Wait Until Your Return ~Layton/Warriors~

I published this on Wattpad, so now I'm going to publish it here as it got good reviews. Enjoy.


3. Chapter Two

"From now on, you shall be known as Angelpaw, your mentor will be Brickfur. Brickfur, you are a swift and intelligent cat, and I hope you pass these qualities on to Angelpaw,"
Angelpaw padded up to her new mentor, and they both retreated into the crowd, leaving only Puzzlekit in the clearing. Mistystar turned to him.
"From now on, you will be known as Puzzlepaw. Your mentor will be Sharptail. Sharptail, you are a fantastic hunter and fighter, and I hope you will pass these talents on to Puzzlepaw,"
Sharptail! Thought Puzzlepaw, he's a great warrior! But... Puzzlepaw thought, he's also Ascotpaw's father...
Puzzlepaw stepped up to Sharptail, who looked down proudly at his new apprentice as they touched noses.
Mistystar then disappeared into her den, and the clan began to disband.
Foxfur padded up to Sharptail.
"I'm taking Ascotpaw around the territory. He could use the knowledge of how to stay INSIDE the Borders," he mewed while giving his apprentice a sharp look.
Sharptail hissed."Are you suggesting that my kit doesn't respect Borders?"
Foxfur flicked his tail. "That's exactly what I'm suggesting, now, would you like to come with us or not?"
Sharptail sighed,"Okay"
"Ascotpaw!" yelled Foxfur,"Come here, and stop trying to put weed in Greenpaw's pelt!"
Greenpaw whipped round to see Ascotpaw with a pawfull of weed.
"Foxheart!" mewed, raking a paw over his littermate's muzzle.
"Where are we going today?" asked Ascotpaw.
Sharptail gazed at him. "We want to show you the gorge,"

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