Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.


8. Chapter FIVE: KARLYN

The snow and rain begin to lightly fall as the lightning and thunder die down. The clouds begin to move away, as the sky begins to turn white.

"Who are you?" Jet softly ask's as he slowly open's his eyes to see a blured woman standing over him.

Karlyn takes a quick look at him and backs away from him. 

"My name is Karlyn. I'm a rogue Black Heart. Well, not evil."

"Whats a rogue Black Heart?" Redrick asks as he looks at both Lana and Jet nervously, as they begin to sway back and forth.

Karlyn eyes both of the two strangers as they begin to flutter their eyes. Lana drops towards the ground landing on her butt. Jet leans against a near tree. Smearing black blood with his hands against the tree, as he tries to keep him self up. He begins to slowly slide to the ground grabbing hold of his ribs.

"Jet! Lana!" Redrick rushes to his aid, helping him ease his way down. Redrick looking at his hands sees the amount of blood nearly covering his entire hand. 

"Karlyn, can you help them? Please!" Redrick shouts as he then rushes to Lana. Lana spits out blood as she falls over on her side. Karlyn floats towards Lana. Extending her arms, her hand begins to flourish with little orbs circling around it. The orbs begin to glide into Lana's body. Lightly lighting her body up. The orbs exit her body glowing red as they glide past Karlyns hands.

"She has internal bleeding and broken bones. I don't even know how she managed to make it this far without rendering unconscious or even dead. It's a miracle." Karlyn says startled.

"Can you save her?" Redrick anxiously asks staring intently at Karlyn. She looks up at him barely squinting her eyes. 

"I think so. But im going to need some space. I need you to lay her down on this stump." Karlyn says as she slices a tree in half with a swipe of her hand. The tree cracks and crumbles as it tilts to the side and smashes into the ground blowing snow into the air. Amazed and scared by the woman, Redrick sets Lana down onto the stump.

"I want you to take Jet away from here and attend to his wounds as much as you can until I'm done with her, you got it?" Karlyn boldly asks him.

"But why?" Redrick nervously ask's as he bite's his lip.

"When she screams, she will wake him up. If he wakes up and starts to move around, more blood will pump out of his wounds. Which means he'll die faster. You can't let him do that." Karlyn clearly says.

Catching his breath, he nods his head. Redrick helps Jet up and wraps his arm around his shoulder as they walk away. Redrick takes a quick glance back and sees Karlyn conjuring up white orbs from the ground. Turning away he rounds the corner of a boulder and sees a little stream of water that leads under the boulder. 

"C'mon buddy, I'm going to clean up all this blood on you." He calmly says to him.

Redrick lays Jet down next to the stream, shredding a piece of clothing from his sleeve. He dips the cloth into the water, and rings it out. He slowly begins to wipe away the smeared black blood on Jet's face. 

Redrick sighs to himself, he looks up at the grey sky slowly breathing in the fresh cool air. The drizzle of rain drifting down, a slight breeze picks up. Bustling the tree's and bushes nearby. He looks back down at Jet. He rinses the blood soaked cloth in the stream. The cloud of black blood begins to flow through the stream, disappearing under the boulder. 

As he listens closely, Redrick hears what sounds like a small waterfall under the boulder. 

"It must drop down into a tunnel of water. . .cool." He says to himself with a smirk. He looks back down at Jet, wiping away more blood. 

"Buddy, I'm going to put you in the stream. We need to make this process go faster, we can't risk being here for long. With the smell of blood in the air, we could attract zombies."

Redrick lifts Jet up in his arms and sets him in the water. Blood flows out from his clothing and skin. Wiping away the blood smeared on his face and hair carefully. Jet scrunches up his face in pain.

"Jet, you okay?"

Jet slowly moves his face to the side, slightly opening his eyes. Looking around confused.

"Wha-. . .what happen? Where am I?"

"You're fine, you just fainted. I'm just wiping away the blood you have on yourself." Redrick lightly smiles as he wipes away the last of the blood on his face. Jet scrunches up his face, thinking to himself. He look's up at Redrick with a concerned stare.

"Did Zalez really die? Or did I. . .dream it?" Jet slowly asks as he looks up at the cloudy sky. 

Redrick stays quiet, then nods his head. Jet closes his eyes, his lips begin to tremble. Bitting his lip he breathes in hard. 

"What about Lana, where is she? Is she dead too?" His voice cracks as a tear slipes through his closed eyes. Redrick begin's to clean his arm's.

"Karlyn is taking care of her, she's really hurt. I don't know if she's going to make it, like I said shes really hurt. Life threatening." Redrick drains the blood and water from the cloth and dips it into the the water again. 

