Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.


12. Chapter NINE: ANGEL SIX part 1

Six Angel's in golden diamond encrusted armor bowing on one knee to a pure white wall in a mass of darkness, slowly lifting their head's up a light voice speak's, slowly lifting their head's up one by one as their names are called,

"Gabriel the Saint"

"Archangel Michael"




"And Raphael, you six will be chosen to eliminate the group of Black Heart's in Europe that threaten's the safety of our world. If this group of human's succeed in making it to their destination, we will all perish in the Hell they would produce. You will leave immediately, do not fail this deed that has been bestowed upon you six. Our future is in you're hand's, do not fail." Getting off the ground with their hand's behind their back's they all bow their head's and take a step back onto a circular white ground. A bright white light envelope's them as they descend down onto Earth.

The Sun ray's begin to poke hole's through the dark and grey cloudy skies. Walking out of the ray of light, the six Angel's look around the ocean shore's. Gabriel scoff's as he look's down at his feet, kicking the sand he shakes his head. "How do we find them? The Order didn't actually give us much information regarding these disgusting Black Heart's or where they were at." Gabriel say's as he kick's more dirt into the air. Michael slowly breathes in air, looking up at the sky he see's the sun ray's receding back into the sky. The dark and grey cloudy skies returning, giving the air a gloomy feel.

Celeste and Azazel both crouch down next to each other, digging their hand's in the sand. "We don't have much, but their were definitely Black Heart's here, it's faint though. They shouldn't of gone too far." Celeste say's in a quiet tone, getting back up she waves her hand around shaking off the sand. Azazel dig's another hand into the sand. Cassiel adjust's his Battle Axe on his back, shifting it to his side he groan's as he shift's it back again. Raphael standing still with his hand's behind his back, watching everyone. Suddenly a black butterfly with blue spot's on it's wing's begin's to flutter around his nose, circling around his head it perches itself on his shoulder. Looking at the detail on the bug, he lean's in closer toward's it. The butterfly quickly flutter's away into the tree's behind him.

"We must go and finish this quickly. I want to get back as quickly as possible, before we were called by the Order I heard rumor's that we were infiltrated by something." Michael say's in a deep tone of voice, walking in the middle of everyone. Azazel wipes away the sand on his armor, getting back up he nod's his head. "Get you're self ready, the lot of you. We don't know exactly how many of them are their nor what their capable of." Michael say's as he grab's his steel sword and shield from his back.

Azazel sigh's as he quickly dig's his hand's into the sand, pulling out his Morning Star Mace. Celeste point's the palm of her hand toward's the ocean, a burst of water breaches out and splashes onto her hand revealing her katanna. Spinning it in her hand's a few time's she stop's and hold's it behind it back. Raphael pull's out his bow perched on the arrow sack on his back. Gabriel hold's his hand up, a long golden pole with a diamond encrusted arrow head.

"Why do you think the Order sent us away to eliminate these Black Hearts suddenly and without preparation? We were just called upon so suddenly, I feel as though they seemed a tad bit, dare I say, scared?" Cassiel ask's as he weigh's his weapon in his hand's. Micheal glances at Gabriel to see him chuckling, slightly squinting his eye's Michael raises his eyebrow, "What is so funny brother?" Gabriel shakes his head as he start's to laugh, "I just find it funny that the Order would be this terrified to have to send us out here to this Hell hole to find some pathetic creature's that could possibly destroy us. I mean Black Heart's? What kind of Black Heart would be able to scare them that much?"

Celeste and Cassiel both look at each other slowly nodding their head's. "Maybe they aren't Black Heart's, maybe their something else?" Azazel suggest's, everyone stare's at him with wide eye's. Raphael glance's at the ocean, battering his eye's abit he peer's closer toward's the water. "I believe I found their ship. Over their." Raphael point's ahead of them far out into the ocean. Everyone turn's and see's the boat. Celeste walk's past Cassiel and take's a few step's into the water. Sticking the Katanna into the sand, she crouches down.

The other men stand beside Cassiel, watching her she places her hand's in the water. The current begin's to pick up, the waves getting bigger. The waves begin to sail the ship toward's the Angel's. Gabriel sigh's in annoyance, "I'm getting bored of waiting." Pure white wing's sprout from his back, flapping them around he soar's up into the sky toward's the ship. Celeste scoff's, "He couldn't just wait could he." Smirking to herself she dig's deeper into the water.

