Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.



"Joan, Brian is that you?" Jet begin's walking toward's two people with their back's to him standing by a tall tree. Looking around, a beautiful plateau with dozen's of flower's sprouting. A wide river traveling through the plateau toward's the mountain's on his right. Walking toward's them they slowly begin to look back at him, rushing to get to them Jet's smile brighten's as he see's them smiling and laughing. Nothing but silence, in the valley. 

He suddenly hear's someone cry out his name, looking around he see's Lana and Redrick to his left and right  running on both side's of him smiling and laughing with him. He put's his eye's back on Joan and Brian to see someone in Brian's arm's. Angel. 

Attempting to call out to them, no word's or noise come's out his mouth. Stopping in place, Lana and Redrick both stop also. They open their mouths to speak, but nothing come's out either. Looking around, they see Joan, Brian and Angel laughing and smiling at them. Behind them they see the grass and flower's beginning to die and turn black. The leaf's from the tree begin to dry out and burn to ashes, drifting with the wind. The sky turning grey, cloud's consuming the blue sky, lightning striking the mountain every few seconds. Joan, Brian and Angel continue to smile at them, waving for them to come to them. The lightning, wind or rumbling make any noise, complete silence. 

"Lana!" Someone screams from the sky.

Lana and Redrick look around aimlessly for anything to attack. Jet see's two figure's walking up behind Joan, Brian Angel. Frowning with questioning look the blurred figures come into view. Gasping at the sight, Charel and Zalez both stop a few inches behind them, smiling deviously at him. Their skin grey as ash, hair white was snow and eyes red like blood. 

Pulling out a large knife from their pocket's, taking a step toward's them. Jet, Lana, and Redrick begin to run toward's them trying to scream out to them. Nothing but air exiting their mouth's. Suddenly a scream echo's throughout the valley. They stop in shock to see black blood staining Joan's shirt, a blade sticking out her chest. Another scream bursting from the silence, Brian's head rolling around in the grass staining everything with his black blood. 

Grabbing Angel by his neck and lifting him off the ground, Charel smiles wickedly as she stabs him in the stomach. Zalez smiles as black blood hit's his face. They both begin stabbing him all over his chest and stomach. Blood spurting in every direction, covering Charel's and Zalez's bodies. With one last stab, she dig's it into his heart. Dropping him on the ground, the two take their attention to Jet, Lana and Redrick all watching in horror.

"Redrick" Another person screams from the sky. 

Lana and Redrick both stop within a few inches of Zalez staring at them with a sickening look. They both pull out a blade from behind them, keeping it in one hand. Redrick charges at him, both their blade's sparking at the impact. Zalez quickly slashes his stomach, grunting in pain Redrick drop's his guard. Zalez quickly rips through Redrick neck, blood spurting out like rain covering anything in reach. 

"Jet!" Someone scream's out from nowhere. 

Lana cover's her mouth in shock, tear's spilling from her eyes. Charel suddenly appear's behind Lana, turning her around Charel slices her in half. Watching her body drop to the ground. 

"See Jet, this is what happen's when you try to fight in the inevitable. This is what will happen to you all if you dare come up against me." Charel slightly smile's as she lick's away the blood from her hand's. 

Zalez nod's his head in agreement, "Exactly what she said. Besides you're gonna get everyone with you killed. Shit, you got us killed for fuck's sake!" Zalez screams out in anger. They begin to run at him. Standing still, not being able to move himself closes his eyes as Charel and Zalez are about to swipe at him. 

"Jet! Get the fuck up!"

Jet quickly open's his eyes, lifting himself up on his elbows. Sweat dripping down his head, drenching his shirt. Lana and Redrick both drenched in sweat also, breathing in fast and gasping for air. Lana slowly feels her waist, feeling she still has the lower half of her. Redrick feeling his neck, gulping with relief. 

"What the fuck happen..?" Jet hoarsely get's out. 

"You three were attacked in you're dream's by Messenger's of the Divine." Karlyn softly says as she sit's next to Keoki both floating in the air. 

"Wait, aren't the messenger's of the Divine supposed to be like some kind of important message?" Redrick curiously ask's as he scratches his head. Nodding his head, Keoki sigh's as he flicks Redrick's forehead. 

"Ow!" Rubbing his read forehead, he begin's pouting, "what the hell was that for?" 

"It was a sign warning us or rather telling us that we were gonna die." Lana softly get's out as she stares at the ground. Jet and Redrick both frown in confusion. 

