Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.



"I know somewhere we can go that could very well heal you're friends injuries and awaken him. But.  . ." Karlyn slows to a stop as she frowns.

"But what?"

"But. . . it would involve us going into the war."



Jet slowly raises himself to position himself on his elbow's eyeing Karlyn in disbelief. Lana and Redrick both glance at each other with a questioning look. 

"War?" Lana question's as she sits down on the lump next to Jet. Nodding her head, Karlyn sigh's as she stand's up putting her back to the other's.

"Yes, war. That is why you all came here, am I right?" 

"Well, yes, but how did-?" Karlyn cut's off Lana.

"-It's plainly obvious by the supply of Angels that have been in the sky lately. They've all been heading East to the mountain's. If we make haste, we can reach the cave and then be on our way, in a matter of an hour." Karlyn look's back at the other with a sheepish smile. Lana glances down at herself, then back up.

"I'm gonna need some kind of top, I'm not walking around with this cape. No offence.." Karlyn slightly nods her head in agreement. Redrick quickly grabs Angel, holding him bridal style. 

"When we get to the cave, I can give you a pair of clothing. Let us be on our way. Come, grab hold now." Karlyn extend's her arm's out. Redrick and Jet grab hold of her arm's, while Lana grab's hold of Jet's arm's. A mass of yellow aura envelopes them all as they slowly glide into the air. Within a few second's they disappear. 

Reappearing in a dark murky cave, they all levitate to the ground. Letting go of each other they all examine the round sized cave. Karlyn begin's calling out, "Keoki! I'm back! I found survivor's!" Her echo's bellow's throughout the cave bouncing off the wall's deep into the back of the cave. Redrick gently set's Angel down on the ground. 

A small light in the distance comes into view, as it draw's near a man is seen holding a torch. Karlyn quickly dashes past the group to him, embracing him with a hug. 


"Karlyn!" Jumping into his arm's, he swing's her around. Planting a kiss on him, she smiles brightly resting her head on his shoulder. Setting her down, she look's up at him then they both draw their attention to the other's. Blushing brightly Karlyn chuckles to herself.

"I'm sorry, you guy's. This is my husband Keoki, he's the one who survived the attack with me." Everyone smile's intently to him nodding their head to him. 

"Husband? That's adorable, how long?" Lana sweetly ask's as she smiles lightly. 

"We've been together for about...sixteen year's." Lana's eyes open wide in disbelief. 

"But anyways, Keoki we're leaving." Karlyn sternly tell's him as she nods her head.

"But why must we go? What has happen?" Keoki anxiously asks's as he glances at the other's.

"We are going into war, we have sat back for far too long doing nothing about the World. They," Karlyn point's directly at them, Keoki glances at them suspiciously," are the one's who will put a stop to all the madness. They will bring peace to this planet once again, but.." Karlyn drop's her head in disappointment.

"What must we do?" Surprised by his question, Karlyn look's up at him questioningly. 

"We will help?" 

Nodding his head, Karlyn smiles brightly hugging him tightly. "We must heal one of their fallen, he is badly injured. Too injured for my powers, we must take him to the battlefield."

Thinking to himself, Keoki begin's pacing back and forth levitating off the ground, he immediately stop's and glides toward's the group. Staring at them all intently, he glances down at the body on the ground. Frowning, he crouches down laying the back of his hand on Angel's cheek. 

"Hmm, I see." Getting up, Keoki glides back to Karlyn whispering something in her ear. Looking back at the group he nod's his head. "You're friend will die." 

Frowning at him in confusion, everyone remain's speechless. Trying to open his mouth with something to say Jet cough's, "Die? How long does he have?!" Unable to control himself Jet scream's as he punches the wall, freezing it entirely. 

Watching Jet with his fist still connected with the wall, Keoki glides to the ground and walk's to him. Putting a hand on his shoulder. Jet with tear's streaming down his face look's up at him. 

"It will be fine, he still has time left. But we must get a move on if we want to keep him alive. He only has a few day's left. We must hurry." Jet wipes away the tear's from his face, sighing to himself he lean's against the wall looking at Angel. 

