Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.


13. Chapter TEN: ANGEL SIX part 2

Michael take's a step back as Cassiel and Azazel dash forward toward's the four undead Angel's. Cassiel swing's his quickly slicing off one of their head's, blood immediately squirt's out. "Got one!" Cassiel shout's in excitement. Azazel grab's one of them by their shoulder's and knee's it in the stomach and kick's his foot up hitting it's chin upward. Letting it go, he swing's his mace across the undead's face, tearing off it's jaw and pulling away the rest of the skin on it's face. Blood begin's drizzling down it's face. 

"Disgusting." Cassiel say's from a distance. Azazel spin's around the undead and grab's it by it's neck and quickly snap's it, turning it's head backward's. Shoving it to the ground Azazel eye's the last two on the roof. They suddenly hear Celeste and Raphael struggling at the bottom, wall's collapsing and glass shattering. "Go Michael, we got this!" Cassiel say's as he throw's his axe at one of the Angel's, hitting it in the middle of it's face. Michael nod's his head, sprouting his wing's he dashes past the final Angel and dives down toward's the bottom to see Celeste being held by her throat pinned against the wall by an undead Angel lunging for her neck. 

Hitting the ground he slices downward on the Angel, second's later it split's apart. Turning on his heel he kick's an Angel, crouching down over Raphael, in the face. Busting open it skull, brain bit's splatter over the wall. "Thank you Michael." Raphael say's as he get's up. 

Azazel dashes behind Cassiel, suddenly two Azazel's run from behind Cassiel toward's the last Angel. They run past the Angel, pulling off both it's arm's, Cassiel lift's his hand's to his face and smiles. Opening his palm a small flame begin's burning in the center of it, he blow's on it and suddenly a powerful flow of fire cover's the Angel. It let's out a loud screech as it begin's running in circles, it begin's to slow down. Falling on it's knee's, it drop's forward continuing to burn. Cassiel closes his palm and the fire dissapear's revealing the undead Angel completely black with the stench of burning flesh lingering in the air. Steam slowly rises off the corpse. 

"They were weak, must have not fed in awhile." Cassiel say's as he set's his Axe on his back. Azazel nod's his head and set's his Mace on his back aswell. 

Raphael crouches back down over Charel and begin's healing her again. Charel crosses her leg's as she let's out low moan's. Michael and Celeste watch intensively from behind, looking back they see Azazel and Cassiel land on the ground. "What are we going to do about Gabriel, the fool has left us. Should we go after him?" Cassiel ask's as he pull's out his Axe. Michael nod's his head, "Yes, I want you and Azazel to go after him and back him up if he need's it. If you succeed in eliminating the Black Heart's report back to me. Do not let them escape." Cassiel and Azazel nod their head's, sprouting their wing's they both quickly soar upward's through the ceiling towards Gabriel. 

"What are we to do with her?" Celeste ask's as she glances down at Charel. Michael crosses his arm's watching her. "I do not know, yet. Let us just wait." Celeste nod's her head and lean's back against the wall. Raphael move's his hand away from Charel's chest, she slowly open's her eye's and begin's feeling her body for wound's. "I'm not turning into a...zombie? Am I?" Charel curiously ask's as she run's her finger's around her neck. Raphael smile's down at her and shake's his head. Michael unfold's his arm's and stand's over Charel, holding his hand out to her. 

She graciously take's it and get's up. She pat's herself off and awkwardly chuckles to herself, "Who are you guy's?"

"Do not worry about us, tell us where the Black Heart are headed?" Michael ask's eyeing Charel suspiciously. Charel cough's and put's her back to the Angel's. "I don't know what you're talking about. What Black Heart's?" 

Michael scoff's, suddenly he slam's her against the wall pressing his sword against her neck barely digging into it drawing a little trickle of blood. She gulp's loudly as chuckles awkwardly again. "Do not toy with me creature. I know you were with them, their stench is all over you. If you tell us where they are headed we will spare you're life and tell you of you're origin's. As a token of you're help." Charel's eyes widen in shock, "My origin's? What are you talking about?" 

