Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.


4. Chapter ONE: JET




"I said to fucking run!" Jet screams towards the Fighters watching intensely at him from behind.

"But Jet! What about you?!" Charel yells at him. He turns back to her and smiles.

"I'll be right behind you guys. Now go. Hurry, I'll face them on while you guys get to the roof of the building." Jet says smiling to them. "Now go." He softly says to them.

They all hesitate, but they do as their told and begin running up the stairs. Charel staying still watches Jet, looking back up the stairs she begins to debate whether to stay and fight or run. Biting her lip, she then rushes down the stairs and stands next to him as she pulls out her handguns and takes aim down the hallway. 

"What are you doing? I told you to go up to the roof!" He yells at her pointing to the stairs.

Shaking her head. "No! I'm not going to leave you! We promised to do everything we could to make sure both you and Angel get to that facility safe and alive. I'm not going anywhere!" Charel yells at him. Jet frowns confused.

"Charel-" He then gets cut off as they hear horrific screams and growling from down the Hotel hallway.

"They're getting closer. OK, Charel whatever happens stay by me. Got it?" He says to her.

She nods her head. They both stare ahead of them in the small hallway. The screams and growls begin to get louder and louder. The undead charge from around the corner. Crowding each other as they push and shove each other to get closer to the two blood pumping souls.

"Here they come!" Charel yells as she begins to shoot at the undead. Quickly Jet covers his arms into ice blades and charges towards the undead head on.

Jet pierces a zombie in the heart, as he slices off the head of another zombie. Blood squirting in every direction. He quickly pulls out the blade and swiftly cuts its head off. A zombie lunges at him, but Charel shoots it in the forehead. It jerks back onto the undead behind it and fall to the ground. Slicing his way through the horde of infected a few get by Jet and make their way towards Charel.

"Come on!" She screams.

She begins to shoot them square in the face, dropping them like flies. As she reloads a zombie gets within inches of her. She drops her guns and pulls out a dagger from her pocket on her thigh. The zombie grabs her by the neck and falls on top of her on the stairs. Snapping its teeth closer and closer to her neck, desperately searching for the dagger she dropped. She feels the handle of the dagger and pulls it, and grabs it. She groans as the zombie is within inches of her neck, letting out a shrieking scream she digs the dagger into the zombie's temple.

Blood streaming out of the wound, the zombie drops dead next to her and slides down a few steps to the bottom. She sees more undead going for her. Charel charges for the undead, a zombie attempts to scratch her, but she cuts off the hand and slices open his throat. Blood spurting out covering Charels shirt in blood.

She flips the dagger into the air and catches it by the sharp tip and flings it at a near zombie. Hitting it in the eye.

Jet dives out of the horde towards Charel and runs to her. She looks behind him towards the crowd of undead and sees more rushing in from around the corner towards them. Screaming, howling at them.

"We need to go up! Charel drop a grenade!" Jet yells at her as he slices off an undead's head. She nods and pulls out a grenade from her sack. She looks around the ground and picks up her handguns.

"Jet c'mon!" Charel screams as she pulls out the pin. Jet runs towards her as she throws the bomb towards the rushing undead behind Jet. He runs past her, grabbing her hand and pulls her along with him up the spiral stairs.

He looks behind him and sees the undead rushing up close behind them, he stops and turns to face the undead. He stretches out his arms and unleashes a blast of shards of ice, hurling them at the undead. Blood bursting into the air as the shards make contact with the dead.

As they are about to continue moving an explosion is heard under them, shaking the staircase, dust and debris falling onto Jet.

"Jet! Hurry before the stairs collapses under us!" Charel screams at him as he rushes to her side. He grabs her hand, they look behind them and see the stairs crashing down to the ground on the roaring undead trying to climb onto the fallen stairs. He pulls her along rushing up to the 20th floor.

"We wont make it!" Charel yells as she glances behind them. Jet focused continues to run.

"Dont look back!"

As Charel takes another step, her foot crashes through the step. "Ahh, Jet my foot! Its stuck!" She screams as she looks back, the collapsing floor almost within a few feet. He turns back and tries to jerk her foot from the floor. Charel turns back, then to Jet.

"Go." She says in a low voice. Stunned he looks her in the eyes as she looks down.


"I said go!" She yells at him as she pushes him forward.

"I'm not going to leave you! The roof is just above us!" Jet yells back at her.

The floor underneath them collapses, Charel screams as she falls down. Jet grabs hold of the side railing, he grabs Charel by the hand. Both hanging in the air. Charel shaking, she looks up surprised at Jet with tears in her eyes.

"Jet?" She anxiously questions as she looks up at him. 

"I said I'm not going to leave you." He says smiling at her.

They both look underneath them at the bottom and see the entire floor covered with the undead roaring, clawing at the walls trying to climb. Jet's grip begins to weaken on the railing, he looks up at the railing and sees his hand slipping. Charel's hand begins to slip out of his hands from the blood on their hands aswell. 

Catching her breath she looks at their hands, then to Jet. A tear slipes out of her eyes as she smiles at him. Confused at first, Jet then realizes her intentions.

"Charel, don't do this! We can both still get out of this." He begs her as he tries to tighten his grip on her. 

"No we can't, tell everyone that my job is done. Take care of them." She says as more tears begin to fall from her eyes. She smiles slightly as she inhales air.

Her hand begins to slip out more and more, till she finally slips out of his grip. As she falls, Jet reads her lips.

'I've always loved you.'

Shocked. He watches as she falls. 

"Charel!!" He screams. He faces away as she crashes into the ground. The zombies roar and begin to climb onto her body.  The undead begin to pile onto each other wanting to get a piece of Charel. Jet begins to cry, screaming and cursing at the air. After several minutes he looks back down at the pile of undead. He looks above him at the door, to the roof, within a few inches from him. He attempts to grab hold of the doornob, but fails. The railing begins to pull apart from the wall, scared Jet begins to scream out to the others on the roof. The railing jerking more and more out of the wall as he struggles. The door to the roof suddenly flings open and Redrick look through then down at Jet.

"Jet? Jet! Don't worry buddy! Grab my hand!" Redrick yells struggling to reach Jet's arm.

Redrick grabs his hand, with the help of Zalez, pull him up through the door. Gasping for air Jet gets on all fours breathing in quickly. He wipes away his mouth and sits up and begins to stare at the door. Lana looks over the edge of the door then back to Jet.

"Jet, where's Charel?" Lana nervously ask's. Jet lost in thought, going through the events of what happen to Charel as she fell down to her death. The words "I've always loved you." being replayed in his head over and over again.

"Jet! Where is she!?" Lana yells as she grabs him sternly by the shoulders.

Knocked from his thoughts he looks up at Lana and the rest of the group, with watery eyes.

"Shes.." Jet whispers.

"JET WHAT HAPPEN TO HER?" Lana screams at him.

"SHES DEAD!" He screams back at her.

Tears begin to swell in Lana's eyes as she turns and cries on Zalez's chest.

"Shes gone. She's gone." Jet begins to whisper to himself. Tears begin to swell into his eyes as well, as a lump in his throat forms.

"She's gone."

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