A lot of people are scared of goths. They're wary of them, move to the other side of he street just to avoid them with their striking dark clothes and overwhelming personalities. Those people are stupid, evading the real truth. It's not the goths they should be scared of.
Something worse.
Something far, far worse.
The sirens.


1. Prologue


There is a place just north of the Atlantic Ocean where spirits still roam freely. A person can truly be themselves, at one with the creatures of earth and air. Your mind can finally let go of all that ties it to difficulties, all that binds it to stress. 
Inside, your every cell is loosened, your internal structure reformed to be itself. Finally you can fly solo and true, alone only to those who do not see. Finally, you can be blind to everything but the truth. Finally you can discard the lies and regret and the ever near end and just live. Live. Really live. Live forever, love forever and let your former shell waste away until you are nothing but yourself, no fakery, no nothing. Let your personality shine through until it becomes everything you are. Let your inner self take over everything, give it complete control. You can do anything if your heart believes in it. Anything. 
Anything at all. 
That is, if you know where to look. 


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