Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.


3. Heavens Gate PART 1

Brian and his fellow companions swoop onto nearby clouds and land on it with ease. The cloud poofs and some rains falls with each tremble as the people walk on it, the cloud begins to swiftly increase altitude. Brian walks over to the edge and looks down at the dark blue ocean beneath them. Some poofs of clouds around them begin to move with them higher and higher into the night sky. Rai plops down to the ground, Reanne follows and sits next to him as they look up at the full moon. Otit begins surveying around them for danger. Joan walks over next to Brian and stands quietly. 

"Do you think we can save him?" Brian says keeping his eyes on the ocean. Joan surprised by the questions looks at him, she bits her lip then looks back down beneath them. 

"I know we can. We just have to have faith in Angel. He'll pull through till we make it back. Besides, he's strong, he'll be fine." Joan says with a half-smile on her face. 

"Of course he is, I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I'm just.." Brian sighs as he slowly shakes his head. 

"You're worried Brian, and not just about anyone. Your worried about the one you love." Joan says rubbing his arm, she looks back at Rai and Reanne both chatting to each other.

Brian keeps quiet. He looks at her as she smiles, "We both are worried about the one's we love." She says as she begins to walk away towards Rai. He keeps quiet as he watches her walk away. He turns back and looks up at the glowing moon. 

Joan continues to walk over to Rai. She hear's them both giggling as she draws closer. "Whats so funny?" She says smiling at them. 

They both turn to look at her, Reanne covering her mouth as she tries to hold back her laughs. "Oh nothing, we were just sharing stories about each other." Rai says looking up at Joan smiling.

"Yeah, you wanna join us?" Reanne says offering to her. Joan smiles and nods her head. "Sure!" 

Joan plops down in between them. As she is about to speak, a feeling creeps up her spine. She closes her mouth and looks behind her at Brian. She sees him staring back at her. Rai seeing the confusion on their face, "What is it?" He asks puzzled. Joan gets up and rushes to Brian. 

A huge amount of pressure stops her dead in her tracks. Wide eyed she stares at Brian, who isn't moving either. "Brian how many are their!?" She shouts looking around them. 

"Drop!" He shouts back at them. Brian immediately falls to the ground into the poofs of cloud, then everyone else does the same. The pressure gets more intense as the minutes pass by. Then in the distance flapping is heard. Several more minutes pass, then the cloud begins to shake violently. Suddenly hundreds of Angels soar through the sky above, and below the cloud. Brian with eyes wide open examines the hundreds of Angels soaring through the wind, flabbergasted by the amount. As the last of the Angels go by, they each rise from the ground and examine the Angels from behind. 

" god" Reanne says out of breathe as she sees them all.

"Brian! Their-!" Joan says quickly, but Brian interrupts her.

"I know..they're headed in Jet's and Angel's direction towards the Facility." He says the last part low. Rai scratching his head, turns back around to Brian and walks to him.

"They are headed to our friends and loved ones! We need to go back and warn them!" Rai shouts pointing at the Angels in the far far far distance.

"We can't." Brian says half hearted.

Reanne shocked by his response walks towards him. "Why not!? They could all die! We have to go help them!" She screams at him.

"They aren't stupid, they are all smart. They will know to hide, besides you can feel all that pressure a mile away. So they'll have time to go for cover." Joan says defending Brian. 

"Besides even if we tried to warn them, we could risk putting them all in danger." Brian says adding to Joan.

Reanne looks back at Rai, who has his head down. He looks up at her nodding his head.

"Their right. We just have to have faith in them. That's the best we can do right now." Rai says agreeing with them. Reanne inhales a deep breathe then nods her head. 

"Aright then." She says quietly as she sits down on the ground.

"Brian how far is it till we get to Heaven?" Rai asks looking up at the starry night sky.

"It should be close. We should be able to see something." He replies plainly.

"What do you mean something? That's very vague." Rai asks confused.

"I mean, that a trail should lead us to the Gate. And I don't know when this trail will show either!" He quickly answer without the question.

Reanne giggles to herself as she sees Rai's upset face.

"Look" Otit says out of nowhere. Everyone looks towards him, they see him pointing ahead of them. Everyone looks in the direction to see the moon shining and glowing colorful colors. Then illuminating lights of white, gold and blue begin to form a staircase into a large black hole.

Reanne and Rai shocked turn quickly to Brian, Joan and Otit already walking up the stairs. "WAIT FOR US!" Reanne screams.

They both run to catch up to them. They all stop at the entrance of the black hole, peering into the pitch black hole. 

"What do we do?" Otit asks.

"We don't have much choice to do anything else. We go through." Brian replies back as he slowly sticks his hand in. He pulls it back out slowly, examining his hand.

"Its warm and cold. Lets go." He looks back at the others then jumps into the black hole.

"Wait!" Rai yells out too late, "Is he crazy!? We don't even know what this is!" Rai yells frantically.

"Shut up." Otit says annoyed.

Otit and Joan both jump in at the same time. Reanne and Rai both look at each other. Reanne smiles and shrugs then jumps in. "This is fucking crazy. No way in hell in getting in that." He crosses his arms and begins to walk back down the staircase to the cloud. He looks ahead of him and sees the staircase disappearing.

"Noo!" He screams. "Gahhh, fuuucckk!" He screams as he runs and dives into the black hole.

As he jumps through, the entrance closes. He gets up and looks around and sees everything black, except for the floor. The straight white path leading ahead of him, he looks ahead and sees everyone waiting on him.

"Took you long enough." Reanne says smiling and winking at him.

He blushes. "Shut it!"

"Where do we go from here Brian?" Reanne asks still smiling at Rai.

"We follow the bright light at the end of the tunnel." He says beginning to walk, with Joan and Otit.

"What li-? Oh. That light." Reanne says staring at the light ahead of them.

After several minutes they finally make it out of the tunnel. They step off the path and begins to hover in the air. Slowly a red door fades in view in front of them. Brian gulps as he slowly turns the knob. It clicks and he opens it. A bright white light blinds them all. As the light fades away they all step through the door and drop to the ground onto something soft and fluffy. Everyone gets up and checks their surroundings.

"Holy shit." Joan quietly whispers to herself as she stares in front of her, then everyone else stops and stares ahead of them also.

"This is it?" Otit asks.

"Yeah...this is Heavens gate." Brian soflty says as he begins walking towards it.....







Okay, so this isn't the OFFICIAL first chapter, but I just wanted to give you a tiny piece of where Brians story will start, literally at Heavens Gate. The following chapters will be Jet and the Red Hearts adventure to the Europe Facility, along the way you will have a sorta 'FILLER'3-part  story arc, with a team of Angels hunting down his team. It's Interesting and awesome, I loved it! Anyways, I just wanted to give you all a heads up before continuing reading so you aren't confused. c: 

I hope you enjoy the sequel! <3

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