"It's all my fault. If I was stronger, faster none of that would of happen. We all could of made it through; Lana wouldn't be nearly dead, Angel wouldn't be in his condition, Charel and Zalez would still be. . ." He quickly cuts himself off as he shakes his head. "Redrick, whats the point of us even going any further? Its just you and me left. We still have a ways to go till we get to the facility. We won't make it on our way. We'll die before we can even make it."

Jet slowly attempts to lift himself up.

"Jet, you shouldn't be doing that. I need to clean up the blood to find you injuries and bandage them. Please." Redrick attempt's to slightly push Jet back down, he see's little blood streaming down his rib cage from the wound.

"Please." Jet look's up into Redrick's eye's to see him in near tear's. Jet sigh's as he lay's down in the water, setting his head back on the ground looking up. Blood continuing to flow in the water

"Who's Karlyn again?" Jet ask's to break the silence.

"She's the woman who saved you and Lana. She found me and Angel, I thought she was going to kill us." Redrick slightly chuckles to himself. 

'What happen?' Jet attempt's to ask in between breathes. 

"Well right after you sent me and Angel away in the raindrop. We landed here, I was scared. I had no idea what the hell to do. So I sat Angel against the tree. After a few minutes, I felt someone's pressure. I thought it was an Angel so I got myself ready. But I didn't realize that someone was above me in the branches. Karlyn wrapped me in tree roots. I couldn't move, she jumped down and put her blade to my throat. She thought I was an Angel." Redrick dips the cloth into the water draining it. 

"And then?"

"She asked me what I was doing their, and I. . .sorta. . .blurted out basically everything that happen to us. Well almost everything. She didn't buy it much, but she said she would help. I told her where you guys were. She let me go and hid Angel in the tree." Redrick says sighing to himself. 

Suddenly Jet and Redrick hear Lana's scream echoing through the air. Jet's eyes widen in fear as he get's up on his feet looking left and right.

"What the hell's going on?! What's happening to Lana!?" Jet shouts as he grabs Redrick by the shoulders.

"Karlyn is healing her injuries, she's going to be fine. She told me to get you far so that you didn't worry." Redrick softly says.

"Does that sound like shes fine!? How could you even leave her and Angel with someone we don't even know!" Jet screams pointing in the direction of the screams. Redrick gets up slowly.

"I'll go check it out, just stay here and don't move! You're already loosing to much blood. Just stay there!" Redrick shouts as he runs towards the screams. 

Jet struggling to get up, falls back down onto the ground. Panting softly to himself as he continues to struggle to lift up.

Jumping and leaping past and over trees and branches, the screams continue to get louder. Brushing past a bush into a clearing. Redricks see's Lana on the tree stump with Karlyn hovering over her. 

Karlyn swaying her arms around in the air as green orbs circle around them, trailing a line of light behind them. Her arms flourish as blue flames cover her hands. Lana begins to viciously tremble as a small blue flame flourishes from her stomach. Slowly levitating off the stump, her shirt torn open. Revealing her breasts, thick blood seeping down onto the bloody stump from the deep gashes and wounds. Karlyn begins to chant, raising her arms into the sky. 

"Valiuli Dievuli, stop the blood!

Do not hunt the spirit of the body,

So that it does not leave with the blood,

That it does not the body alone.

By the hard stone, by the high oak, Valiuli Dievuli, by the blood,

I roder, I contain the blood in the veins."

Karlyn lowers her arms down, touching Lana's stomach and begins rubbing it. The blue flames begin to burn brighter and slowly engulfs the top of Lana's body.

"What the fuck is going on?" Redricks questions as he watches in amazement and uneasiness.

 "Ahhhh!" Lana continues to scream as her wounds begin to slowly heal, stopping the blood flow. The flames began to quickly spread across her entire body. The blood sizzling burning it dry, the blue flames turning green as it enters her body through her mouth. Karlyn slides her hands up Lana's chest, hovering over her face. Karlyn closes her eyes. 

The orbs fluttering around begin to stick to Lana's body and slowly seep into her. Her body begins to light up as the orbs lightly shine through her skin, as with the the green flames. Flashes of colors shine brightly through her body.  It suddenly stops. Lana lets out a scream as her mouth opens wide. 

Karlyn quickly floats back away from Lana. Black flames and orbs escape her body into a small cloud circling the body. The misty cloud begins to glide down to the ground, with Lana. Her body softly bumps down onto the stump. The clouds of mist seeping into the ground.

Karlyn quickly takes off her cape, covering Lana's naked body. Lana softly flutter's her eyes open.

