Wait Until Your Return ~Layton/Warriors~

I published this on Wattpad, so now I'm going to publish it here as it got good reviews. Enjoy.


7. Chapter Five ~Ascotclaws POV~

Ascotclaw raced to the gorge. He was leading a patrol at last!
He heard yelps behind him, but he was too caught up in his thought to pay heed.
Then the ground vanished. He heard Puzzlefur call his name, but he slipped over.
Puzzlefur's face arrived at the top and grabbed his paw. He was okay, but not out
of the water yet.
Puzzlefur was struggling to hold his weight, but his other paw hung limp and twisted.
Ascotclaw could see Puzzlefur's claws dig into the rock, leaving long scratch marks as he was slowly pulled towards the edge.
Pictures of cats Ascotclaw knew flashed in his mind. Puzzlefur, Fearfur, Greenfur, Sharptail, Foxfur, Fishleap, Angelwing... Oh, Angelwing.. 
Puzzlefur might have been meowing about something, but, by now Ascotclaw didn't listen or care. All he knew was that he'd never see Angelwing again. His last chance had been before he'd left. He'd never hear her voice, feel her fur pressed against his. Never.
The word ran through his brain, until he realised that this was such a stupid way to die!
If only he had realised that they had been trying to warn him, this wouldn't have happened!
Angelwing's better off without a mousebrained mate! He thought bitterly. His claws came out, and Puzzlefur yelped in pain, letting go of Ascotclaw.
Falling. That's all Ascotclaw felt. That awful feeling, as if your swimming in air. Your head going light. Your eyes forced to close. Then Ascotclaw felt something sharp hit his head, and a wave of blackness engulfed him.
Goodbye.. Angelwing.

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