Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.


7. Chapter FOUR: SAVIOR

Jet and Zalez both slowly look back at Gabriel shocked at the speed of which he was going.

"Shit. . .Lana? Is she?" Zalez gulps loudly as Jet begins to slowly tremble in place. 

"I. . .I don't know. But this Angel is too strong for us to handle. We need to get Lana and try to get away from him. We need to get away far from him." Jet says looking at Zalez with his head still facing the Angel. 

"But how do we get to her, its suicide. We don't even know if she's alive. How are we going to distract him?" Zalez asks nervously and worried.

"Yeah, how are you guys going to distract me?" A voice comes from behind Zalez and Jet. Quickly they look behind them and see Gabriel standing their listening to the conversation intently.

"What the fuck!?" Zalez shouts. Both Zalez and Jet's eyes open wide in fear as Gabriel smirks wide.

Both jump back as the Angel tries to take a step towards them. Jet hears a crumbling noise behind them. He looks back and sees Lana slowly trying to free herself from the wall. Zalez realizes her attempt and quickly turns to face her and rushes to her aid, leaping over the hole and into a  barrel roll. He rises up rushing towards Lana. He reaches her grabbing hold of her arm.

"Lana! Are you alright?! How badly are you hurt?!" Zalez quickly asks her. 

"I think I'm fine. I just. . .can't breathe right." Lana slowly replies as she spits blood out, her head spinning out of control. Jet gasp's as he see's the Angel gone. 

"So your alive woman? I would've thought you were dead. Pity, I guess you must endure more pain and torture till you do die." Gabriel quietly whispers in between Zalez and Lana. Stunned both look back and see him. Zalez covers Lana as Gabriel kicks him in the back sending them both soaring across the roof towards the wall. Zalez maneuvering himself, he slams into the wall the shards of glass piercing through his flesh. Blood soaking his clothes and streaming to the ground. Lana still in Zalez's arms, they both slide down to the ground, smearing blood along the wall. 

Gabriel appears in front of them, his hands and eyes begin glowing a gold metallic colour. He begins to slam his fist down on them, as it comes down the water on the ground begins to freeze along with the raindrops in midair. 

"STOP!" Jet screams as he slams his hands to the ground freezing everything just in time to stop Gabriel's attack.

Gabriel's feet freeze in place, his arms covered in water begin to freeze as well. Frozen in place, he chuckles by the sudden power, he begin's to struggle to break free.

"Very nice, indeed. But how long can your ice keep me in place?" Gabriel snickers staring at Lana with menacing eye's.

"Long enough for this!" Jet screams running towards him with a large blue orb circling in between his hands. He releases the powerful energy, blasting the Angel. The powerful flow of energy smashes the Angel through the rooftop walls and over the ledge. Tumbling and thrashing towards the ground with smoke nearly covering him the way down with chunks of rock.

"We need to go now! Before he comes back!" Jet shouts as he pulls Zalez and Lana up off from the ground. 

As they are about to turn around they hear a hysterical laugh. They continue to run to the hole and drop inside. Zalez struggling to catch up, blood gushing out his wounded back leaving trails of blood behind.

As Zalez gets closer to the hole, he stops to catch his breathe. Jet popping his head out from the hole, urges Zalez to catch up. "Zalez c'mon! We need to keep moving, we can't stay here any longer. We need to get out of this building!" Jet shouts at him, but he soon sees the blood trail and then Gabriel slowly walking towards Zalez from behind.

"Zalez! Watch out behind you!" Jet screams as he quickly crawls out the hole, and begins to run towards him reaching out for him.

Zalez slowly turning around sees Gabriel smiling at him with a spear in hand. He quickly turns back around and struggles to running. Even more blood pumping in his body, more blood spills from his body. Draining him fast. 

Jet and Zalez running towards each other, Gabriel raises his spear high above his head. He aim's it directly at Zalez, the spear begins to glow a white aura around it.

Lana slowly sticks out the hole watching in anxiety and fear.

The Angel, with all his might, throws the spear at full speed. It soars through the rain, splitting raindrops in half.

The spear pierces Zalez in the back and shoots out his chest and continues to soar though the air shooting directly at Jet. Quickly Jet raises the water in front of him to form a wall and freezes it. The spear explodes through the frozen wall, Jet raises his arms to cover his face.

Jet opens his eyes and sees Zalez on his knees. Blood gushing through his chest, mouth and nose. Slowly Zalez begins to drop his head and closing his eyes. 

"Noo!" Jet screams as he tries to run. But suddenly stops as he feels a pain shoot through his body. He reaches down and gently touches his ribs, he raises his hand to his face and see's the black blood nearly covering his entire hand. Shaking his hand fiercely, Jet looks back at Zalez with his head completely down on his knee's. Dead. Gabriel walks up behind him and puts a hand on his shoulder. Lana nearly out the hole, quickly stands next to Jet.

