Sanity - it's a funny thing and she knows there's a fine line between crazy and normal but when you've spent your whole life being told your crazy it gets hard to distinguish.

And then there's Noah the boy that breaks her away from it all to world of sanity and coffee and music

But they won't stop until she's firmly back where she belongs - dead or alive...


22. Escapism

Chapter 22


“What happened to escaping?” Said Freddie mockingly, as we sat on his bed. I threw a pillow and narrowed my eyes, I didn't want to talk about it. Freddie stared at me and I stared at the wall, unwilling to meet his gaze. I had lost control and got myself put on a drip because Spencer had told the doctor that I was threatening to kill myself.

“Threatening to kill yourself was a bit over the top.”

“Shut up Freddie, it isn't funny.” I sighed. Freddie gave me a sad smile and put his arm over my shoulder pulling me closer. I pulled my knees to my chest and closed my eyes.

“This is such a mess,” I moaned, “What am I going to do Freddie, I’m stuck in bed with a needle sticking in my arm.”

Freddie thought loudly, um-ing and ah-ing.

“Helpful.” I laughed, elbowing him in the ribs. Freddie coughed and spluttered.

“Maybe you can elbow your way out.” He said with a mocking smile, I kissed his lips quickly before punching him in the arm.

“This is serious, Freddie.” I mumbled.

“I know, I know. I'm sorry but you're going to have to wait it out. Pretend you're getting better, apologize for your behavior.”

“I didn't do anything wrong.” I cried indignantly.

“You tried to knock him out with a book, I’m sure they just knocked you out for stupidity.”

I rolled my eyes. “Great another person thinking I’m insane, just what I need.”

“We've been over this, you're not insane Cassie, and if you are insane don't you think you have the right to be after what you've been through.” I scratched my forehead, not wanting to speak. I was just so tired of fighting and getting absolutely no where. I missed having Vespa and Noah by my side, without them I was practically nothing. They were the reason I had escaped in the first place. I wondered if Noah was even there, maybe he was dead or maybe he'd escaped altogether. Part of me was still angry that he had run away from me.

“How did they escape in the first place.”

“They talked through holes in the wall.” I murmured.

“I think I have an idea.” Said Freddie, “Well technically it's your idea because I’m just a figment or your imagination.”

“Stop babbling and tell me the plan.” I said dryly.


Everything was a blur. Every time I opened my eyes the white walls of the hospital room my mind hurt. It felt as though the walls were pushing against my head. All the white was too bright to handle but I knew I had to stay awake. I blinked, getting used to the awkward light of the room. I tried to move my arms but they wouldn't co-operate. So this was the stage three Vespa had been referring. It sucked. I started slowly with movement because trying to jump out of bed obviously wasn't working. I started moving my fingers, concentrating so hard tears sprang from my eyes. The tingles of movement dissolved up to my wrist and I twisted it slowly. Movement worked all the way up to my shoulder and through gritted teeth I managed to control my right arm. All I had to do was pull the needle out and i'd be ok. My fingers tapped against the needle connecting the baggy of translucent liquid to my blood supply. With great effort I managed to grasp the needle between my fingers. I pulled slowly, grasping in pain as I extracted the thin bit of metal from my arm. Blood began to trickled from my arm at an alarming rate. I stared at the ceiling in horror, I couldn't move to stop it. I shifted my arm to try and cover the cut but it was useful. I whimpered in pain. Pain from the cut and pain for being so stupid. A nurse must have heard my call because a few minutes later she was in my room and putting the needle back in. She patted my forehead sympathetically and helped me drink a little water. I murmured a thank you and she left. I had been polite like Freddie instructed.


I fought against sleep for sometime, pinching my leg hard whenever my eyes threatened to close for longer than a second. Carefully I retained use of my fingers. I managed to move my toes after a while but the chemicals got the better of me and soon I was drifting off to the no man's land of dreamland.


