Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.



Be warned, this chapter is gonna be  looonnngggg and so is the battle. I feel like it's needed because I haven't updated in a while. My present to you all! ENJOY!




"We have no choice. We fight." 

     Keoki slowly lay's Angel down on the ground next to Lana. "You have to protect him. What ever happen's make sure you both don't get hurt. If everything goes to Hell, I want you to take him and get out of here. Do you understand me?" Keoki look's into Lana's helpless eye's. Lana look's at the back of Redrick's head then to Karlyn, who is lightly smiling at her. Lana nod's her head, "I will. Just please be careful." Lana pleads as she pull's Angel close to her. Karlyn and Keoki stand by each other facing Gabriel and Azazel. Jet stands next to Redrick, both watching Michael and Cassiel get their weapons out and ready. 

"We'll be careful. Just watch out for Angel." Jet calmly say's as his arm's begin to freeze. 


    From the distance in the mountain's Celeste, Raphael and Charel are watching intensively, Charel hugs herself, "Jet. Lana. Redrick. You have to run away. You don't stand a chance against them." Raphael glance's at her frowning, "Why do you have such little faith in you're friends? Don't underestimate them. You never know. Anything could happen." He look's forward again, Charel gulp's as she look's down. "I just don't want them getting hurt." She gasp's as she look's up at Raphael, "You have to stop them! Their gonna kill each other, if we let this go on. We aren't gonna have anyone left. We'll be alone! I know you don't want that to happen. Please!" Charel pleads as she stand's in front of the two Angel's.


     Keoki and Azazel both eyeing each other suddenly charge for each other. Azazel swing's his mace at Keoki's head, nearly hitting him. Crouching down, Keoki quickly uppercut's Azazel, sending him soaring into the air. Another Azazel suddenly appear's behind Keoki, swinging the mace at him again. Keoki turn's around to see Karlyn holding back the mace in her bleeding hand's.

"Come. Fight." Michael say's as he pull's out his sword and shield. Jet begin's jogging, slowly going into a full on sprint toward's Michael.

     Snatching the mace away from the Azazel clone, Karlyn kick's him in the stomach. Stumbling back Keoki slams his hands onto the ground. Azazel growls as he tries to take a step, looking down at his feet he see's the cement clinging to him. Turning around he see's Keoki smirking at him, suddenly the other Azazel sucker punches Karlyn. Hitting the ground, she look's up only to receive another punch to the face and a kick in the rib's. Crying out in pain, Keoki tackles Azazel to the ground. Sitting on his chest he attempt's to punch him, but Azazel slides out from underneath him and kicks Keoki in the face, sending him ramming into the railing. Karlyn swiftly wrap's her leg's around Azazel's leg's and trips him. Rolling out of the way, Karlyn quickly get's and wipes away the little blood trickling down her mouth.

     As she's about to go for an attack she hear's Redrick yelling, "Get behind me!" Glancing back she see's Gabriel running toward's Lana, Redrick and Angel. Gasping she tries to run after him, but the Azazel clone grab's her arm and fling's her into Keoki.

     Redrick gulp's loudly as he take's a step back. Lana glances down at Angel in her arm's, then to Redrick. 'I have to stop him. I have to stop him!'

"Redrick!" Lana screams out his name, turning towards her he see's Angel getting flung to him. Softly catching him, he see's Lana charging toward's Gabriel with a knife in her hand. "Lana, no!"

    Suddenly a large spear appear's in Gabriel's hand's, he swing's with all his might at Lana, who swiftly leap's over the spear. Hitting the ground she kick's him in the back of the knee's, bending back Gabriel gasp's. Taking the few moment's to attack, she tries to slice open his throat. As she's about to pierce the skin, a broad armored shoulder bashes into her side. Sending her soaring back she hit's the ground on her back. Groaning she shakily lean's on her elbow's to see Cassiel standing there. He suddenly dissapear's from next to Gabriel.

     Lana then feel's a slight gust of wind from her right, glancing to the right she see's him standing their. She quickly cover's the side of her head with her arm's as Cassiel kick's it. Sending her rolling toward's Gabriel. Stomping his foot down on her stomach, she cough's out saliva and blood.

