Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.



Lana, Redrick and Zalez all listening intently to Jet.

'And that's how we all became friends. Since then we were all inseparable. We never really did anything with out each other. Alway's trained, laughed, played, fought, and lived together. It's kinda crazy at how much we've been through together, and now we're separated from each other. Each of us with two things on our minds, getting Angel back to health and finally finishing this war. I just miss them all like crazy. I just hope they aren't hurt or worse..killed.' Jet looks back at everyone, seeing them all wide-eyed and listening with saddening eyes. He chuckles to himself as he scratches the back of his head.

'Sorry, I must of been rambling.' Jet says smirking.

Lana rubs his back in circles. 'It's alright Jet, we are here with you. You aren't completely alone on this, you have us.' Lana says smiling to him.

'When you guys chose us to be on your team for this mission, we thought of it as a way to get out of that god forsaken facility and finally do some damage and just go crazy. But after everything we've been through with you guys and after what happen to Angel and Charel..we knew this was something serious. Did Charel tell you how she promised herself she would do everything she could to help you?' Zalez asks in a low tone.

Jet nods his slowly head. 'She did, but how did you know?'

'We all made that promise on the boat getting here. Us Fighter's made a pact to do whatever possible to make sure you guys get the job done. And we will do it, even if it cost's us our lives. You four are valuable to this mission, we are merely nothing compared to you. You, Jet, and your friends are the only one's capable of finishing this war. We know it, everyone knows it. It's been discussed by everyone, even your protectors, Director. We all knew it from the beginning.' Redrick says ambitiously.

Jet astonished turns around to face them. 'You guys-'

'You don't have to say anything Jet, all you need to know is that you aren't alone.' Lana says smiling at him along with Redrick and Zalez.

'Thank you. All of you for everything you've done for me, for us.' Jet says sympathetically.

'Don't thank us yet, we haven't won yet.' Redrick says chuckling.

A cold feeling begins to creep up Jet's back. Shivering from it he looks around nervously at the building around and then to the ground.

'Jet, what is it?' Lana ask curiously also looking around.

'I don't know, this weird feeling just crept up my back. But I don't see or really feel anything around us. It's weird.' Jet frowns as he wipes away water from his face.

'Why can't you feel whatever it is?' Zalez says as he checks on Angel behind him.

Jet continues to scan around him.

'I think I have an idea of what it is. I'm not too sure, it could be anything. Just keep your eyes peeled.' Jet whispers lowly to himself.

Lana and Redrick both look behind them towards the back, Zalez checks on Angel. As they distracted, a powerful pressure blasts through the tree's underneath Aztec. The dragon roars as the blast of pressure flows through and around it. The water begins vibrating fiercely. As the group is being distracted by the powerful power, an Angel bursts through the tree's and soars upwards towards the Dragon. Aztec stops moving and hovers in place, the Angel flies near it and watches the humans scrounge in pain from it. The Angel smirks and begins to laugh.

'What pathetic humans. Can barely manage to stand my power, what a waste.' The Angel spits at them.

Jet, Lana, Zalez and Redrick painfully look at the Angel watching them all menacingly. He unfolds his arms and disappears, the pressure too disappears. Jet breathing heavily looks around searching for the Angel.

'Are you guys alright!?' Zalez shouts at everyone. They nod there heads.

'That was weird, why didn't he attack us?' Lana asks curiously.

'I don't know, but I think we should hea-' Jet gets cut off as the powerful pressure reappears and begins to vibrate the group with pain. The Angel soars from the sky downwards to the Dragon. With a spear in its hand, in one swift motion takes off Aztecs head. The water dragon bursting into rain, begins to soar back down to Earth along with its passengers.

'Zalez, grab Angel!

Jet shouts as the fall. Zalez looks around see's Angel above them and begins to maneuver himself close, as Zalez is within inches of him. The Angel ascends down and kicks Zalez into the a near building, close to the top. Smashing through the window.