Raphael widen's his eye's in amusement as he see's a fin sticking out of the water closing in behind Gabriel. Suddenly a shark made solely of water breaches the surface roaring. Gabriel quickly turn's around, his mouth drop's as he his eye's land on Celeste smirking at him. Covering his face, the shark open's it mouth wide and closes it down with him inside. Crashing back into the water, it begin's to dive down into the sea. Celeste begin's laughing, raising her hand's from the water the ship stop's within a few feet from them. Sprouting their wing's they all fly toward's the ship. Landing on it softly, they each pull out their weapon's and walk around the deck.

"Azazel, check underneath this boat." Nodding his head he walk's toward's the back of the boat. Stopping he look's down the stair's at the bed, making his way down the stair's he stop's at the bottom. Looking at the bed, he see's the sheet's stained with smeared black blood. Checking the rest of the room, he notices a small bathroom on the side and walk's into it.

"This place smell's like the undead." Cassiel say's as he notices the blood stain's on the deck. Michael and Celeste both notice the puke on the side of the boat, shaking her head she back's away toward's Cassiel. "What the hell went on here. Azazel, did you find anything?!" Michael scream's out, Azazel walk's up the step's with the bloodied sheet in his hand's. They all walk toward's him, Michael take's the sheet's and examine's them. "Azazel, do these belong to one of the Black Heart's?" He closes his eye's and nod's his head. Feeling the blood, Gabriel smear's it in between his finger's. "It's almost dried up, they must have been here not too long ago."

Azazel walk's up the stair's, "Their is nothing else, sir." He softly say's as he put's his hand's behind his back. Cassiel look's between the two Azazel's, "Azazel, when did you learn to do this trick?" Both Azazel's glance at each other, then slightly shrug their shoulder's, "We just did."

Michael flap's his wing's, flying up into the air he soar's toward's the shore with Celeste, Raphael and Azazel following behind. Cassiel set's his Battle Axe back on his back, walking to the front of the boat he look's back with his hand's to his side's. Flame's spark in his hand's, grabbing the ball of fire he throw's the ball of fire down into the room. The boat enrupt's into flame's. Walking off the boat he soar's back toward's the shore. He glance's back and see's huge bubble's bubbling the top.

"Celeste!" Gabriel scream's as he breaches the surface with his spear in hand floating above the water. Seeing the boat on fire he scream's out, he hold's the spear over his head and throw's it with all his might at the boat. Exploding a chunk of the boat apart, he begin's sinking into the water with little wooden plank's floating in the water and the mattress. Flying to shore, he land's in front of Celeste staring at her with a evil glare. "Woman, why did you do that? Explain now." Celeste chuckles as she shake's her head and turn's away from him. Bawling up his fist he reaches out for Celeste, but Cassiel grab's his shoulder. Looking at Cassiel, he retract's his hands and bawl's up his fist, "I can't stand her!" Gabriel shout's at her, smiling to herself Celeste walk's up to Azazel.

"Azazel, can you follow them without fail?" He give's her a quick glance, then nod's his head. "Let us finally go, do not underestimate these creature's." Michael say's as he begin's walking into the forest, with Azazel next to him. Gabriel frown's, "Wait, are we not flying?!" Michael continues walking, but shakes his head no. Gabriel scoff's, shaking his head he start's walking along side Cassiel, with Celeste and Raphael in front of them.

"If we do fly,they will feel us coming. Do you not remember that when we use our wing's it releases the power. Which in turn the Black Heart's feel. So that is why we are not flying, Gabriel." Michael say's as he walk's into the forest. "Sir, we have to just get out of this forest and we will be in the city of Molaga. I feel a strong scent of blood their." Azazel say's as he lead's them through thick brush, Michael nod's his head.

"Raphael, what do you think about Michael?" Celeste curiously ask's him, Raphael gulp's loudly as his eye's widen, "What do you mean?" He hesitantly ask's, she giggle's and poke's him in the side. "You know what I mean, I see the way you look at him sometime's. The way you look at him, that sad puppy dog look you get. It's pitiful, and we feel like you should just tell him." Raphael look's down at his feet, "You know I can't. It's a sin Celeste, loving another man is a sin. If Michael knew I was, let alone liking him he would kill me where I stood. And what do you mean 'we'?"

