Wait Until Your Return ~Layton/Warriors~

I published this on Wattpad, so now I'm going to publish it here as it got good reviews. Enjoy.


11. Chapter Nine

Greenfur left camp that night. He was going to the moonstone to claim his nine lives. The clan was now incredibly scared. What type of cat could kill their leader? Greenfur had called off the battle with ThunderClan, convinced it had to be a rogue. The clan had protested, but, Greenfur had replied saying that he wouldn't attack ThunderClan on such small evidence. 

Willowshine padded beside him. The silence was horrible, so Willowshine broke it. 

"You know who it is, don't you?" She asked. 

Shock pulses through Greenfur. "No. I don't. Angelwing seems to though, it's bothering her," 

Willowshine nodded. 

"It must be hard for you, first Ascotclaw, now Sharptail," 

"Yes. It has been hard, but I will lead the clan as best I can through this hard time," 

Willowshine licked his ears. "You'll be a good leader. Mistystar chose well," 

Heat flooded to his ears. "T...Thanks!" 

"Come. We are now entering the moonstone cavern," 

Greenfur nodded and gasped as the cavern filled with light. The moonstone shone and sparkled. 

"What do I do?" He whispered. 

Willowshine pressed her pelt to his. "Lie down and touch the stone with your nose. StarClan will send you sleep," 

Greenfur nodded and lay down next to the stone, touching his nose to it. Immediately his eyes closed. Darkness swam around him. Greenfur forced his eyes open. 

He was in a forest filled with sunlight. The stars above flickered and Nine of the spiralled downwards forming cats. 

"Greenfur, my warrior and my deputy, welcome!" Mistystar stepped out of the crowd."It's time to receive your nine lives," 

"I am ready!" Yowled Greenfur. 

Mistystar stepped forward. "With this life, I give you right judgement. Use it to lead your clan well," 

Mistystar touched her nose to his, and he was nearly knocked over by the burning sensation that rose up inside him. Then she retreated into the crowd. Greenfur started to look around. Where was Ascotclaw? He had to be here! 

Then another familiar face stepped forward. 

"Brickfur!" Yowled Greenfur. 

Brickfur purred. "With this life I give you nobility. Use it well," 

This time pride courses through him, followed by fear. 

"Thank you," he whispered. 

Next, Foxfur. "With this life I give you mentoring. Train the clan well," 

Fear courses through Greenfur followed by Pain. 

Next, Fishleap gave a life for food. 

Then, Mothwing gave a life for herbs. 

Next, Daisytail gave a life for a mothers love. 

Three other cats appeared, including Lionfur. And gave lives for Love, Justice and Peace. By the end, Greenfur was shaking and trying hard not to fall over. 

"Greenstar! Greenstar!" The StarClan cats hailed the new leader by his new name. Then Mistystar walked up, once the other cats were gone. 

"Greenstar! A terrible killer is out there. You hate him now, but you'll hate his identity even more. It will tear you apart. Stay strong!"

When Greenstar left. She stood there. "Oh dear. Is this RiverClan's end?"

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