Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.



Carrying Angel on Jet's back, he slowly follows Keoki's lead down the steep hillside. Keoki looks back at everyone, "Is everyone doing alright? We're almost there we just have to get to the cliff and then walk along it to the Bridge below it." He softly says to them pointing ahead of them. Everyone nods there heads in agreement. Keoki smiles at Karlyn as he turns his head back forward, she grins at him. Lana and Redrick steadily walking side-by-side each other at the back, "Redrick, do you have something to eat in you're bag?" 

He nods his head as he digs into his bag while walking. "I have a granola bar?" She quickly nods her head as she squeals in anticipation. Holding the bar in front of her face she snatches it from his hand and begins devouring it. He begins chuckling to himself, his eyes widen in fear as he looses his footing and begins tumbling down. "Redrick!" Lana screams out. Karlyn and Jet see him tumble down past them, Karlyn quickly raises her hands towards the dirt. 

A large hand bursts from the dirt reaching out for him, but misses. Jet then see's the steep hill end further down into the river. "There's a drop!" Jet screams out. Karlyn and Lana gasp as they hear Redrick crying out in pain. Lana begins running down after him with Karlyn, Jet tries to take a few quick steps but stop's when he realizes Angel still on his back. 

Redrick groans out in pain as he slams into a tree and continues rolling. Lana leaps over a root, but she hits it with the tip of her foot. She slams face first the ground and begin rolling down as well. Rolling into Karlyn she falls to the ground and rolls with her as well. "Karlyn!" Keoki screams out for her. 

Redrick see's the drop too late, he gasp's as he rolls over the side of the cliff. Closing his eyes he feels something wrap around him. Opening his eyes he see's a tree root wrapped his waist. Looking to his left Redrick see's the Bridge of Hallows. Laughing to himself he fist pumps the air, he then hears Lana screaming. "Lana?" He curiously say's aloud. He suddenly see's Lana roll over the drop, his eyes widen as he reaches out for her and grabs his hand. Swinging below him, Lana looks up at him gasping loudly. A smile slowly forms at the corner of her lips, "Hey." 

"Redrick! Lana! Catch her!" Keoki screams at the top of his lungs. Lana and Redrick look above them to see Karlyn roll over the side. Redrick reaches out for her, there finger tips barely grazing each other. Lana catches her in her arms, the catch jolts Redrick down cracking the root. Karlyn gulps loudly as she looks down at the river. "Nice catch, Lana. I thought I was gonna fall, thanks." Karlyn says smiling at her. 

"It's no problem. I kinda owe you one after you saved us." Lana says smiling bright at her. "Karlyn? Redrick? Are you guy's alright?" Keoki calls out for them. Keoki cautiously makes his way down to the drop. "We're all safe!" Karlyn shouts back at him. Keoki lets out a sigh of relief as he continues walking down to the drop. Glancing back at Jet he see's him slowly making his way down. "Okay, so we're all good. Good." Keoki says to himself contently. Stepping up to the drop he looks over the cliff and see's them hanging there. Redrick glances up and see's Keoki standing there. 

"Could you get us out of this? My arm is giving out!" Redrick shouts as he struggles to hold up the girls. Keoki quickly slams his hand on to the ground, roots slither out of the ground near Lana and Karlyn. "Redrick, swing Lana and Karlyn over by those roots. There gonna jump." Redrick nods his head as he begins swinging them back and forth. 

 "One...two....three!" Redrick shouts as he lets go of Lana and Karlyn. They both swiftly reach out for the roots and successfully grab them. "Great, now jus-!" Keoki is cut off at the sound of Jet screaming. Turning around quickly he see's Jet grabbing onto Angel as their soaring through the air in a cloud of smoke. Smacking into a tree, Jet tumbles to the ground and lands on his back and Angel on his stomach. Keoki runs to his side, "Jet!? Are you alright?" 

Jet groans in pain as he rolls Angel to the side, "I think so." 

Karlyn, Lana and Redrick scream out, "What the hell happen? Are you guys alright?" Lana and Karlyn climb up onto the root. Redrick loosens himself from the root tangled around his waist and climbs up the drop with Lana and Karlyn. 

Looking up the hillside Keoki's eyes widen in fear, he slowly reaches down for Jet and grabs his shoulder. "Get up, now." Jet groans as he slowly gets up with Angel in his arms. "What is-?" Jet cuts himself off as he looks up the hillside to see two Angels walking down towards them. "Keoki!" Karlyn calls out for him as she, Lana and Redrick run to them. They all suddenly stop and gasp at the sight of the Angels. "Black Heart's. Red Heart's. Are you ready to meet you're demise?"  One of the Angels ask's eyeing them all intensively. 

Redrick shakes his head no. Laying out his arms in front of Jet, Jet places Angel in Keokis arms. Jet eases himself next to Keokis ear and whispers, "Count to five and run to the Bridge." Keoki nods his head as he stands next to Karlyn. He gives her a small smile, "1..."