For the first time I was greeted by Vespa in the tree house. It was the old Vespa, in love Vespa, not dead Vespa. She smiled when she saw me and I found myself smiling back. Then I began crying, ugly crying with swollen eyes and a snotty nose. Vespa tutted and pulled me close to her, hugging the hurt away. After a few moment she pushed me away and wiped the tears from my eyes.

“Can you stop being a baby now.” She said, her tone sympathetic. I coughed out a hiccupy laugh. Vespa smiled reassuringly.

“I'm not as strong as you Vespa, what do I do?” I moaned, trying not to cry again.

“Well first of all pull yourself together... Secondly stop the bleeding when you take the needle out.”

“Ok.” I murmured

“You know there's a button outside your room which opens all the doors.”

I stared at her. “Really? How do you know that?”

She looked out of the tree house. “You saw it when we broke you out.”

I touched my temple, “Well that sure beats my other plan.”


I laughed. “I was going to break through the wall to get to Noah's room.” I covered my face, embarrassed, that was a stupid plan. Vespa pushed me, “How the hell did you think that was ever going to work, you can barely knock a daisy over.”

I giggled. “You got that right.”


I woke up groggy but the idea of something plausible in my mind seemed to clear the smoke a little. I focused on moving my fingers, my arms, my toes, my legs, all until I could finally sit up. Taking a deep breath, I clutched the needle and pulled it slowly, my mouth open but no sound coming out. When it was out I chucked it on the floor and pushed my hand onto the cut, stopping the pooling bleeding. The door began to creak and I laid down pretending to be asleep. Spencer walked in slowly as if not to wake me, which was stupid because I had practically been in a medically induced coma. He came a sat by my bed, reading a book I had never seen before. So as not to attract attention I pushed my arm slowly down the side of the bed to pick up the needle. It was thin but if I was desperate it could do some damage. Pretending to wake I opened my eyes and gave a yawn. Spencer looked up at me, a sad smile on his face.

“How are you feeling.”

“Tired.” I replied, my voice somewhat unfamiliar. I had to be nice. “ What are you reading.” I said turning to face him.

He held the book out to me. “Found it in a used book shop.”

“'Dead girl walking.' sounds.. riveting.” I said staring down at the dog eared book. Spencer laughed and took it back from me. “Could you get me a glass of water please? My throat is killing me.” I said in the sweetest voice I could muster.

“Sure.” He said, touching my cheek softly, as if he was proud of me or something. Some part of me felt really bad for him whilst the other part just wanted to stab him in the finger with the needle. I may of not been insane but my mind was a dark place, that's for sure. As he slid out of the room I moved from the bed, taking the needle with me. I had to be sly if I wanted to do this. I pushed myself against the wall the opposite side of the door and waited. For what felt like an eternity I stood with my body rigid to the wall, waiting for him to come back with the water. My legs wobbled beneath me not used to the weight. I had originally planned to work my strength up but I couldn't wait any longer. The door creaked open and Spencer walked in to the room, not seeing me. By the time he realized I wasn't there I had moved to him, pushing him with all my might to the side of the room. By catching him off guard my unexpected push sent him hurtling forward. Trying to contain my excitement I slammed the door shut, able to hear his cries of annoyance as his fists hit at the door. A sly grin formed on my face as I dangled the keys in front of my eyes. Part of me thought that it wasn't happening, that it was just the crazy taking over. Snapping from the pride I felt i began searching for the door opening button knowing full well that I had seconds before Spencer remembered the assistance button. I followed the white wall round until my fingers graced something cold and smooth. I looked at the wall. In case of emergency. The sign read above the button. I slammed my hand down on it igniting a deafening alarm. I crouched in pain and covered my ears, watching gleefully as the doors opened. I ran past my door, closing Spencer in before he had a chance to escape, the assistance alarm wouldn't work over the racket of the emergency alarm. Practically bubbling with happiness I pushed into Noah's room. Holding the keys in my hand I moved to close the door. I walked over to a sleeping Noah and gently tugged the needle out from his arm. I touched his face softly, my fingers grazing over his cut lip and bruised eye. However had hit him was going to pay. Within a minute his eyes had opened and I coached him how to move his fingers, he spoke to me, his voice raspy.

