Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.


14. Chapter ELEVEN: ANGEL SIX part 3

The Angel's soar high above the sky's to see more lightning striking the Earth. "They must really be upset up there." Raphael say's as he wipes away water from his wet face. Celeste nods her head agreeing with him, "It's intense, but they shouldn't worry too much up there. We are almost done with this mission." Celeste say's as she glances up at the sky. 

"The Heaven's are not upset, something is happening up there." Michael say's with a stern tone. Raphael and Celeste both give each other a confused look. "What do you mean?" Raphael anxiously ask's. Charel tightens her grip on Celeste's waist. Gabriel, Cassiel and Azazel slow down to listen to Michael. 

"I have reason to believe that Heaven has indeed been infiltrated." Celeste and Raphael both gasp, "You can't be serious!?" Celeste squeals out. Michael simply nods his head. "We are near the Black Heart's, I can feel them close. Wait-" Azazel say's slowly cutting himself, he closes his eyes and extends a hand out in front of him. "What is it?" Cassiel ask's. 

Azazel opens his eyes and quickly looks down, he suddenly drop's and begins free falling towards the ground. Immediately everyone follows him down, Charel lightly screams as she nearly looses her grip on Celeste's waist. "I'm slipping!" She screams out. She looses her grip and gradually glides away from the Angel's. "Help!" 

Celeste looks back to see her free falling alone, a smirk forms at the corner of her lips. "Your such an idiot." Celeste playfully says out loud. "Catch me, don't let me die!" Charel screams out as she tries to glide towards her. Celeste chuckles lightly to herself. Charel slams herself into Celeste, they both begin spiraling in every direction, "I'm gonna be sick!" Charel screams out as her face begins turning green. They both soon stop spiraling and begin falling down headfirst. 

"Grab hold of me and don't let go Charel." Celeste say's aloud as her wings sprout out from behind her. "I don't plan to!" Charel shouts out as she wraps her arms around Celeste's neck. The Angel's soon reach the tree top's, there wings barely brushing against the branches and leafs. They all softly land on the ground and begin following Azazel through the woods. "Where are they?" Michael ask's Azazel. 

He stop's in front of a thick leafy branch, grabbing the branch he moves it down to show a cave inside of a Hill. "So they're there. We should attack now!" Gabriel shouts as he attempts to leap out of the woods. But Michael grabs his shoulder and yanks him back into the woods, "What are you doi-?!" Michael quickly covers Gabriel's mouth, he continues mumbling. 

They all eventually hear the Black Heart's echo's from inside the cave, "What are they saying?" Cassiel curiously ask's as he attempts to get closer. "I can hear someone screaming out names." Azazel softly say's. Charel's ears perk up as she hear's someone call out Lana and Redrick. She then gasp's as she hears Jet's name being called out. 'What the hell is happening in there?' Charel mentally ask's herself. 

Cassiel chuckles to himself, "What is it?" Raphael curiously ask's him. "Don't you see what is happening? The Messenger's of Ms. Divine are attacking them in there dreams." He say's smiling to himself. "So it is, for now we shall let her do her business. We will go into the Mountain's and wait for them there. But I will ask one of you to stay here and watch them." Michael say's as he looks at each of the Angel's. 

"You will stay here and watch them." Michael say's pointing at Raphael. He lets out a sigh as his head drop's. "Anything else you would like me to do sir?" Raphael softly ask's. 

"If you get the chance, kill them." 

Raphael eye's widen, he slowly nods his head. "Then we will go." Michael say's as he begins flying away with Cassiel and Azazel behind him. "Good luck." Celeste say's to him smiling. "Please, don't harm them." Charel say's as she clings to Celeste's waist. Raphael and Celeste both give her a blank stare. "Please." She say's one last time before Celeste soars up into the sky, following the other's. 

"Poor child." Raphael say's to himself. He then hears the Black Heart's shouting in excitement. "This is bad ass! Fucking awesome!" One of them screams out excited. 

"Why does Charel care so much for these Black Heart's? They are completely different and have nothing in common with each other. Other than the fact they are fighting the same threat, us and the undead. But why band together, of all people the Black Hearts and Red Heart's? This is truly a mystery for me. Especially this group, they all care deeply for each other." He stop's himself suddenly when flashes of Charel crying over her deceased friend's body pop's into mind. Shaking his head, "These people would die for each other. Would my fellow companions do the same for me?" Raphael softly ask's himself as he lets out a sigh.