"You won't stand a chance against us. So it'll be better if you just give up and make it easier for us and you. We will make it quick." One of the Angels says as he adjust his Battle Axe in his hands. "...5" Keoki says to himself. 

Suddenly Jet quickly raises his hands towards the two Angels, a burst of ice washes over the two Angels, freezing them in place. Keoki begins running with Karlyn, Lana and Redrick by him. Jet stays still watching the two Angels in a boulder of ice, it begins cracking and crumbling. Turning on his heel he runs after the others. 

"Keoki, where are we going?!" Lana screams out as she leaps over a rock sticking out the ground. Keoki ignores her and continues running alongside the drop towards another drop. "Jump!" 


Keoki leaps off the side of the cliff with Angel still in his arms. Karlyn, Lana and Redrick hold each other's hands and leap off the side of the cliff also. Looking at the ground they see a large tree below them, Keoki raises his hand to it. The leafs on the tree begin to grow larger, Keoki smiles to himself as he and Angel softly land on the leafs with ease. Karlyn and Lana smoothly land on the leafs. Redrick slighty shrieks as he misses the tree and falls towards the bare ground. Closing his eyes he hits something soft and bouncy. Opening his eyes he see's a large mushroom. "Woah." He says as he slides off the mushroom. 

Looking up at the tree he see's Karlyn holding Lana's hand as they swiftly glide down. Keoki lifts up Angel and leaps off the tree, landing softly on the ground. "You've been getting stronger." Karlyn says as he walks up to him and gives him a hug. "Where's Jet?!" Lana shouts as she looks up at the cliff. They suddenly hear a loud explosion above them. Jet jumps over the drop with fire nearly burning him from behind. 

Soaring towards the ground they see two Angels flying behind him. Jet turns his body around to face the two Angels. Raising his hand towards them a large burst of water crashes through the wall of the cliff hitting one Angel. Jet closes his hands, the burst of water suddenly freezes along with the Angel. 

"Cassiel!" The other Angel screams out, it looks forward at Jet and raises it's Morning Star Mace at him and swings. Feeling something pulling it back the Angel looks back to see a root wrapped around the mace. Trying to pull it free, another root wraps around his waist, arms and legs. It swings him into the cliff crashing into it. The roots begin pulling the Angel into the cliff. 

Jet turns to face the ground and see's the grass becoming bushier, falling into the grass he softly lands into it. Crawling out of the tall grass he jogs over towards Keoki, "Thank's! You saved my ass." 

"No problem. We should get moving before they attack us again. The bridge is just down this path." Keoki says pointing at the dirt path ahead of them. Walking along it they stop at the bridge. "here it is. We're almost there you guys. Lets go." Keoki says smiling as he begins walking on the bridge. Redrick sighs as he gulps loudly, looking up at the Bridge he takes a step back. 

He suddenly feels someone hold his hand, looking up he see's Lana smiling at him. "C'mon, I'll be with you. We all are. You don't have to be scared anymore Redrick." Lana says smiling at him. Redrick slowly nods his head and walks along side Lana. "We should pick up the pace, we don't know how long those Angels will be stuck." Karlyn says as she picks up her pace. Everyone nods there heads as they begin jogging on the long bridge. 

Almost half way over it a large wall of fire bursts up in front of them. Everyone stops and looks up to see the wall of fire growing and growing. Taking a few steps back's the fire begins to subside, leaving a cloud of smoke. 

In the smoke they all see the silhouette of two people standing in it. The smoke quickly subsides, everyone gasps as they see two Angels standing side by side each other. Keoki and Jet begin to walk backwards away from the Angels. Turning around they see the two other Angels land in front of them blocking the other way off. 

"Shit. Shit. Shit. This isn't good!" Jet curses under his breath. Keoki adjusts Angel in his arms. Lana notices a familiar face from the Angels. "Oh god." Lana whispers to herself, tears begin to swell in her eyes. Redrick and Karlyn frown in confusion, "Lana?" 

She raises her finger and points at Gabriel, who is smiling at her with a huge grin on his face. Redrick and Karlyn gasp as they take a step back. "Well, well, well. We meet again! Ready for another rematch!?" Gabriel roars in excitement. 

"Jet! Keoki! What are we gonna do?!" Karlyn curiously ask's as she gets in front of Lana and Redrick. Jet and Keoki inch their way next to the others. Jet eyes Michael examining his armor, Keoki pops his knuckles as he eyes Azazel, Gabriel takes a step towards Karlyn and Lana. Redrick glances behind him and eyes Cassiel. 

"We have no choice. We fight."



Ooooooo, I wonder what's gonna happen???? MY FAVORITE CHAPTER SO FAR. I LOVED THISS ONEEE. C: 

I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Dont forget to VOTE and Comment! <3

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