“They said that I couldn't tell the difference between reality and fantasy and that I’d over dosed on my pills.”

“Uh huh.”

“I got into a fight with that Spencer and since then I’ve been on this drip.”

“Spencer did this to you?”

With a moan Noah nodded his head. “Ok, I’m going to help you up. We've got to get to that office and find the files connecting this to the Darlington Pileup.” I explained, silently he nodded. I heaved his body up slowly and rested his arm over his shoulder. We hobbled over to the door and using the keys I unlocked it. The outside hallway had descended into chaos. Children and teenagers ran a mock being chased by frightened nurses. One boy had grabbed a fire extinguisher from the wall and was bashing the walls apart angrily wailing like some sort of animal. Noah and I moved from his room and ran down the corridor, narrowly escaping the set of guards that had been rushed to that part of the hospital. Wandering down the corridors I pressed numerous emergency buttons letting the patients free. I figured that if we weren't insane then chances were they weren't either. Noah and I turned down corridor after corridor. Noah moaned and for a moment I let him rest against the wall. He sighed deeply his forehead creased with pain and covered in sweat. I wiped my head, still buzzing with adrenaline. I closed my eyes and rested my head against the wall. I tried to remember the corridors we had run down together before. My mind was blank though. I opened my eyes and watched as a nurse approached us.

“We are very sorry for the alarms but we need you to get back to your rooms.” I made no effort to move. The nurse held my elbow gently and pulled me away. I broke free easily and kicked him in the stomach. With a sudden burst of energy Noah lept forward and punched him hard. The nurse lay on the floor groaning with a mix of pain and confusion. Noah grabbed my hand and soon we were back to running down corridors. Relief flooded my body as we came to the wood paneled series of hallways. We moved quickly, not running so as not to attract attention to ourselves, there was no real need though as the place was practically empty. Noah, adrenaline kicking in, began walking on his own weight and the two of us walked around searching for the office.

Over here.” Called Noah, pushing open the door. I ran after him, my heart fluttering. The office looked as it had the last time we had searched it. We busied ourselves locking the door and running to the files. Nothing, they were all the same. None of them telling of the Darlington pileup. A part of me doubted if it was true, but the other part told me it was. It was, I told myself over and over. Noah whimpered and I turned to see him pulling out Vespa's file. I bit my lip. This was for her and that's what made it essential for us to discover the truth. Noah chucked the file on the floor and sank down the filing cabinet, crying. I moved to him cautiously. Angrily he pushed me into the back wall of the room, where a giant world map was hung. As I fell into the wall I heard the paper crumple and crouched as it fell on me. Annoyance seeped through my bones as I pushed it off of me. I shot Noah a look but he gaze was behind me. I furrowed my brow in confusion and turned.


A door. A door had been hidden behind that map. I began searching frantically for a key but to no avail. Running my hands through my hair my eyes darted around the room. They settled on a fire extinguisher. I yanked it from the wall and began bashing it against the door. I hit over and over until the door began to crack. I hit again and a hole began to form, with a few more bashes I was able to get through. I ran into the hidden room and began to pull out all the files. There were hundreds. One dropped to the floor and opened, showing Noah's face, the same picture from the file I had seen all those weeks ago. I crouched down to read it.


Name: Aaron Summers

Age (Present): 18


The rest was technical term after technical term. I put it to the side and moved around the cupboard like room looking for the fattest file. My eyes were drawn to it. I looked up to the top shelf. It was out of my reach. Taking a deep breath I heaved at the surrounding shelves and pulled myself up. As my hand just touched the file, the shelves gave way and fell engulfed by an avalanche of paper. I opened my eyes slowly and sat up rubbing my head. The fall had hurt but I didn't care. The file was inches from my fingers but before I could get to it something caught my eye. I stared at the floor where Noah, Vespa's and mines files lay side by side. Aaron Summers, Evie Harries and Alice Blake. Reunited at last. I bite my lip and blinked the tears away. This was no time fro crying. I lept to the file and pulled it open.