Jet bite's his lip, "So, basically if we all continue this fight or journey, we're all gonna die. But we didn't see Karlyn, Keoki, Reanne or even Otit?!" Sighing to himself Jet crosses his arm's thinking to himself. 

"That is what has us confused also, as to why we weren't their in the dream with you all. But anything is possible and nothing's set in stone." Keoki sheepishly smiles as he put's a hand on Karlyn's shoulder. Looking at him, they both smile at each other.

"Will these messenger's come back again? Should we be worried?" Lana curiously asks.

Shrugging their shoulder's, Keoki and Karlyn stand up on the ground. "We must be on our way, the battlefield will be empty. The Angel's and Undead will not attack until the Unknown enemy hit's Earth. And the very few Black Hearts their will protect us and guide us to the Facility. Their of course we'll have the ingredients to heal you're comrade." Karlyn smiles as she reaches out her hand to help up Jet. 

Smiling back at her, he takes it. Getting off the ground, they all begin to stretch. Lana stop's and sticks her index finger up to the ceiling, about to speak. 

"Yes, you're shirt is here Lana. But we have clothing we wish to give you all. It is from our facility, the uniforms we had to wear. I'm sure you can all fit them." Karlyn smile's as she places a bag full of clothes on the ground. Lana and Redrick dive into the bag, pulling out their uniforms. 

Black slim jean pant's, two black straps that go around around the left leg for a gun and on the other leg for a weapon, a pair of black and green army boot's, a long sleeve black v-necj with a plastic chest plate and elbow pad's. 




Undressing in the open, all three of them change into the uniforms after a few minutes. Lana giggling to herself as she clasps her hands together in excitement. "Do we have mirror anywhere?! I feel so awesome! And to finally have something else to wear" Lana squeals as she feels her breast. 

Jet nod's his head as he face's the little trickle of water. Lifting up the water to make a wall, he quickly freezes it in place. Looking into their reflection with a captivated look. Lana giggles to her self as she checks her behind. 

"This is bad ass! Fucking awesome!" Redrick bellow's as he pretend's marching in place. Giggling to himself, Keoki extend's his hand's out to Angel. His body begins to glow blue, slowly lifting into the air. His entire body consumed by the glow, after a few second's the glow disappears. Revealing Angel in the uniform. 

Gently setting him back down on the ground, Jet and Lana sit next to him. Lana begin's to heal the little burns wounds on his arm. 

"Now, everyone must take a backpack. Some of the ingredient's for the potion are in these bag's, we must keep them safe until we make our destination." Karlyn say's as she flop's a backpack over a shoulder. Keoki and Redrick both grab one and sling it over their shoulder's. Lana stop's healing Angel's arm, she reaches out and puts the backpack on her back. Reaching down to pick up Angel, Keoki stop's Jet. 

"I will carry him. No need for you to use up you're energy Jet." Keoki humbly obliges as he reaches down and lift's up Angel from the ground in a bridal position. 

Following behind Karlyn toward's the entrance of the cave, they all quietly step out into the dark forest. Looking up into the dark starry night, Jet closes his eye's breathing in the air. 

"C'mon Jet!" Lana shout's out loud. Opening his eye's he see's everyone looking back at him from afar. 

"Oh! I'm coming!" Running up to catch up he suddenly feel's an obliterating feeling in his gut. Stopping midway he quickly scan's the area. Everyone notices his reaction and quickly form a circle with their back's to each other. 

Redrick and Lana quickly pull a dagger holding it in one hand. Karlyn and Keoki's hand begin's to glow yellow. Jet's arms both begin to be consumed by water, freezing it up slowly. The gut feeling in Jet's stomach fade's away. Looking around aimlessly, he hear's wing's flapping. 

"Their!" Redrick shout's pointing ahead of them in the sky. Everyone follow's the direction to see an Angel flying away toward's the moon. Quickly vanishing into the light, everyone stay's still. After a few minute's Jet walk's toward's the group still eyeing everything. 

"What the hell was that, why didn't it attack us?" Redrick anxiously ask's as he put's the dagger back in his pocket. 

"I don't know, but we shouldn't keep our guard down. But let us continue to the bridge that gap's the two mountains. We must hurry." Karlyn whisper's as she begins walking away. Everyone quickly follow's suit close to her. 

Suddenly a voice burst through Jet's mind screaming, 'JET! Don't go to the-!' The voice quickly cut's off. Stopping again, he begin's to breathe in quickly. 

"That sounded like...Joan."

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