Wait Until Your Return ~Layton/Warriors~

I published this on Wattpad, so now I'm going to publish it here as it got good reviews. Enjoy.


13. Chapter Eleven

You hate him, But you'll hate his identity even more

The words ran through Greenstar's head as Ascotclaw struggled. 

"Why?" Greenstar whispered. 

Ascotclaw stopped for a minute. "You!" he growled."You really don't know!" 

"No." answered Greenstar,"I don't," 

"I always knew you were a fool!" he growled,"Let me show you!" 

Ascotclaw slipped out of his pawhold and raced towards camp. 

"We have to stop him!" yelped Blueclaw,"He could do anything!" 

"Yes," Puzzlefur said, confusion flitting in his eyes,"Let's go,"

--Ascotclaw's POV-- (Didn't see that coming!)

Ascotclaw headed towards the camp, and then into the nursery. Angelwing had given birth a moon ago. He still cared for her, and it pained him to know these were his brothers kits. Snowkit and Leafkit were still tiny. He knew this was right. He had to take everything from his brother! He dived into the nursery, ignoring the yowls. Angelwing was asleep. Good. He gently licked her ear, before picking up Leafkit and Snowkit, and leaving the nursery. He then turned and ran towards the gorge. 

When he got there, he held the kits over and stayed in that position until Greenstar, Puzzlefur and Blueclaw arrived. 

"Ascotclaw!" yowled Greenstar,"You don't understand!" 

"I do!" Ascotclaw answered, still holding Snowkit and Leafkit under his paws.  

"You stole my mate! And now I will steal your kits!" 

"NO!" came another voice, as a cat bashed into Ascotclaw, making him smash his head into a rock and lie ominously still.  

"Angelwing!" yelled Puzzlefur. 

Ascotclaw moved feebly. "A...Angelwing?" 

"Oh, Ascotclaw," she mewed, saddness buried there. "You have to understand. I had to put your kits safety first." 

"M...My kits?" Ascotclaw coughed, blood coming with every breath. 

"Yes," nodded Angelwing."These kits aren't Greenstar's. They are yours. Look," 

She pushed Leafkit next to Ascotclaw, and he could see although she was White, she had four golden paws and golden neck fur. 

"I...I'm sorry," he mewed feebly. 

Greenstar picked his brother up by the scruff. "Let's get back to camp,"

----At camp--- 

Ascotclaw had been in the medicine den for moons. Willowshine was doing her best. 

Greenstar sighed. Until Willwhine left the medicine den and came over to him. 

"How is he?"  

Willowhine dipped her head. "Im sorry, Greenstar. I did all I could, but he cracked his skull. He's not going to make it, and he wanted to see you before he left," 

Grief pulsed through Greenstar. 

"Okay," he mewed and entered the medicine den to find Ascotclaw lying on his side, blood trickled out of his mouth.. 

"Greenstar!"mewed Ascotclaw feebly. "I just wanted to say that StarClan have let me join them. And that I'm sorry. Take care if my kits. Call them yours. They're too young to remember me, so tell them that your their father." 

"Ascotclaw.. Dont go!" 

Ascotclaw touched his nose to Greenstar's. "I must. You were a great brother. Now, be a great father and mate. Goodbye.. Brother..." 

With that, Ascotclaws breathing stopped. Greenstar burst out of the medicine den 

"No!" he yowled. 

Suddenly a StarClan cat appeared in the sky. Ascotclaw! 

"Angelwing, Greenstar, Puzzlefur," he mewed," I will wait for your return to me!" 

Then the stars became normal. 

Goodbye, Brother...

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