Wait Until Your Return ~Layton/Warriors~

I published this on Wattpad, so now I'm going to publish it here as it got good reviews. Enjoy.


6. Chapter Five

Puzzlefur padded behind Fishleap. He felt sick. What was he supposed to tell Greenfur and Angelwing? Angelwing. She wouldn't ever forgive him. Lionfur walked up to him. 

"Are you okay?" 

Puzzlefur shook his pelt. "No. This was all my fault." 

Lionfur sighed. "It wasn't. He should have been more careful," 

"What am I supposed to tell Greenfur and Angelwing?" 

"I don't know. They're your friends. They won't tear you apart you know," 

"I wouldn't be so sure of that." 

"Come on. Your pads are bleeding,"

-RiverClan Camp-

As the patrol entered the camp, Mistystar padded up to them. 

"Where's Ascotclaw?" she asked. Puzzlefur hung his head. 

"He fell over the gorge," 

Mistystar blinked at him. 

"I..Is this true, Fishleap?" 

Fishleap ran his tail down Puzzlefurs flank. 

"Yes. Yes it is," 

"We haven't lost a cat to the gorge in ages," muttered Mistystar. "I must go tell Sharptail, Fearfur and Greenfur. Puzzlefur can tell Angelwing." 

No! Thought Puzzlefur, I'm not sure what to say to her. 

"Do you want me to come with you?" asked Lionfur. 

Puzzlefur swallowed. "No. This is something I must do," 

"Good. I hoped you'd say that," 

Nodding, Puzzlefur walked up to Angelwing. 

"Where's Ascotclaw?" she asked,"He said he'd be back by now, he promised!" 

"Angelwing, are you listening to me?"  


"When Ascotclaw got to the gorge, he fell over. I grabbed his paw. But he slipped and fell." 

Puzzlefur bowed his head. "He's gone. I'm sorry," 

Angelwing took a step back. "It's all your fault!" 

Puzzlefur gasped as Angelwing flew at him. Claws raked his pelt. Puzzlefur didn't even try to fight back. He knew he deserved this. Angelwings teeth met in his paw, making him cry out in pain. 

"STOP!" mewed Mistystar. Angelwing kept scratching. "Angelwing, I said STOP!" 

Mistystar pulled Angelwing off. 

Angelwing lay on the ground, panting. Puzzlefur glanced around. Sharptail, Greenfur and Fearfur sat in one corner. Their eyes emotionless. Willowshine gave them poppy seeds. 

"Cats of RiverClan!" announced Mistystar,"A tragedy has happened. Ascotclaw has fallen over the gorge on patrol. Tonight we will sit vigil." 

Willowshine padded up to Angelwing. "Here." she whispered, pushing three black seeds towards her,"Take these, they're for shock," 

Angelwing ignored the seeds. 

Then Willowsine came up to Puzzlefur. "Here you go," Puzzlefur obediently lapped up the seeds, but only one though ran through his head.


This is all my fault

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