"Such a pity to see your friends die in front of your eyes, is it not? Now who's next? The woman or the apparent team leader? Which one? Which one?" Gabriel softly laughs to himself pointing at both of them. 

"The woman." Gabriel softly says as he grabs hold of Zalez's dead body and flings it to the side crashing into the wall. 

Lana and Jet both with eyes wide in shock as they watch the body get flung to the wall and slamming into the ground. A little pool of blood forming around the body.

Gabriel suddenly appears in front of Jet and Lana, they react slowly as he grabs them both by the neck and raises them off the ground. Groaning in pain, the Angel slowly begins to squeeze their necks more and more. 

Loosing air quickly, they both begin struggling. Kicking at Gabriel, spitting at his face, and scratching at his hands. They both begin to start seeing black specs everywhere, their eyes both blood shot. They slowly begin to stop moving. 

"You pathetic fools, this is the end for you both. Now die."  He softly says smiling.

As he is about the break their necks, a chunk of concrete smashes Gabriel, dropping Lana and Jet, he looks around baffled by the surprise attack. 

He looks around and this time a large concrete skidding across the ground, slams into him, both crashing into the wall. Jet and Lana on all fours gasping for air. Jet begins to hazily look around, dozy. He see's a figure levitating in the air with her hands raised above her head. More chunks of concrete around him in the air. 

"Jet! Lana! C'mon we have to get out of here! Its me Redrick!" Redrick shouts as he rushes towards his his fallen team members. 

Redrick begins to slowly help up both Jet and Lana from the ground. With arms around their shoulders, they slowly make there way towards the levitating person. An explosion is heard behind them, Redrick looks back and see's the Angel, walking out of the smoke. Wiping away crusts of rock from his shoulder.

Gabriel looks up at the floating person, smirking. 

"You caught me off guard, won't happen again." Gabriel softly snickers.

Gabriel quickly runs towards the stranger, with spear in hand. The stranger begins throwing the chunks of concrete, the Angel swiftly dodging them. Leaping into the air, getting ready to throw the spear. The stranger raises there hands high above their head.

Gabriel looks up, but see's nothing. Then a mound of concrete crashes into Gabriel from below, sending him soaring through the sky. The stranger rises another concrete and smashes it into the Angel again towards the ground.

The Stranger lifts the rock up again and begins smashing it against the Angel's back over and over again. He looks over at Redrick, Lana and Jet watching the action in amazement. 

"Hurry your asses up!" The stranger bellows as he continues smashing the concrete against the Angel. The three quickly regain focus and hastily make their way towards to the strange person, as they reach him. The stranger in a black hood, glides down to the ground.

He smashes the concrete down onto the Angel one last time before catching it on on fire and smashing it. As it impacts the Angel again, it explodes. The stranger removes the hood revealing a woman.

"Grab hold of me!" She shouts. They listen to her and grab hold of each other. She levitates into the sky, as a mass of yellow aura surrounds them all. The Angel slowly crawling out the hole in the ground from the explosion, looks up into the sky and sees them all in the aura.

"No!" He screams as he quickly disappears and appears within a few feet from the group. The yellow aura envelopes them all, they disappear as Gabriel throws a spear towards them. Barely missing them, it shoots straight past them.

"Damn it!" He bellows upset as other two other winged Angel's land on top of the building next to him. 


The group teleport into a sea of tree's, pouring down even more rain and snow. The tree's become thick in wet snow, lighting striking every few minutes.

They fall into a bush of snow, while the strange woman gently glides to the ground. Both Lana and Jet saddened look at the plump ground. Tears begin streaming down their faces.

"Jet, Lana are you both alright, you guys look horrible? If we would of been their a second late, you guys could of been done for." Redrick quickly says out of breath. "You guy's sure put up a good fight." Redrick look's around for Zalez.

"Whats wrong with you two? What happen to Zalez, I didn't see him anywhere?" Redrick continues to beckon them with questions.

"He's. . ." Lana tries to tell him, but suddenly flashes of his death come sweeping into mind and she begins to weep even more.

"What happen to him, did he run away like a wimp?" Redrick softly jokes around.

Jet's arms suddenly become enveloped in ice blades and quickly rises up and points the blade at Redricks neck.

"Don't you dare make fun of him." Jet deeply threatens, tears fighting to spill out of his eyes, trembling from anger and sadness. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to joke around about him. But what. . .what happen to him?" He softly asks anxiously.

"He died. He died protecting us." Lana softly says in anger.

"That Angel, who was he?" The woman asks as she walks over to a tree bark and puts her hand inside.

"He said his name was Gabriel and that he was sent here to kill us. That the Black Hearts were the only ones capable of taking down the powerful enemy soon to come." Lana says gasping for air in between words.

The woman pulls Angel out from the tree bark and sets him down next to Jet.

"Who are you?" Jet asks softly ask's as his vision begin's to blur.

She takes a quick look at him and then back's away from him. 

"My name is Karlyn. I'm a rogue Black Heart."

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