Walking toward's Angel, he crouches down and sigh's deeply. "We're gonna get you fixed up in no time. Just hang in their." Jet ruffles up Angel's hair, smiling to himself he get's up. 

"Keoki and I will go to our base and get some supplies, we will be back. Stay here and be careful, do not leave this cave." Karlyn and Keoki disappear with a bright yellow flash. Looking over at Lana and Redrick, he sit's down next to them.

"So..war, huh? I feel like just yesterday all of us were back on that training field. Man, I miss Brian and Joan." Redrick think's aloud as he lays back next to Angel. Lana yawn's as she lays on the other side of Angel. 

"Yeah, they were awesome. I just wish we didn't have to all basically separate..Jet?" Jet look's over at her.

"Do you think about Joan?" Jet sit's their thinking intently to himself, letting out a sigh he lays down in front of Angel, making a circle. 

"All the time, I'm sure she's fine. Especially since she has Brian and that guy Otit and Reanne. They should be good..but now that we have a way to heal Angel-" Lana quickly him off.

"-that means Brian and Joan can come back!" Lana excitedly clap's her hand's together. 

"But how are we gonna tell them?" Lana's claps die down as she let's out an annoyed sigh. 

 "I haven't got a clue. Man, this fucking suck's." Redrick bellows as he shakes his head in annoyance. 

"Well, maybe Karlyn will know something. Anything would be nice."  Jet say's aloud with some confidence. Staring up at the ceiling, the water continuing to drip, a small stream of water flowing a few feet away from them. 

Breathing in softly, Jet let's out a small smile. "You know, I'm really glad I have you both with me. I don't think I could of made it this far without you two. We'd be dead." Jet glances to at Angel, who is barely breathing. 

Lana begin's to chuckle to herself, slowly bursting into laughter. Redrick and Jet both position themselves on their elbows, watching her confused. They both glance at each other, a slight smile escaping their lips, slowly bursting into laughter as well. Grabbing their side's, tear's forming in their eye's, they begin rolling from side to side. 

After a few minutes, their laughter dies down, wiping away the tear's, they let out a puff of air. Laying back down, Lana let's out a small chuckle. 

"What was so funny?" Jet curiously ask's as he extend's his hand out, reaching for the small puddle of water. Slowly the water begin's rising, he begin's to slowly twirl it in in circle's. 

"Honestly? I don't even know, but it feel's like it's been forever since I laughed." Lana shyly say's as she stares up at the ceiling. 

"Well, it was totally needed. Hey," Lana and Jet glance at Redrick, "when was the last time we got any sleep?" Jet and Lana think to themselves. Jet drop's his hand's, the water fall's to the ground splashing everywhere. 

"I'd have to say when we were on the boat. It's been a few day's actually. Holy shit.." Jet lift's himself up again, siting with his leg's crossed. 

"What is it Jet?" Redrick curiously ask's as they glance over at him. 

"It's literally been day's since we got off the ship. The Director told us back in Washington D.C. that we had about two week's till whatever it was attacked Europe and I didn't think we'd be going to-" Lana quickly cut's him off. 

"Wait, Jet, you never fully told us what we were gonna be up against in this fight against whatever. So what is it?" Lana and Redrick both sit and stare at jet intently.

"We don't know what the hell's gonna attack, but battlefield that Karlyn is taking us to is where the creature's going to attack. And right now, Angel's and the undead are going up against a few Black Heart's. While of course the rest are on their way to Heaven, as you already know." 

Lana and Redrick slump down, eyeing the ground. "And somewhere around the battlefield is that Facility we're supposed to go to." Jet nod's his head. Redrick snap's his finger's in excitement. 

"Do you think that Facility has the antidote for Angel's wound's? I mean, that's the only place I can think of." Redrick eyes the other's . 

Jet nod's his head, "That could be a possibility. But we won't know for sure till we leave. But for now, let's take a nap. How about it?" Jet suggest's. Lana and Redrick smile and chuckle to themselves. 

"That sound's nice, I need my beauty sleep." Lana chuckles to herself as she lays back down. Jet and Redrick let out a sigh and lay back down as well. 

Everyone simultaneously say's aloud, "Goodnight Angel."

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