Ice Princess

Alex, a figure skater, dreams of going to the olympics. And she is set on achieving that dream. But she is merely a teen and she is putting way to much pressure on herself. Will her worrying get in the way? What about teen love? Will she collapse under so much going on? Read to find out :)


5. Chapter4:Skating

I wake up the next morning and try to recap what had happened yesterday. 'Oh thats right I went dancing with Alison and met Tommy' I thought to myself. I wake up Alison and I say. "Hey I have to go to practice today. I will text you later okay?" She sleepily mumbled "yea okay see you later." I got dressed in what I was in last night. 'Crap. I didn't pack any other clothes. I hope I have some clothes in my locker.' I thought. I left her house and went to Starbucks. I got a caramel frap. I looked at my phone to see it was 7:00. I had plenty of time. On friday practice starts at 7:45. I finished my drink and started walking to the building. It was a 20 minute walk from Ali's house to the rink. I got there and it was 7:30. I said hi to Jerry and headed to the locker room hoping that I had spare clothing. I open it and I am slightly relieved. Its one of my costumes. At least its better than what I was wearing before. I got changed, put my clothes in the locker, locked it and took my skates in my hand. I went to the rink to find my coach Sam sitting on her phone. "Hey Sam." "Hey Aria. You ready to skate?" She replied. "Yep." With that said I skated onto the ice and began doing my warm up routine. It consisted of a 3-turn, an I-spin, and finished it off with a lunge. I looked over at Sam. She said "great warm up. Now for the real thing. Try to make it more sharp, and make it look more natural not so uptight okay?" I sighed and started doing the routine again trying to do as she said. I added in a triple and double spiral. I finished off like the first time, with a lunge. I get off the ice walking past Sam to get a sip of my water. I get back on the ice and turn to Sam. "How was that?" I ask. "Better definitely better. Still have some issues but we'll work on that later." She said. "What problems? Tell me and I will do it again." I heard her sigh and then she said "well it looks very sharp and on point but, you're still very uptight. You need to relax. Don't put so much pressure on your triples and let it flow okay? Other than that I thought it was amazing." "I see. I will do it again." I stated. As I was about to start the routine again I heard Sam say "Stop!" "What what's wrong?" She replies "This is exactly what I mean. You're too uptight. Even getting ready to skate the routine you weren't relaxed. You know what thats it for today. I want you to go home and relax. Have a day off. Go shopping. Do something for yourself. Cone back tomorrow and we will see what else there is to improve on, okay?" "But I-" i was cut off by Sam saying "No buts, go home." I sighed in defeat and got off the ice. I changed into my regular clothes, took off my skates and walked to Ali's house. Her car was missing so I figured she wasn't home. I sat in my car and drove home. I entered the house and said "mom, are you home?" No reply. As usual she was working. It was only 1:30pm. I went upstairs and decided to get my book bag ready for monday. I go back to school this monday. Great just great. More getting made fun of. I sighed as I looked around the house for something to do. I cleaned the entire house and it was only 3:46. I sat down on the couch and turned on the T.V. I then remembered that Tommy never texted me from last night. Wow he probably stood me up. Oh well I don't have time for boyfriends anyway. I fell asleep while watching Insidious: Chapter 2 and woke up to the sound of my mom coming home. "Hey honey." She said. "Hey mom, how was work?" "It was alright. A bit boring. Now why are you sitting here like a couch patato? Go out and have some fun its friday." "I don't know mom, I am pretty tired." She sighed and said "well I am leaving now. I cane come to change my clothes. Im going out with a few of my colleagues for dinner. Will you be alright alone?" "Yea mom, go have fun." She nodded and went upstairs to get dressed. She left and I sighed. I was so bored. Just then my phone beeped indicating I had a message. I looked over and saw a text from ab unknown number

?: Hey Aria. Its tommy. Whats up?

So he didn't stand me up. I smiled as I texted him back

Aria: Hey. Nm just being a couch potato. :P wbu?

Tommy: Nm just bored. Hey wanna go see a movie with me?

I smiled.

Aria: as long as its not a rom. com. I am in :)

Tommy: great. Meet me at the movie theater by that skating rink in an hour.

Aria: k see ya there

Tommy: cant wait :-)

I smiled as i looked at the time. It was already 5:30. I took a quick shower and started getting dressed. I put on a Sleeping With Sirens tee and matched it with black ripped skinny jeans. I put on my converse and went onto my makeup. I put on a light layer of mascara and created a cat eye. I topped it off with a nude lipgloss and I was set. I let my naturally straight red hair down and brushed it. I set off to the movie theater.


A/N. Hey there. Well I am pretty sure that this chapter is a lot longer than the previous few. I hope you are enjoying my story. And don't forget to leave suggestions and comments. See ya :)

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