The Darlington Pile-Up: A social Experiment


On the 9th of July a pile up occurred on a major motorway. 137 cars were affected by the accident which resulted in the reported death of 200. 127 of those reported dead were children. However only 27 children were killed in the accident, the remaining 100 were taken to a building within the English woods, where they were told they were being held with a psychiatric hospital. From there the children have been kept in isolation in an experiment to see what it takes for a person to go insane.


I couldn’t read on. I closed the file. It was all an experiment, So that had been the reason behind Spencer's cryptic words, telling me I was helping people. I turned around and made my way to the door. My body halted, knowing before my brain did that something was wrong. My eyes moved to the hole in the door and I say the guard pointing a gun at my chest. Perfect.


I held the file in my hand and didn't move. I couldn't. The guard approached, gun aimed at me the whole time and pulled me through the door. He took the file off of me and pushed me to the floor. Noah stared at me, his mouth, hands and feet bound. Another guard tied me up whilst the guard with the gun pointed it at me. I kept quiet what else was there to do. A knock came from the door and with the guards faced away from me I slipped my hands from the ties. They had been lose and made of bandages the guards were obviously amateurs. Taking a good look at them I realized they were just nurses who had been given guns and ammunition. They were threatening but not dangerous. What was a bullet, a little bit of pain before death. I hadn't given up but I just wasn't scared anymore. They had taken enough away from me already. I quickly loosened Noah's ties and sat still as the door creaked open and the doctor entered. He crouched before me and held my chin.

“A fine specimen. Spencer was right when he said to kill you, I like your determination.” He said a smile on his face. His hands sent a shiver down my spine and I moved away from his touch. “But with determination comes stupidity and you my dear have been very stupid. For that reason it will be a pleasure killing you and just think of what I can do with your brain. You're very interesting and I want to know why. I wanted to know that about your friend too, Harley was it?”


“I did, she was peculiar too, but when we went back to get her body it was gone, a shame really.” The doctor stared at the nurses. “You can leave now?” The nurses nodded and flocked out the door, not before handing their guns over to the doctor. He stared at me condescendingly.

“You're very strong, it took what eight people to hold you down.” He tilted my head in my direction. “Why so quiet.” He added, laughing. “I find it very 'cute' that you two travel as a pack, I wouldn't have thought that a person brought up in isolation would be so loyal.” I glared at him. Why wouldn't he just shoot me and get it over with. “See that's the reason we did this, to search the young minds of the youth today, to what makes you all tick.” Within a blink Noah charged forward, a loud bang erupted near my ear as the doctor shot Noah in the leg. He screamed in pain and sank to the floor, blood pooled around him as he groaned. I breathed slowly trying not to cry.

“Slow and painful deaths are the best to watch.” He smiled sickly at me and pointed the gun at my chest. “It is a shame that I have to kill you, you're such a beautiful subject filled with curiosity and intelligence. Well, you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat.” He tilted his head to the side and touched a finger to the trigger.

“Stop.” Shouted a voice. Spencer stood in the doorway, gun pointed at the doctor.

“Well isn't this exciting.”

“Stop it, you know you can just put the bug in her mind to remove the memories, she doesn't have to die.”

The doctor's face fell as he turned to me. “His obsession of you is rather... doting... no creepy. I was reluctant to hire him at first, you know he has a restraining order against your mother.” I stared at Spencer, his gaze steady on the doctor. The doctor laughed.

“Im sorry Spencer I know you wanted to keep that quiet but I thought she should know that little bit of information before she died. I looked to Noah, his face pale and eyes half closed. I kicked out and his eyes opened as he groaned again. He looked at me, as if I had betrayed him. It was meant to keep him awake.

“See what I meant by cute.” The doctor pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. I closed my eyes as the bullet ripped through my collar bone. Before the doctor could shoot on target, another gun shot sounded and the last thing I saw was the doctor crumbling to the floor and Spencer's eyes staring at where the doctor had once stood. 




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