Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.



"That's all she told you? Are you sure?" Karlyn anxiously ask's Jet. He nods head. Keoki groans in annoyance as he continues swapping away at mosquito's. Lana and Redrick both lean back against a tree listening attentively. Karlyn gives Keoki a concerned stare, she raises an eyebrow at him. "I know." He simply say's. 

"You know what exactly?" Jet suspiciously ask's. "The end is almost here. We have mere day's maybe less before the final battle begin's. Which is why we must hurry and make haste. We'll make it to the Bridge of Hollow's by morning. Follow me." Keoki say's as he begin's walking through the wood's, they all follow him for a few minute's uphill. Keoki stop's in front of a large tree, "Hold on." He say's as he put's his hands on the tree, his eyes begin to glow yellow. The tree begin to groan and crack as it begin's to bend.

Everyone watches as the tree stop's revealing a beautiful view of two mountain's beside each other with a small gap in between them to show a tall tower. Karlyn smiles as she sees the surprised faces the others are making. Keoki and Karlyn hold hands as they leap up onto the tree and begin walking towards the tip of the tree. Everyone quickly follow's behind them, "Keoki, this is awesome! How in the world?" Redrick say's flabbergasted. "It's just something new I recently found out I could do." He say's giving Karlyn a huge grin.

"What is that?" Lana ask's pointing at the Tower. "That's where we're headed. It's the Facility. But before we go there we have to cross the Bridge of Hollows down there." Keoki say's pointing down the hill to a large Bridge crossing over onto another piece of land with a rushing river underneath it. Redrick eyes widen in fear, he gulp's loudly. "We-....we have to cross a Bridge?" 

Keoki nods his head, "Yup." he simply say's popping the 'P'. Redrick begin's to visibly shake. Lana puts a hand on his shoulder, he looks back at her. "Why are you afraid of Bridges?" Jet anxiously ask's. 

"When we were younger, we were allowed one hour outside the Facility, in a heavily gated forest...." 




"Hey! C'mon you guy's need to quit messing with me!" Redrick screams out as he look's around him. Walking over crunched up leaf's he begin's shaking as he hear's the birds chirping and cricket's ticking. He immediately hug's himself as he begin's walking through a cleared path with bushes on both sides of it. "Lana! Rai! Charel! Zalez! Leila! Please come out! I'm scared!" Redrick calls out. He begin's whimpering and sniffling when he receives no reply. 

He stop's walking and looks down at his feet, "I hate you guys." He softly say's to himself. Looking up he sees Leila ahead of him watching him with a hand on her hip. "Your such a cry baby Redrick." Leila says chuckling. 

Redrick frowns, "No I'm not! I'm just scared, why did you leave me!?" He shouts at her. He runs after her and embraces her in a hug. "Please don't leave me alone anymore." He say's under his breath. Leila nods her head, "Let's go find everyone else. They might be at that old bridge." Leila say's as she holds Redrick's hand. They both begin walking down the clear path. 

"But we're not allowed to go there, remember? We'll get in big trouble if they catch us." Redrick say's looking around cautiously. Leila grins, "They won't find us! Even if they did find us, they can't hurt us. We're little kids. We'll just be in time out or get sent to the Lime Room." Leila say's boldly. 

"Alright, but if we do get caught. I'm telling them it was all you're fault." Redrick say's as he tightens his grip around her hand. "Tattle tale." 

They continue walking down the path till the come to an empty field. Stopping they see an old wooden bridge connecting to another piece of land. They walk towards it, stopping in front of it Redrick looks over the edge to see a rushing river underneath it. "I'm scared, Leila." 

"You can't be scared of everything, you have to grow up. We all do if we want to survive." Leila say's as she gives him a stern look. He nods his head, they both a step onto the bridge. It immediately begins to creek. Redrick jumps back, "Leila!" He cries out. 

She look's back at him and smiles, "It's fine. It's just old, we can walk on it." She say's taking a few step's on it. "See." She say's holding a hand out for him. He look's around the bridge, then to Leila's smiling face. Redrick takes her hand and walks onot the Bridge. "Now we just have to walk across and we'll be off." 



