Wait Until Your Return ~Layton/Warriors~

I published this on Wattpad, so now I'm going to publish it here as it got good reviews. Enjoy.


5. Chapter Four

Puzzlefur woke up to a morning of sunlight. Angelwing prodded him with her paw. They had been keeping vigil!
"You dozed off," she mewed gently,"But no one noticed,"
Relief swamped Puzzlefur. "Good. Do you know about patrols today?"
"Yes," she mewed."You are in Ascotclaw's patrol, to the gorge. Fishleap, Lionfur and Brickfur are going with you,"
Puzzlefur walked over to Ascotclaw. Fishleap, Lionfur and Brickfur stood ready to go.
"Took you long enough!" joked Ascotclaw."Was Loserfur tired?"
Puzzlefur purred. "No, but Bratclaw sure looks like he could do with a nap!"
Ascotclaw cuffed him round the ear.
"To the gorge!"
Ascotclaw raced ahead.
"Wait up!" mewed Fishleap,"It's dangerous!"
Suddenly there was a yelp, then silence.
Puzzlefur raced ahead, and got to the gorge just in time to see Ascotclaw skid over.
Puzzlefur grabbed his denmates paw. "Hold on!"
Ascotclaw stared at him. "Puzzlefur?"
"Ascotclaw! Your slipping!"
The rest of the patrol came just in time to see Ascotclaw's paw slip out of Puzzlefurs, and the young tom fall into the gorge.
"W..what happened?" asked Brickfur. 
Puzzlefur lay on the ground. "He.. He fell over and I couldn't save him!"
Lionfur thought for a moment. "We haven't lost a cat to the gorge in.a long time!"
Puzzlefur growled."Why don't we search for him!"
Fishleap ran her tail down his back. "There's no point. You do that, you die too!"
"He's not dead!"
"Puzzlefur, no cat could survive that fall, now come, let's get back to camp,"

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