"Maybe you'll be able to match my speed?" Cassiel say's as he make's his way toward's Redrick. He suddenly begin's to shake faster with each step Cassiel make's. As he's within a few feet of him, they both hear a loud crackling noise. Suddenly a large boulder smashes into Cassiel, sending him over the bridge. Redrick stunned look's behind him to see Karlyn running toward's him. Looking over her shoulder he see's Keoki dodging Azazel's mace. And the other Azazel still stuck in the cement.

"Are you alright?! Where's Lan-?" Karlyn cut's herself off as she see's Lana underneath Gabriel's foot. "LET HER GO!" Karlyn is about to run toward's him when she hear's Lana scream out, "Stop! Stay there and help look after Angel! I need to protect everyone! I have to!" Karlyn gasp's as she stop's. "You idiot, you can't kill him!"

    Gabriel chuckles as he look's down at her smiling, "She's right you know. You can't kill me." He laugh's more as he pushes down on her stomach. Groaning in pain, Lana scream's as she lift's up Gabriel's foot and roll's out the way as he bring's it back down, cracking the ground. Quickly getting up she crouches out the way as Gabriel swing's his spear at her. Lana quickly pull's out another knife from her pocket and swipes at his diamond encrusted chest plate. Nothing happen's to it, he then attempts to gut her, but Lana swiftly twirls out the way. He then swing's his spear again, she successfully block's it with her knife. He tries to hit her again, but she block's it again causing a spark to light on impact. He begin's to pick up speed as he tries to stab her, but she keeps up with him blocking each attack, causing more spark's.

"Whoa." Is all that Redrick manage's to say as he and Karlyn watch Lana blocking all of Gabriel's attack's. Karlyn then feel's an icy cold gust of wing sweep up her back, turning around she see's shard's of ice everywhere on the other end of the bridge.

    Jet sigh's as he wipes away bead's of sweat trailing down his face. Michael then clean's off some blood at the tip of his sword. Groaning in pain Jet grabs the side of rib's, "I can't keep up with him." Jet softly say's to himself. Jet then was his hand in front of his face, the bead's of sweat freeze up and being to flick off of his face, floating in front of his hand's. Raising his hand's up over his head the ice begin's to spin in circles, pulling in other pieces of ice around the ground.

"Nothing you can do will deal any damage to me. There's no use in trying to fight if you're going to die along with you're friend's."

    The shard's of ice begin to morph into large shards of needles, pointing directly at Michael. Jet smirk's as he quickly lower's his hand's, suddenly the shards of ice shoot through the air toward's Michael.

    Michael quickly begin's to cut down the shard's of ice with his sword and shield. As the last of the shards are gone, Michael see's Jet suddenly appear in front of him. Startling him, he tries to block his body by raising his shield, but a shard of ice pierces his shoulder. 'Yes! I got him!! Jet smirk's as he knee's the shield, causing it to bash back into Michael's face. He then grab's him by the back of the head and start's punching him, with his ice covered arm's, as he punches him on last time, Michael stumbles back. Then Jet's, ice covered feet, smash into Michael's face, bashing him into the ground.

    The ground beneath Redrick's feet begin's to crumble, suddenly Cassiel break's through the ground grabbing hold of him. Redrick cries out in fear as Karlyn tries to reach out for him. Redrick begin's wiggling in Cassiel's arm's, he see's the handle of his knife sticking out from his pocket. He quickly pull's it out and stab's Cassiel in the leg. He groans in pain as he let's Redrick go. Softly landing on the ground he look's up to see Cassiel soaring down toward's him. He leap's out the way as Cassiel hit's the ground, causing chunck's of cement to come out the ground and a cloud of dirt to form around it.

     The cloud of dirt fades away, Redrick hear's Cassiel pulling out his battle axe. Gulping loudly he get's his knife ready. Cassiel charges out from the light fog of dirt, Redrick slightly jump's as he hesitates, but charges head on too.

"Gah!" Keoki cries out in pain as Azazel mace fazes his skin, shredding his shoulder. Staring at both Azazel's in front of him, Keoki slams his hands together. Two large boulders smashes Azazel's clone in between them. Azazel charges for Keoki, who raises his hands over his head. Large flows of mud begin to shoot out from the ground, Azazel swiftly dodges them.

    Lana slides in between Gabriel's leg's as she dodges his spear. She slices his thighs, blood begin's trickling down them. Quickly rolling out the way she avoid's his kick.

