Wait Until Your Return ~Layton/Warriors~

I published this on Wattpad, so now I'm going to publish it here as it got good reviews. Enjoy.


2. Chapter One

"Hey! No fair!" yelped Puzzlekit as Ascotkit flipped him over and pinned him. "You're two moons older than me!" 

Ascotkit swiped his paw across Puzzlekit's muzzle. 

"Too scared, Creepkit?" 

"No, of course I'm not scared, Bratkit!" 

"Maybe Loserkit needs to go to mummy!" 

That was it. Puzzlekit launched himself at Ascotkit, his claws unsheathed. 

He raked his claws down his denmates side. 

"So you want to fight?" Ascotkit mewed, amused. "Okay, let's do it!" 

Ascotkit charged toward him, his claws out. 

Just then, Puzzlekit remembered that his claws were still soft at the age of four moons, while Ascotkit's, as he was six moons would hurt him pretty bad.  

"Oww!" he yelled as Ascotkit raked his claws down his flank. 

"Stop it!"  

Greenkit propelled himself into Ascotkit's side, knocking him off Puzzlekit. 

Angelkit pressed her fur to Puzzlekit's. 

"Are you Okay?" she whispered, then began to luck his wounds. 

"Yeah," Puzzlekit looked over at Ascotkit, who growled at him. 

"Don't let that stupid furball beat you, he's just self centred," 

Just then Fearfur walked over to Greenkit and Ascotkit, and they went over to the highrock. 

Mistystar sat below it. 

"All cats old enough to swim gather beneath the highrock for a clan meeting," 

Puzzlekit was herded to the edge with the other kits. Ascotkit had tried to escape camp earlier, and Puzzlekit couldn't see him, or Greenkit for that matter.  

"Ascotkit and Greenkit are both six moons old and ready to be apprenticed." 

Puzzlekits heart burned. They were so lucky! He would have to wait another two moons before his apprentice ceremony. He was aware of Angelkit pressing her fur to his. 

"Greenkit," Mistystar went on,"You will be known as Greenpaw, and your mentor will be Lopeheart. Lopeheart, you are brave and fight well, pass these qualities on to Greenpaw," 

Greenpaw padded up to his mentor and touched noses with him. 

Then, Mistystar turned to Ascotkit. 

"Ascotkit, you will be known as Ascotpaw. Foxfur will be your mentor. Foxfur, you know how important patience is, and I hope that you pass this on to Ascotpaw." 

"Greenpaw! Ascotpaw! Greenpaw! Ascotpaw!" yowled the clan. 

After the ceremony, Ascotpaw padded up to Puzzlekit. 

"About this morning... Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," 

Puzzlekit nodded. Ascotkit was his best friend, and he shouldn't have attacked him. 

"Yeah. I'm sorry too.. I shouldn't have attacked you," 

"It's okay,"

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