"What was that? What did you do to me?" Lana softly asks. Redrick quickly runs to her side. 

"Lana are you okay?"

"I feel alot better. . .the pains gone." Lana looks up at Karlyn with a small smile. 

"Thank you so much. I owe you one." Lana lightly chuckles to herself as she attempts to lift herself up.

"Don't sweat it. You, boy, where's your other friend?" Karlyn asks pointing at Redrick.

"He's by the stream, I made him stay there till you were ready for him. . .I should get back to him, huh?" Redrick slaps himself in the forehead as he grunts. 

"I'll go bring him back, I'll be quick!" Redrick shouts as he runs into the woods disappearing from the ladies veiw. Lana and Karlyn watch as he disappears into the brushes. Lana looks down at her self and realizes her shirt is gone.

"Oh my god! What happen to my shirt!?" Lana shouts embarrassed, her cheeks begin to burn red as she quickly covers her body. 

"Yeah, sorry about that. I had to tear it in order to heal you. I hope you don't mind." Karlyn slyly says scratching the back of her head.

"No, its fine." Lana replies scrunching her nose. Lana begins to open her mouth, but quickly closes it. Groaning to herself, she breathes in, and lets the air out.

"Hey, you said before you were a. . heart right?", Karlyn nods her head, "Well, what does that mean exactly? Were you part of some facility and you just left?" Lana asks as she shifts her legs.

"Yes, except the facility I trained in was destroyed by the undead and Angels, they infiltrated it without us even knowing it. And when we did it was already too late. But those who did make it out were hunted by the Angels and killed in cold blood. I managed to kill the ones that pursued me relentlessly. I was forced to hid away in the mountains, that's where I was training my powers and perfecting them." Karlyn says as she lifts a stone from off the ground with her mind, slowly spinning it. 

"When did the facility get attacked?" Lana asks as she eyes the stone in amazement.

"It happened about a year ago, I hid on Mount Olympus. I survived with a few other Black Heart's, but about a week ago the Angel's found us. Their were hundreds of them flying by, we didn't even sense them. A few friends were training out in the woods, they caused an explosion. It attracted the horde of Angels. Within a few minutes everyone was massacred. Me and a friend were the only survivors, we found a cave and have been staying their the past few days. As I wandering around looking for food, that's when I stumbled upon Redrick shaking like a scared wet puppy. It was amusing." Karlyn chuckles to herself.

"I see. . ."

Redrick slowly walks out from the bushes with Jet's arm around his shoulder, both walking towards them. Jet's face lights up as he see's Lana safe.

"Lana, thank god you're okay!" He shouts as he stumbles attempting to run toward's her.

"Hold up there partner, you're still hurt. You need to take it easy. Karlyn is going to patch you up, right?" Redrick nervously asks as Karlyn lightly chuckles at him.

"Yeah, of course. I just need him to lay down on the stump. If you don't mind Lana?" Karlyn gestures at the stump Lana's sitting on.

"Oh, no of course not. Go ahead, lay down Jet." Lana shines a bright smile at him as she gets off. Jet manages to lift himself on the stump and lays down.

"I'm just going to check to see how badly injured you are. So don't worry." Karlyn assures him. She extends her arms out as orbs begin to flourish from the ground. They begin to float gently into Jet's body lighting up parts of his body as they fish around in him. The orbs glide out from his heart, glowing green.

"You're injuries aren't life threatening and the bleeding has stopped. I'm going to heal you though, with Lana's help. Lana? I kind of over did it during you're procedire." Karlyn ask's as she set's the boulder back down on the ground gently. Lana nods her head.

"Yes." Lana ties the cape around her breast as she walks towards Karlyn. 

"You're a healer right? I know because I sensed it. You have great potential." Karlyn says as her  hands begin to flourish green flames around them. Lana extends her arms, the green aura forms around them. They both hover their hands over his chest, hands over each other. 

"After we are done here, I will take you to the cave. And from their we will head to this facility. I will aid you in your quest with the help of my friend. We've gone far too long without done anything, and I feel as though now is a great time to do something, even for your friend that's in slumber." Karlyn says as she focuses on Jet.

Redrick frowns as he walks next to her. "What do you mean 'even your friend that's in slumber'? Do you know why he can't wake up?" Lana, Jet and Redrick all eye her waiting for her to speak. Karlyn bits her bottom lip, then lets out a sigh.

"I know somewhere we can go that could very well heal you're friends injuries and awaken him. But. . ." Karlyn slows to a stop as she frowns.

"But what?"

"But. . .it would involve us going into the war."


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