"Redrick, watch out!" Karlyn screams, catching Lana's attention. She glances back, only to get her stomach slashed. Falling onto her back, she look's up to see Gabriel, with crazy wide open eye's, holding his bloody spear over her face. Blood begin's to drip onto her cheek, she quickly moves her head out the way as the spear pierces the ground. Raising it over his head again, he thrust his spear down, Lana barely manages to move her head out the way again. "You stupid little girl!" Gabriel roar's as he put's his feet on her throat, to keep her from moving.

     She begin's kicking around whimpering as Gabriel laugh's, he raises his spear over his head again, "Now stay still." He quickly thrust's his spear down.

     Jet begin's gasping for air along with Michael. Michael take's a step and appear's in front of Jet, startling him. He bashes Jet in the chest with his shield, causing him to stumble back. Michael appear's behind him and grabs him by the throat from behind. Raising him up off the ground he slams him onto the ground and stab's him in the heart.

"JET!" Keoki scream's out as he see's Michael's sword in his chest. Keoki tries to run after him, but get's stopped by Azazel.

    Michael tries to pull out his sword, but get's stuck. He continues to struggle with it, but suddenly Jet's body turns into ice, lodging the sword in it. "What the?" He hear's a crunch behind him, glancing back he see's Jet lunging at him with his ice covered arm's. Michael quickly raises his shield and blocks it.

    Lana slightly open's her eye's to see Gabriel gone. Slowly raising herself up on her elbow's she see's Gabriel trapped in a clear aura and Karlyn standing in front of him with her hands raised in front of her.

"Lana, go stay by Angel. Patch yourself up." Karlyn say's as she glances back, Lana gasp's as she see's her eye's completely white. Nodding her head she slowly get's up and walks toward's Angel laying against the railing. Kneeling next to him, she begin's healing herself. Looking to her left she see's Redrick narrowly avoiding Cassiel's axe to the his face. Redrick then block's the axe and throw's his knife at Cassiel, who easily block's it. "Oh shit!" Redrick begin's dodging out the way of the axe, Cassiel sucker punches him. Stumbling back, Redrick see's the axe within a few inches of his face. He quickly raises his hands up to his face, blocking the weapon.

    Cassiel frowns when he see's Redrick's glowing blue. Redrick begin;s laughing when he see's Cassiel's battle axe cracked in the middle. He then begin's to try to land a hit on Cassiel, who begin's backing away from Redrick. As Cassiel bump's into the railing he look's over the edge then back to Redrick.

    He swing's at Cassiel, who swiftly moves out the way, blows away pieces of the railing. Redrick then glances over the side of the bridge and freezes up. Cassiel flings his axe into the ground, lodging it in it. His hands suddenly flare up into flames, quickly turns Redrick around and begin's jabbing him in the stomach, chest, arms and face. With one last blow, Redrick stumbles back and stop's at the edge. Cassiel then throws a ball of fire at his feet, exploding on impact. Redrick is sent through the air and down toward's the river in a mound of black smoke.

"Redrick!" Lana screeches out his name as she fully heals up her stomach and stands up and run's over the railing. Karlyn turns around and see's Redrick in the mound of smoke, through the holes in the ground. She swiftly crouches down avoiding Gabriel's spear, spinning around she opens up the palms of her hands and hits Gabriel with a powerful force of energy; sending him to the ground.

    Karlyn then leaps over the railing after Redrick. Cassiel pull's out his battle axe as Gabriel slowly get's up off the ground. They both see Lana and Angel alone, Cassiel see's Gabriel nod at him. A big forms at the corner of their lips. They both run toward's them wielding there weapon's in hand. Lana hear's loud crunching noises, looking to the left and right she see's them coming toward's her. 'I can't take them both on alone! I just can't

"JET! KEOKI!" She cries out as she get's her knife ready in hand. Jet and Keoki both turn to look, they both immediately run after her. But Michael and the two Azazel's cut them off.


"Lana!" Charel screams out as she see's her being charged at. She then quickly turns around to face the two Angel's behind her. "You need to take me to the bridge, please! I can't just sit here and watch them get killed!"

"No, we were told to stay out of the fight. And that's what we intend to do. So sit down and stay quiet." Celeste say's as she shoves Charel to the ground. Suddenly a blood curdling scream is heard echoing. Charel's gasp's as she turns around to face the bridge and see Lana barely able to dodge Gabriela's and Cassiel's weapon's. Charel begin's running toward's the forest, as she's about to make it into it a pair of arm's wrap around her. She immediately begin's to kick and scream, "Let me go! I have to help them! There my friends!" Charel stop's when she realizes there in the air flying toward's the bridge.