Celeste crosses her arm's, "We as in Me, Azazel, Gabriel and Cassiel know about you. Have we killed you? No and neither will Michael. Beside's we've all been together since the beginning of time itself, their's no way he could just throw it all away because of something that's natural for you." Raphael begin's stuttering and shaking, he grab's a Bible from his chest plate, turning a few pages he stop's and read's it, "Leviticus 20:13 If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their blood guiltiness is upon them." Looking up from the Bible, he see's Celeste giving him a blank stare. Closing the book he put's it back inside his chest plate.

"Raphael, we both know the Bible was not written by God. It was written by the human's, they used God as a way to influence other's by following horrible causes like killing homosexual's, cheater's, and everything else deemed sinful. You know God would never do such a thing, even with this destruction on the Earth, He's trying to teach them a lesson to not take this beautiful planet for granted. He want's them to fight back for it He want's them to want their planet back. Even if it mean's them not believe in Him anymore." Celeste say's as she pat's his shoulder, giving Raphael a warm smile.

"I never knew why he did nearly destroy the human race, but it make's sense. They were killing each other, destroying this beautiful planet the air was toxic, the water polluted, and the wilderness and animal's nearly extinct. It's been 40 year's and look, everything is going back to the way it used to be. The wilderness green, water's are still polluted, but it's gradually changing and the air is fresh. But the human's...their still resistant and still hurt each other. Do you remember when we were sent down to raise the dead in North America?" Raphael ask's her Celeste open's her mouth, but Gabriel and Cassiel both jump on their back's laughing.

Celeste turn's on her heel and slam's Gabriel against the tree, letting her go he slides down. She walk's away and kick's dirt on him, giggling to herself she walk's by Raphael with Cassiel still on his back. Cassiel nod's his head, "I remember that day, the people were terrified. Their scream's, and the blood everywhere was...insane. I never knew a human could posses so much blood in their bodies. It was interesting, yet made me wonder would it be worth it in the end?" Cassiel lay's his head on the back of Raphael's neck. Shivering at the feeling of his warm breath on the back of his neck, Raphael begin's shaking. Gabriel jump's in front of Celeste, walking around him he sigh's and walk's next to her.

Walking out of the forest, they all stand side-by-side staring at the city in front of them. Building's large and small some burned other collapsed, street's littered with car's covered in weed's, the street's cracked with grass growing out of them, and undead wandering around aimlessly. Azazel point's to a tall building a few block's from them. "La Albergo de Gonzalez" Cassiel say's out loud. Michael turn's to face Azazel, "Is that where they are?"

"Yes sir, they were here not too long ago. I can feel..heartache from their." Azazel slightly shake's his head, "A lot of heartache, it's almost overwhelming this feeling." He closes his eye's and take's a breath of air.

Michael nod's his head and begin's walking toward's the street, quickly pulling out their weapon's they walk behind him. The undead begin sniffing the air, they begin snarling as they smell the sweet smell of the Angel's. Immediately dozen's of undead begin walking out of the building's and crawling out from underneath car's, sewer's toward's them. Michael slowly pull's out his sword and shield, getting into a stance he hold's up his shield in front of his chest with his sword aimed at the undead next to his body.

"Finally, I've been wanting to kill something!" Gabriel's shout's as his spear appear's into his hand's, he quickly races past Michael toward's the undead. Laughing sadistically, he immediately begin's slicing his way through the crowd of undead. Choping of limb's left and right, throwing the bodies over his shoulder and into the air as he passes them.

The other's watching him shaking their head's, Michael sigh's as he put's his shield on his back. Everyone else shake's their head as they too place their weapon's back. "He alway's does this. He's so eager to fight and doesn't think." Celeste say's putting a hand on her hip. "We can let him play, let us go around." Michael command's, he begin's walking around the crowd of undead surrounding Gabriel. The group follow's behind him, Celeste look's back and see's Gabriel continuing to laugh and holler, blood being flung into the air. Continuing to walk, they all stop at the corner to see La Albergo de Gonzalez (Hotel Gonzalez).

Azazel walk's in front of Michael and open's the double door's, stepping in he immediately begin's coughing and grabbing his chest, bending over he begin's groaning in pain. Raphael immediately run's to his side, turning his hand's yellow. Putting his hand to Azazel's back, "Calm down brother, breath slowly. Go, I will help him." Raphael say's to Michael. He nod's his head and they begin walking past them and into the lobby.