Michael releases his grip on her and set's his sword back in it's holster. Raphael stride's in front of Michael smiling and waving at Charel, "Hi, I can tell you that information. When I healed you're wound's I was able to tap into you're mind and with it the DNA that created you. I could see the formula in which you were created with and it was quite incredible actually. You and the other three Red Heart's in the group. Redrick, Zalez and Lana." Charel's eye's widen in suspension as her mouth slightly open's. 

"Tell me where they were headed and we can tell you." Raphael say's as she give's her a small smile. Charel look's down at her feet, 'What the hell should I do? I can't sell them out, but I have to know what I can about us. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? If I stay quiet or try to run away they'll definitely catch me and most likely kill me. Shit.'

Looking up from her feet Charel sigh's, "Tell me why you're going after them. And I want the truth." Charel say's as she eye's the three Angel's watching her every move. Celeste and Raphael both nod their head's as they stand behind Michael. "Fine. We were sent to eliminate the Black Heart's, they are capable of destroying Heaven and we cannot let that happen. We mean to kill them without mercy." Michael sternly say's as Charel take's a step back covering her mouth. "Now tell us where they are headed." Michael say's as he take's a step toward's her. 

"Somewhere near the mountain's their's some Facility that they intended to reach. I don't know what for, they weren't too specific with us on this mission. But they felt like they needed to get their soon." Charel say's as she lean's against the wall. Celeste curiously walk's around from Michael, "Why did they choose you and the other Red Heart's?"

"We were the only four out of the Red Heart's that had abilities, but we weren't considered Black Heart's because we don't have black blood like them. Tell me what we are, please." Charel plead's as she glances at each of them. Raphael look's at Michael, giving him a nod Raphael smile's as he walk's up to Charel. Standing in front of her he take's her hand and presses it against his chest. "Don't be afraid."

"Everything you were taught in those Facilities about how Black Heart's were created is a lie, when Angel's and human's mated many many many centuries ago they did not create Black Heart's. We created human's that possessed little abilities like you and you're other Red Heart companion's. Only a few are given the power we have. You of course have heightened senses and you're agility is impressive. Lana has the ability to Heal, Zalez is quick and his strength is bearable, and Redrick can absorb abilities and even give off energy to anyone. At most you can only get two abilities." Raphael say's in a slow tone, Charel slowly nodding her head with her mouth slightly open. Widening her eye's, "What about the Black Heart's?" 

Raphael open's his mouth, but Michael cut's him off. "Celeste, Raphael we must go! Azazel is urging us to go to them!" His wing's sprout out with Celeste's. Taking a few step's back from Charel, sprouting his wing's they all float into the air. 

"Wait!" Charel scream's before they soar into the air. Looking down at her Celeste glide's down in front of her. "What is it?" Charel gulp's loudly, "Take me with you!" 

Celeste look's back at Michael. Nodding his head Celeste look's back at Charel, "Hold on." Grabbing onto Celeste's chest they soar through the air toward's the other Angel's. Breaking through the ceiling, rain and a light drift of snow begin drifting down. "Where are you?" Michael call's out. Darting his eye's around he stop's and slowly turn's around to see the tallest building in the city covered in smoke. They all quickly dart toward's the building. 

Withing second's Michael, Raphael and Celeste land on top of the roof to see it completely destroyed. The ground nearly gone, four wall's surrounding the roof nearly crumbled and blood stain's in every direction. Charel quickly let's go of Celeste and take's a few step's forward eyeing the after battle ground, little fire's fluttering to stay alive in every direction and ice nearly covering the entire rooftop. 

A large gap in the center Azazel and Cassiel both float up from the hole and land in front of Charel. "What the hell happened here? Where are they?" They both turn around facing Gabriel watching them on the other end of the gap. His armor indented in his arm's and chest. Gabriel look's to his right, Charel follow's his gaze. Widening her eye's in shock Charel's mouth drop's, covering her mouth she let's out a scream. Tear's begin streaming down her face as it turn's bright red. Moving her hand from her mouth, she run's toward's the edge. Leaping over a small gap, she kick's down snow into the hole in the ground. 