Someone screams out loud. Redricks face brightens up when he see's Rai, Lana, Charel and Zalez on the other side of the bridge waving at them. He picks up the pace, suddenly the bridge begins to crunch. Leila stop's and looks down. Redrick frowns in confusion, "Leila, what is it?" He anxiously ask's. Leila looks up at the others to see them watching her and Redrick uneasily. 

"Redrick, let's walk a little faster. Okay?" Leila say's attempting to hid the fear in her voice. Redrick nods his head and quickens his pace. The floor begins to creek louder. Suddenly Leila's foot crashes through the floor, she immediately lets out a shriek. "Gah! My foot!" She slowly pulls it out, only to see it covered in blood with a piece of wood nudged in her ankle. 

"Redrick run!" Leila screams as she pushes him forward. "But Leila-" she immediately cuts him off. "Go! This isn't gonna hold-!" She gets cut off as she falls through the floor. "Leila!" The others scream out as they run to the edge to see Redrick trying to hold up Leila. 

Groaning in pain he tries to lift her up, he begins sobbing. "My arm hurts! I can't pick you up Leila! What do I do?!" Redrick cries out. Leila looks up at him with tears racing down the side of her face. "Let me go." She calmly say's trying to hold back the fear. "But if you fall you're gonna fall into the water." He shouts at her. 

"I can swim. When you let me go, you have to run off the bridge though, alright?" Leila says trying to comfort him. He opens his mouth but Leila cuts him off. "You have to promise me that you'll run. Promise me Redrick." 

Redrick nods his head, "I promise." He looks up at the others to see them watching him anxiously. He looks back down at her, "Ready?" She say's smiling at him. He nods his head.

Suddenly the bridge begins to shake and tremble, the floor begins breaking away. "Redrick!" Leila screams out. He lets her go. The floor underneath him gives out and he falls through. 

Lana and Charel watch in horror as they see Leila splash into the water, soon after pieces from the bridge collapse on her. The water begins to turn red. Rai and Zalez run into the water calling out for her. 

"There she is!" Charel screams out pointing far into the river to see her body floating the in water. They all begin running after her. 

Redrick opens his eyes to see himself tangled up in rope underneath a ruined bridge in the air. Leila?" He softly calls out. He then feel's a slight pinch of pain on his sides. Looking at his ribs he see's a shard of wood impaled through his ribs. Redrick immediately begins hyperventilating as he tries to reach out to pull out the wood. The rope and bridge begins to tremble and break apart. Stopping himself the shaking stops. Looking back down at the river he see's sharp pointing planks, nails and wood. 

"Charel. Rai. Lana?" He softly calls out for him. Looking around he begins to sob to himself. "Please don't leave me alone." He quietly says crying to himself. 



"....I was in that rope for two days." Redrick says to himself. Lana crosses her arms looking away from Redrick. "How did they find you?" Jet curiously ask's. 

"I fell. The damn bridge collapsed and I fell into the water. It all just crumbled on top of me. When I woke up I was laying on the side of the river. No one found me for another day. I nearly bled out." Redrick says as he lifts up his shirt to reveal a large scar on his ribs. Then rolling up his pants they all see another large scar up his leg to his thigh. "I couldn't move. My leg was literally broken." He unrolls his pants and shirt. 

Karlyn frowns in confusion, "What happen to you're friend Leila?" 

"She died when the bridge fell on her. She drowned." Lana say's looking down at her feet. "I'm sorry." Keoki say's shaking his head in disbelief. Redrick lightly smiles, "It's fine. I got tougher after it all was over." 

It all goes quiet as he pops his knuckles. "Well we should get going, we wanna be there for the end of the world." Redrick says as he gets up from the ground. Everyone nods there head. "We'll help you get through it. If you want, I can knock you out?" Jet suggest as he bawls up his fist. Redrick chuckles as she shakes his head no. 

They all walk off the tree and begin walking downhill towards the Bridge. Lana quickly catches up next to Redrick. "I'm sorry." She whispers. He nods his head, giving her a small smile. 

"I know. It's not you're fault. Let's get through this for Leila."



We have more back story for our Red Hearts! They've known each other since they were children, it's so cute. I thought it would make for a more compelling story. Back story is needed to make an awesome story! ^_^

NOW! The next chapter is gonna be a big fight! I'm soooo excited! <3


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