top then leather at the skirt part I put thin tights on and vans with a white and green lace then a skull cardi with my grey beanie that says cheeky on it.

Nialls POV

It's nice being clean serif as I can now see properly again I washed my body thoroughly. At least it was only mud. I stepped out of the shower and looked in the mirror. It was a long time since I saw that face. I wrapped a towel round my waist and opened the door grabbed the clothes and closed the door again. Wow she got a good choose in clothes. She chose a white tee that says punk on it with black leather trousers and white shoes. I gelled my hair and stepped out. I walked into Lottie's room and saw her. She looked stunning a bit like a mate I had when I was younger Harry styles curls and a grey beanie. Twins! Haha.

Lottie's POV

Damn he looking fiiine I chose the right look for him mhmmm!

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