Sliding on the ground, she quickly grab's Zalez's head and lift's it up. His face blue and lip's purple. Looking at her hand's she see's the blood, slowly looking down his chest she see's the Spear dug into him. "Oh my god! Zalez! No no no no no no no no no no!" Charel shout's as she attempt's doing mouth to mouth resuscitation. "Zalez, please! Help me!" She scream's as she turn's around to see them all staring at her. 

"Don't just stand their. Heal him, please! I'm begging you!" Raphael appear's in front of her. Crouching down, she grab's his hand's and places them on his chest. "Heal him." She plead's as she look's down at Zalez, caressing his face she smear's blood over him. "I can't. He's too far along, their's no way I can bring him back. It's impossible." Raphael say's as she closes his eye's and turn's away from Charel's shocked face. 

"You're a fucking Angel, how can you not save him?! Bring him back, you saved me!" Raphael take's even more step's away from her shaking his head. "I'm sorry." His wing's sprout from his back, falling backward's off the roof. Charel turn's around to see Michael standing their. 

Putting her hand's on his chest, he quickly put's his hand's on her chest and fling's her back. Slamming on her back she begin's gasping for air. Michael stand's above her, "Listen here. Do not ever lay a hand on me again or you will lose the hand. Are we clear?" Charel slowly nod's her head. 

Crawling out from under him and trudges toward's Zalez's body. Laying his head on her lap, she sniffles and wipes her nose. "Where are my friend's? Are they alive?" 

"We got here just after the battle was over. Gabriel, tell us what happen. Did they beat you?" Cassiel say's as he put's his hand's on Gabriel's shoulder's. Swiping him away, he walk's toward's the gap and look's down the black hole. "When I first attacked two of them got away, one Black Heart and a Red Heart escaped in some kind of raindrop. I fought the other Black Heart and three other Red Heart's. They didn't really put up a fight, but toward's the end I did kill this Zalez person. And right before I could kill the other's, some caped man attacked me. He escaped with the two by teleportation." Gabriel say's with his head hanging low. Charel look's up with her eye's watery, "Are they safe?" 

"Why did you bring her with you!?" Gabriels roar's out loud. Celeste look's at Michael. "I brought her because we could possibly use her as bait later on." Charel gasp's as worriedly look's between the Angel's watching her. Raphael glide's down next to Michael. 

Azazel bend's over and swirls his finger in a spot of black blood, holding it up to his face he lick's it. Closing his eye's the wind slowly begin's to quicken. Everyone look's around to see Azazel choking up the blood. The Angel's huddle around him, "Azazel! What is it?!" Celeste shout's as she face's Raphael. "I don't know what's happening to him!" Michael raises his hand and slam's it into Azazel's back. 

Suddenly he begin's puking out a brown thick liquid. Getting on all four's, Azazel begin's gasping for air. His eye's wide in fear, he neck and chin covered in the liquid looking at his group they all take a step back from him. "What happen to me?!" He shout's. 

"It was the Black Heart's blood. You ingested it. It must be true then, they really are spawn's of the-" Azazel cut's Raphael off, "I know where they are! We must go quickly before they leave! If we catch them before they wake, we can get them!" Azazel shout's as she wipes away the bile from his mouth. "Wait, we can't just leave Zalez'a body like this!" Charel shout's Celeste walk's up to her. 

Celeste drag's out a long sigh as she twirl's her finger's in a circle. Suddenly the rain begin to stick to Zalez's body. Liquefying him Celeste crouches down next to his body and inhales him inside her. Charel slightly open's her mouth, "What the-?" 

"We don't have time!" Celeste grab's Charel and run's over the side of the building, her wing's sprout from her back. Catching up to the group, she look's ahead to see Azazel in front. Charel look's up at the sky to see lightning and thunder crashing down with snow continuing to lightly drift down. 


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