    Lana fall's face first to the ground, a pool of blood begin's to form around her stomach. "She got in the way." Gabriel spit's out as he flings the blood on his spear to the side. Cassiel's feet burst into flames as he kicks Lana to the side away from Angel. "Please. . .stop." Lana barely manages to plead as she look's up from the ground at Gabriel. He shakes his head and stabs her in the shoulder. She cries out in pain as he pulls out the spear. Turning to face Angel, he and Cassiel both raise there weapons.

      Suddenly large spike's begin to burst through the ground in front of Angel, piercing Gabriel's stomach and Cassiel's wing's. Crying out in pain they both leap back, Gabriel look's down at his armor to see it broken with large holes in it.

"Son of a bitch." Gabriel spit's out as he rips away his chest armor. Cassiel's wing's begin to soak up the blood, turning them red.

     Slowly raising up from over the bridge, Karlyn and Redrick softly land in front of the receding spikes. Redrick look's back at Lana to see her barely able to hold herself up on her elbow's. He quickly runs toward's her and crouches down. "Here." He then places both his hands on her chest, his hands begin to glow blue. "I'm giving you some energy. Heal yourself. . .I'm sorry, Lana." Is all he say's before he stop's and runs back next to Karlyn. "Is she gonna be okay?" Karlyn anxiously ask's.

"Yeah. We just need to give her some time to heal."

"Sound's like a plan. You ready?" Redrick nods his head, Karlyn glances at him and notices his skin burnt on some areas and his clothes black. Looking forward she begins floating in mid-air. Gabriel's wing's sprout out from behind him. They both soar upward into the sky. Cassiel waves his hand over his axe, causing it to burst into flames. Redrick's hands begin to glow a darker shade of blue as they both begin to run toward each other.

    Jet slashes Michael across the face, cutting his cheek. He swiftly dodges Micheal's slash and flings water at Micheal's chest plate and quickly freezes it and lands a blow on it. The piece of armor shatters.

"I finally got you. You piece of shit." Keoki say's as he presses down harder on Azazel's neck. He quickly raises his foot and stomps on his throat, blood gushes out from his mouth and open gash on his neck. Azazel begin's to turn to ash and breaks apart from a light gust of wind. "I finally got rid of one of you." Keoki say's as he kicks away the ashes left there.

    Lana continues healing her injured shoulder, leaning against the railing she see's something in the air in the far distance, out the corner of her eye. Slowly looking to her right she see's two other Angel's flying toward's them. "Oh no. We can't take on more of them." She look's around to see Redrick and Cassiel dodging each others attacks, Keoki throwing chunks of rock at Azazel and Michael throwing Jet into the railing and running at him with his sword aimed at his stomach.

"I need to hold them off until someone can come and help." Lana spit's out blood and continues to heal her wound's.

     Cassiel and Redrick's fist connect, causing them to stumble back a bit. Redrick get's his foot caught in a hole in the ground, Cassiel smiles as he raises his axe and slices off Redrick's left hand. Screaming out in pain Redrick falls onto his back. Karlyn and Gabriel both tackle into each other and begin twirling in every direction. Her hands begin to glow green, she slashes off one of Gabriela's wings. He pull's her down as he falls down towards the Earth. "Let me go!"

    Keoki look's up to see Karlyn being dragged down to the ground, his eyes widen in fear when he see's them hit the ground causing a large crack in the bridge. "Karlyn!"

"You won't make it past us!" Michael shouts out as he dives out of the way of Jet's fast ball of ice, underneath it spikes of ice are left.

    Keoki hear's the spikes of ice breaking through the ground, he see's the ball of ice and dives out the way onto the ground. Lana then hear's the spikes breaking through the ground, quickly turning around she see's the ball of ice heading toward's Angel. "Shit!" She immediately runs towards him. "Angel!"

    Jet's mouth drop's when the bridge explodes, covering a few feet in a cloud of mist. Karlyn groans in pain as she throws a chunk of rock off of her. She then hear's creaking and crumbling, suddenly large pieces of the bridge begin to break apart, splitting it in half.

