Ice Princess

Alex, a figure skater, dreams of going to the olympics. And she is set on achieving that dream. But she is merely a teen and she is putting way to much pressure on herself. Will her worrying get in the way? What about teen love? Will she collapse under so much going on? Read to find out :)


2. Chapter1: Rushing

I woke up and noticed that my alarm hadn't gone off. I look at the time and nearly fly out of my bed for it was 5:50. I had to be at the rink at 6:45 sharp. I quickly took a shower, but decided not to wash my hair, I simply didn't have the time. I got out of the shower and started getting dressed. I put on a simple tank top,paired it with sweats and topped it off with a zip-up hoodie. I put on my sneakers and marched to my mother's room. My mom was an anthropologist. "Mom? Mom, you have to wake up it is already 6:20." She jumped up and said "6:20? Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" "It appears that I did not set my alarm clock last night and I overslept." Her mother sighed. "Its fine dear, now get going or you will be late." "Bye mom I will see you later." With that said I left her room and went downstairs into the kitchen. I got out a muffin and put it in a napkin knowing I would have no time to eat it now. I grabbed my keys and shut the door behind me. I looked at my phone and I was relieved that it was only 6:30. 'I will make it in time' I thought to myself. I got to the building., parked my car, and entered. I didn't even have to stop for the security guard to show my I.D. He knew me. I quickly say "Hey Jerry" he smiled at me and I scurried off to the rink. I went inside and saw that no one was there. I sighed and thought to myself 'all that rushing for nothing.' I put on my skates and began to warm up

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