Ice Princess

Alex, a figure skater, dreams of going to the olympics. And she is set on achieving that dream. But she is merely a teen and she is putting way to much pressure on herself. Will her worrying get in the way? What about teen love? Will she collapse under so much going on? Read to find out :)


4. Chapter3: Dancing

I drove to Alison's house to pick her up. I texted her to come out and in a minute or so she sat in my car. She was a cold-shoulder top with ripped skinny jeans, sneakers and a snapback. "Hey ready to go?" She said "Yea. Whats the address?" "Here lemme put it in the GPS." I simply nodded and handed her the GPS. We arrived at the place to hear Rihanna's 'Rude Boy' playing. I stood aside not wanting to get involved. Well that plan didn't work because Alison legitimately DRAGGED me to the center and told me to dance. I sighed and started dancing. I remember when I used to dance, I had created routines for most hip hop songs. So me and her started dancing the routine. We were so caught up in dancing that we didn't realize we were in the middle alone with people surrounding us staring in awe. The song came to an end and I came to my senses. I blushed and began to leave, when Alison pulled me back in. We started dancing again. This time we were dancing to Nicki Minaj's 'Pound the Alarm' everyone started dancing as well and I didn't feel so embarrassed anymore. I became dizzy after the 11th song and decided to get a drink. I started walking off the dance floor when someone bumped into me and I fell. "Uhh sorry, I didn't see you there" a male voice said. "Yea I can tell." I said with an annoyed voice. "Im Drew by the way, and what is your name?" He ignored my annoyance. "Aria." I stated simply. "Nice to meet you." "I wish I could say the same." I said nastily. I don't know what came over me but this kid annoyed me. "Woah no reason to be so nasty." He said hastily. I sighed "ugh I apologize I don't know what came over me. Sorry dude its been a long day." "What did you go get your nails done and one of them broke? Oh no the stress. You must be devastated." He said, his voice dripping with sarcasm "I will have you know that I was figure skating all day, now if you don't mind I do not wish to speak to you any longer." "Whatever your loss." He said "I don't think so dude." I stated as I turned around to walk away and I bumped into someone again. "Sorry man, I didn't see you." I said. "Its cool...ehm your name?" He said "Aria" "Pretty name. Im Tommy." "Coolio, well I should be going, I gotta find my friend." I said and I started walking away, but I was pulled back. "Hey wanna hang out sometime?" Tommy said. "Uhm yea sure, heres my number." I said as I told him my number while he put it in his phone. "See ya Aria." "Bye." I walked around trying to find Alison. I finally found her and I told her everything. "Ooh looks like someone has a crush" She cooed as she was raising her eyebrows up and down. "Oh shut up Ali I have to focus on my skating not teen love." She didn't say anything. I drove her home and stayed over at her house. Before I went to sleep I texted my mom telling her I was staying over at Ali's.

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