He shakes his head in disappointment, "No. They wouldn't. We've known each other since the beginning of time, yet none of would ever do such a thing. But these people have barely known each other, and yet have such a strong connection with each other." Raphael say's confused, as he tries to grasp some meaning in his head.

Raphael stop's himself when he see's the group of Black Heart's and Red Heart's leaving the cave. He leaps up onto a near branch and pulls out his bow. Grabbing an arrow from the pouch on his back, full of diamond arrows, he straightens it against his bow and pulls the string back. He see's them walking out of the cave without a care in the world. "There seem's to be another Back Heart with them." He softly say's to himself looking at Keoki carrying Angel. 

He see's one of them stopping at the back of the group, Raphael aims his arrow at the boy looking up at the stars. "C'mon Jet!" Lana screams out. Jet looks back down, "Oh! I'm coming!" He shouts back as he begins running towards her. 

"I have to take the shot." Raphael softly say's to himself. He lets the arrow go out of his hand, a sudden burst of energy releases into the air. Jet stop's running and begins looking around. 

Raphael begins bleeding out of his hand, holding the arrow in his hand, he groans in pain as he slips the arrow back into his pouch. "I couldn't do it." 

Wings sprout from his back, he soars upward into the air, flying towards the moon. He hear's someone scream out, "Their!" Looking back he see's Redrick pointing at him. Looking ahead of him he begins to fade away in the moonlight. 



Sitting around a small fire Charel look's around to see the Angel's sitting around staring at the fire. Hugging herself she attempts to warm herself more, she scoots herself up closer to the fire. "It's so cold." She softly says to herself. 

The Angel's completely ignore her. Gabriel blows out the fire. Charel scoffs as she stares at him, "What are you looking at?" Gabriel spits at her. Charel sighs as she shakes her head and hugs her self tighter. Cassiel opens the palm of his hand and blows out the fire over the ground. It immediately lights up bright, Charel slightly smiles as she feel's the heat warming her body up. "Thank you." She softly say's to him. He nods his head at her. 

They suddenly see Raphael land on top of the fire, blowing it out. Charel groans as her head drop's in defeat. Celeste immediately see's the blood on his hand, "Did you do it? Did you eliminate them?" She excitedly ask's. Charel's head jolts back up to look at him, her heart begin's to beat quickly. Raphael looks down at his hand, looking back up at them he shakes his head. "I couldn't. There were too many of them. I wouldn't of been able to get away." Raphael simply say's as he begin's to heal his wound. Charel lets out a sigh of relief as she falls onto her back, wiping away sweat. 

"Very well. Were you able to find out where they were headed?" Michael ask's as he begin's sharpening his sword. Raphael nods his head, "Yes. While I was investigating I overheard one of them faintly say they were on there way to a near Facility." 

"That's all you found out?" Michael suspiciously ask's him. Raphael nod's head. Michael slides the sword back into it's holster. "We must continue following them. We will leave soon. Good job Raphael." 

A small smile forms at the corner of Raphael's lips. Celeste see's him smiling and chuckles to herself. Charel's teeth begin chattering as she feel's a sudden breeze blow up her spine. "Do you ever stop being annoying! Shut your trap!" Gabriel screams out in anger at Charel. 

"I hate you!" 

 Michael shakes his head in annoyance, standing up everyone looks up at him.

"We will intervene them at the Bridge of Hollow's tomorrow. Get some rest, tomorrow will be a bloody day." Charel watches as they all nod there heads and begin making bed's, she immediately begin's breathing in quickly. 'Jet. Lana. Angel. Redrick....I have to protect you all.'



So this is the last part of Angel Six, I actually really loved doing this sort of spin-off and I love the new Angel's. There so much fun to write! ^.^ I also really love how much Gabriel hates Charel. I giggled a few times while writing this. c:

Anyways, the next chapter will continue Jet's story. it's gonna be interesting I'm excited to start, so expect it hopefully by the end of the week if not MONDAY. 

PART: JET is actually almost over and then we'll go into PART: BRIAN right after and then the FINALE. It's gonna be intense, I've got the majority of this story planned out. I'm really excited. I wish I could just tell you all what's gonna happen. >.>

Have a fabulous dia! VOTE, COMMENT, ADD TO YOUR FAVS, and FAN. <3

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