'Zalez!' Lana screams. She pulls out her handgun and begins to shoot at the Angel. Hitting him in his chest the creature frowns at her then teleports behind her. Shocked she quickly turns around and aims her gun. The Angel grabs her wrist and glides upwards to the top of the near building. Lana begins to struggle against his grip, but only tightens. She begins grunting as her arm begins to spill little blood.

The Angel spins her once in a circular motion and throws her towards the building rooftop. She crashes through the ground onto the floor underneath.

'Redrick grab hold of Angel! I'm going to teleport you out of here with the rain! I want you to hid somewhere and stay put till we find you! Understand!' Jet screams at him. Redrick glides his way towards Angel, he reaches him and pulls him close.

Jet clasps his hands together, he then extends his arms out to Redrick. The rain drops begin to stick to both Angel and Redrick. As they are nearly covered, the Angel see's them and begins rushing towards them. As Redrick is enveloped by a enormous raindrop, it ascends back up into the clouds.

The Angel tackles Jet, both swinging and tumbling towards the ground. The Angel stops and grabs hold of Jet by the neck.

'Lets go see your two friends shall we?!' The Angel screams and laughs wickedly. It soars back upwards towards the rooftop. Jet struggles to look down and see's Lana and Zalez both slowly crawling out of the hole in the ground. He looks back at the Angel and headbutts him. Blood seeps down both there foreheads.

Jet swaying back and forth from being dizzy, the Angel headbutts him back sending him zooming through the sky and colliding into his friends. As they collide they crash back into the hole and go through another two floors down.

The Angel laughing softly to himself swoops low over the hole and looks down examining it. he shakes his head in disappointment and descends onto the ground. He leans against the wall waiting.

The rain, and snow continue to fall from the sky. The ground begins to lightly become covered in wet snow. The lightning and thunder rumbling through the night sky.

A crackle is heard near the hole. A hand breaks through the ground and begins ripping away the concrete ground. Jet jumps through the ground and lands in front of the Angel. He looks up at the Angel with a crazed bloodied face. The black blood seeping down his face onto the white wet snow sticking to it. Lana crawls out, she gets on all fours and throws up puke and blood. She wipes away her mouth with the back of her hand. She looks up at the Angel menacingly, blood flowing down her side of the head. Zalez barely able to lift himself out of the hole, he uses one arm and lifts up. Shards of glass impaled in his back and left arm. Blood also flowing down his arms and legs. They all get into a line facing the smiling Angel.

'I'm just going to say this before I kill you three. So you know who killed you, my name is Gabriel. And your probably wondering how and why I found you all. The Almighty Man sent me down here to rid you all. You have been most troubling for HIM, he's been watching you all for a great deal now. We started watching you as you got near this city. We know where your headed. Which is why I am here to stop you, though it didn't take much to do it. Weaklings. But where are the other two who were with you? Was it, if memory serves me Redrick and Angel. That boy Angel, he is the one I need dispose of the most of your group. He is the only one capable of defeating the threat to finally parish this world.' Gabriel mischievously says with a smirk.

'You will never get him, not while we are breathing!' Lana yells infuriated.

'Well then, I'll have to kill you three? Won't I.' Gabriel sneers at them.

'You can try!' Lana boldly spits back at him.

'Hmp, don't seem so cocky woman. You my dear, have no idea what I'm capable of.' Gabriel softly says snickering.

'I'll take that chance, you won't find them.' Lana endeavours.

Gabriel takes a step and appears in front of Lana, caught off guard she raises her arms to block her face. Gabriel strikes her in the stomach, sending her soaring back. Smashing into the surrounding wall. She slams into it breaking it, causing a circular indent around her. She slides to the ground holding to her stomach, gasping for air. She begins to puke, looking back up tears sliding down the side of her cheeks. Gabriel appears again in front of her

Lana tries to quickly get up, as she is nearly up Gabriel swiftly spins on his left heel and kicks her in the stomach again. Exploding through the indent in the wall even more, she crashes through the wall. Her body stuck inside the wall. The misty dust and snow flowing around Gabriel, he looks at the other two stunned and shocked in place. Jet and Zalez slowly turn their heads towards Gabriel.

'Who's next?'

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