     Lana and Angel both are sent hurdling down with the pieces of the bridge. Keoki slams his hands down onto the ground, roots shoot out from the cliff toward's them. "Dammit! I don't have enough energy!" He screams out as the roots begin to slow down. Redrick limps behind Keoki and slams his right hand down on his back. His hand begin's to change from blue to black. "I'm giving you the last of what I can give."

    A sudden surge of power explodes through Keoki's vein's, the root's speed up and successfully wrap around the two. He then pull's them back up.

    Michael see's Celeste and Raphael land on the bridge. The mist disperses as Michael lands in front of them with Azazel and Cassiel. Karlyn and Jet stand to the side of Redrick of Keoki. Glancing down at his feet, Redrick see's his hand. Quickly picking it up, he holds it in his right hand. The root's lay down both Lana and Angel in between everyone. "Are you alright Lana? How in the world did you block that?" Jet curiously ask's as he help's her up. He groans in pain and nearly falls over.

    She look's down at Angel, "I don't know." Lana begin's to heal Redrick's left wrist, to stop the bleeding.

    Keoki nearly falls over as well, Karlyn catches him. "Karlyn." He softly whisper's. "Yes, Keoki?"

"Are you okay?" He coughs up some blood. She quickly nods her head as she kisses him on the forehead. Lana, Redrick and Jet watch as Michael and the other Angel's on the other half of the bridge begin to move out the way. They see someone walking past them all.

     Lana and Redrick gasp as they realize who it is. Jet frowns in confusion, then see's her face. He gasp's as flashes of her death come filling into his mind.


    Suddenly a powerful mass of energy bursts through the air, stunning everyone. The Angels and Black Hearts look around them, they all suddenly see hundred's of undead running out from the forest toward's them on the bridge. Karlyn hears a loud thud, turning around she see's Redrick unconscious. She then see's Keoki's and Jet's face pale white.

    Lana continues to stare at Charel in shock as the Angel's begin to fend off the undead. Karlyn turns back around to see the undead running toward's them. 'I don't have a lot of energy left! I need to take out this wave of undead, then we make a run for it.'

     She then runs head on toward's the mass of undead alone. Lana see's the Angels being backed up to the edge of the bridge. She then hear's Karlyn grunting and screaming, turning around she see's her smashing the last zombie with a boulder. Stepping back she see's two undead Angels land in front of her. gasping she takes even more steps back anxiously. She then see's Lana stand next to her. "We can't waste time." Karlyn say's as her body begin's to lightly glow yellow. They both charge toward's one of the undead Angel's.

     Karlyn bawls up her fist, causing one of the undead to get their feet stuck in the ground. Quickly opening them up again, the ground closes up sucking in there feet. Blood begin's pouring out the wound. Lana leaps into the air and puts her feet on it's shoulders while grabbing hold of it's head. She quickly pushes herself off of it, taking the head with her she back flips off it. The headless body drop's dead. "Lana! Grab Angel and Redrick!"

    Lana turns around to see Karlyn completely engulfed in a yellow glow. She quickly runs towards Jet and helps him up, she then grabs Redrick and drags him along with Jet to the edge. Keoki limps behind them and turns back.


    Karlyn raises her hands up above her head, suddenly large spikes begin to break through the ground piercing the undead everywhere, squirting blood in every direction. She then begin's running towards the group, "JUMP."

     Everyone holds hands as they fall backwards, Karlyn look's back and see's hundreds more undead running towards her. She leaps over the edge and grabs hands with Keoki.

"CHAREL! JUMP!!" Lana screams out loud, Charel looks down and gasp's. Glancing back she see's the Angels screaming, bloodied, and wounded. Looking back down she see's them all glowing yellow. Holding her breath she jumps over the edge and maneuvers herself to them. Charel smiles as shes within a few inches of Lana, they both reach out for each other. There finger's briefly touch, suddenly they all disappear.

Gabriel roar's in anger as he see's them disappear. In the distance he see's hundreds more of the undead and undead Angels heading toward's them.



✟✟✟✟✟✟✟AUTHORS NOTE✟✟✟✟✟✟✟✟

WOW. Is all I can say. This was an awesome chapter to write! I knowww it took me forever to write this, but I needed some inspiration and I finally got it recently. So here it is, everyone's Valentines Days present! <3

So much happen this chapter. Almost each character got a few moment's to shine, it was awesome!!!

And to make me the happiest person in the world, you should totally vote and comment, since my birthday is tomorrow! :3 <3

-Happy Valentines Dayyyy

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