"Brother, is that feeling of heartache actually that strong, enough to hurt you like this?" Raphael ask's, he slowly nod's his head. Turning his head toward's the double door's, he hear's Gabriel's faint laughing.

Michael slowly walk's out of the lobby into a small narrow hallway. Celeste and Cassiel both with their weapon's in hand, turning a corner they see bullet hole's in the wall. Running her finger's along the bullet hole's, she rub's her finger's together. "Still slightly warm." Looking down at the ground, they see it littered with undead bodies. Blood smeared across the wall's and ceiling. Peering at the end of the hall, they see five zombie's on the ground eating something. "Celeste, Cassiel." Michael say's as he stop's within a few feet of the undead. They stop eating and slowly turn their head's, smelling the Angel's sweet scent. Getting up off the ground, they begin limping toward's them. Michael look's over the undead to see someone laying on the ground, and other undead littered around the person.

Celeste pull's out her Katanna, quickly slicing a zombie in half, blood squirting out. She quickly slice another zombie's arm off, triping it onto the ground she dig's her katanna into it's throat. Looking back she see's a zombie lunging at her, she kick's it back against the wall, snapping it's neck on impact. Cassiel throw's his battle Axe with both hand's at a zombie, hitting it directly in the middle of it's face. Thick blood oozing down it's face, falling back Cassiel yank's it out. The final undead run's toward's him, Cassiel spin's the axe in his hand and swing's it below the undead splitting it in half up the middle.

Smiling to himself he hear's someone choking. Walking toward's the person laying on the ground, fidgeting and twitching. He stand's over the person, his eyes widen. Celeste and Michael both stand around the person. Celeste slightly cover's her mouth, and take's a step back. "What is it?" Everyone look's back to see Raphael and Azazel walking toward's them. They stand to the side, Raphael eye's the girl on the ground. Crouching down beside her, "What's you're name child?"

The girl begin's coughing, her body covered in bite's, soaked in blood. "Cha-charel" She stutter's. Raphael nod's his head. "Were you with the Black Heart's?" Charel gulp's loudly then shake's her head no.

Azazel cough's and take's a step back. Michael look's up and see's the stairwell gone. His wing's sprout, he soar's into the air. Floating in front of the door, he see's the door knob stained with blood. Opening it, he see's the rooftop. Ahead of him little stain's of blood. Walking toward's it, Azazel and Cassiel both walk through the door and examine the blood. It suddenly begin's to rain, lighting lightning up the sky.

"Ple-please.." Charel whisper's as a tear stream's down her face. Celeste put's hand on his shoulder, he look's up at her giving him a small smile. "You can heal her wound's and take out the venom from the undead, Raphael. You can give her life." He look's back down at Charel to see her gasping. Raphael lift's up his hand in front of his face, his hand slowly turn's pure white. Putting his hand to Charel's chest. She open's her mouth wide, breathing in loudly she gulp's loudly. "Oh my god!" Charel scream's.

Gabriel flies up from the street onto the roof. "What happened, did you find them!?" He shout's excitedly as he look's around the roof. Realizing their's no Black Heart he shake's his head. Azazel walk's to the edge of the roof overlooking the city. "Their." Pointing ahead of them, they all see something flying through the sky. "Is that some kind of Dragon?"

"No, it's them." Azazel say's as he lower's his hand. Gabriel pull's out his Spear, his wing's sprout from his back. "Wait Gabriel!" Michael scream's as Gabriel soar's toward's the Black Heart's.

Michael, Cassiel and Azazel sprout their wing's and float into the air, they suddenly stop as they feel a certain pressure. Looking around they see four undead Angel's behind them at the door watching them. "Michael! We need help!" Celeste and Raphael scream at the bottom. Michael pull's out his sword and shield, Cassiel ready's his Axe and Azazel pull's out his Mace.

"Kill these abomination's." Michael sternly say's.



What did you guy's think? I thought it was pretty badass when I thought about having a P.O.V. of the team of Angel's which I named Angel Six to hunt the Black Hearts! It'll make thing's ten times more interesting and fun! >:)

And Charel livessss! <3 I honestly don't why I even killed her off in the first fucking chapter! But now she's alive! WOOP!

I'm proud of this chapter <3 :)


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