Wait Until Your Return ~Layton/Warriors~

I published this on Wattpad, so now I'm going to publish it here as it got good reviews. Enjoy.


8. Chapter Six

18 moons later-

Puzzlefur padded up to the apprentices den.
"Bluepaw!" he called,"Come here!"
The grey-blue apprentice swiftly appeared out of the entrance. "Yes?"
"We're going on border patrol,"
Bluepaw's eyes lit up. "Cool! Where are we patrolling?"
Puzzlefur swallowed,"The gorge,"
"Fishleap and Lionfur are waiting," Puzzlefur continued, flicking his tail in the direction of the camp entrance.
Bluepaw bounced around at his feet. "Okay! Let's go!" but he stopped when he saw his mentors haunted eyes. "What's wrong? Don't you like the gorge?"
"No." Puzzlefur replied,"I don't like it,"
Bluepaw looked startled. "Whyever not?"
"Because I had a best friend. We had just become warriors, when he was killed on gorge border patrol by falling over." seeing his apprentices scared face,he added,"It's okay. You won't. He wasn't looking,"
"Oh,"mewed Bluepaw.
Puzzlefur purred. "Come on. We had better move, or these two will have our pelts!"

(Angelwings POV)

Angelwing padded alongside Fearfur and Greenfur. They were hunting. Mouse! All her senses sharpened as she honed in. Just before she could jump, they came across a still shape lying on the grass. Blood stained it's neck. Fearfur and Greenfur stared at it. The word caught in Angelwings throat.

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