Black Heart's: Redemption

We pick up right where we left off our heroes for the fight of a new beginning and Redemption. Its an all out war for humanity's survival. The Purge begins as Brian and Joan arrive at Heavens gates in search of a cure to heal Angel's death-bearing wounds. All the mean while the Angel's defending Heaven are on their way to Europe, with the all undead around the world, to finally rid the world of its evil sins. Their lay wait an army of Black Hearts, Red Hearts, and Fighters to put an end to God's reign. Jet's team mean while gets caught in between the all out war of Good and Evil vs. Good as they manage to get through the battlefield to the Facility.



Suddenly a voice burst through Jet's mind screaming, 'JET! Don't go to the-!' The voice quickly cut's off. Stopping again, he begin's to breathe in quickly.

"That sounded like...Joan." Standing their murmuring to himself he attempt's to talk back to the voice, "Joan? Was that you?" A few second's pass and no reply. "Are you still their? Joan?" Shaking in place, Lana notices him in the back standing their, examining his confused face she look's back to the other's, "Guy's wait! It's Jet." She turn's back around to look at Jet and quickly run's to him.

Everyone watches Lana as she stand's in front of Jet, tapping his shoulder she call's out for him. "Jet? Jet, what's wrong?" She waves her hand in front of his face, Jet blink's his eye's a few time's before looking up at her.

"What is it?" Jet anxiously ask's as he look's around and see's everyone else watching him attentively. Bringing his attention back to Lana he clear's his throat and stretches his collar.

"I think I heard Joan talking to me in my head." Lana's eyes widen in excitement as she quickly grab's his hand and yank's him along with her to the group. "Ow! ow! ow! ow! ow!" Jet yelp's as Lana nearly crushes his hand.

Letting him go, she shoves him in front of the group, "Tell'em what you told me!" Blowing on his red hand he shakes it and glares at Lana. She bump's him with her shoulder.

"I think I sister Joan talk to me in my head. Like it was some kind of mind telekinesis. It for a few second's before she was cut off or something." Jet sigh's as he tunes everyone out as they discuss, quietly talking in his mind.

'Joan? Was that you sis? Joan, please answer me.' A few second's pass and slight white noise fades into his head.

'Jet..It's Joan.' Jet nearly chokes on his saliva as he anxiously grabs the side of his head.

'Joan! How are you talking to me?'

'I don't have much time, but you can't go to the Battlefield! What ever you do, don't go please Jet!' Joan pleads. Jet scrunches up his face confused.

'What are talking about, why not?' Blinking his eyes his visions begin's to blur, a bright white light shining through his eye lids. Covering his hands with his hands, the white light subsides. Slowly peeking out from his eye lids, he see's a pure white atmosphere. Rubbing his eye's again, he blinks a few times then see's a taint figure in front of him. Slowly Joan, in a black latex body suit, fades in front of him, they both widen their eyes in excitement and run for each other. Jumping into each others arms they start shaking, trembling as they tightly hug each other.

'Jet, I've missed you so much!' Joan says in between breaths as she set's him down. Smiling at each other a tear drizzles down Jet's cheek, Joan's eyes begin to water as she embraces Jet in another hug.

'I've missed you so much to Joan, so so so much!' Jet let's out in between shaky breaths. He slowly let's her go and gives her an odd look. 'How are we seeing each other and where are we? Wheres Brian?' Jet look's over Joans shoulder to see nothing but white.

'He should be here any second actually, but we are on a line. It's like video chat in a way, but we are actually mentally connected, all of us.' Joan replies as she grin's and gives him another hug. Jet open's his mouth about to ask a question, but Joan quickly turns him around. Their standing watching him earnestly with huge smiles on their faces Brian, Rai, Otit, and Reanne in their black latex skin suits. His draw immediately drops, more tears fighting to fall from his eyes, he quickly runs to them embracing them all in a group hug.

(I'm not gonna lie, I had a few tears just writing that part. I don't know why, but it was sweet and just like amazing)

"Jet?! What the hell's wrong with him!?" Lana screams as she huddles over Jet's body laying on the ground. She quickly looks up to Redrick, Karlyn and Keoki looking down at her with a confused stare.

"One minute he was just standing their, the next his fucking eyes glow bright white and he tips over!" Lana screams as she opens his eyes, suddenly a pain tings at the back of her head. Rubbing at the back of her head she feels a slight pain sliding through her brain towards her eyes. Looking up to the group they all take a step back away from her, gasping at her she crawls towards them.

"What happening to me?! It hurt's!" She screams out as she closes her eyes, covering them from a bright white light. Redrick suddenly begins to scream as his eyes begin to burn white. They both fall to blink their eyes a few times, closing them for a few seconds they slightly open them to see everything white.

Keoki quickly set's down Angel on the ground and huddles over Redrick, Karlyn panicking huddles over both Lana and Jet, screaming at them, "Lana! Jet! Wake up, please!"

Lana and Redrick both look around in front of them, looking at each other they quickly get up. 'Do you think it's those Messengers of the Divine?' Lana shrugs her shoulders as she attempts to pull out her dagger, but finds it missing. 'My daggers gone.' She growls as she get's into a fighting stance, continuing to look in front of them they hear someone call out for them.

'Karlyn, Redrick turn around.' They slowly turn around to see Rai standing front of them smiling. Lana gasps as tears tears stream down her face she quickly jumps into his arm's. Redrick wipes away a tear as he puts a hand on his shoulder, nodding his head at him. Setting down Lana, they realize everyone else watching them with a grin on their faces.

'Brian! Joan!' Lana shouts as she races to them, embracing them in a hug. She begin's to cry uncontrollably, clinging to them.

'We missed you too Lana, and you too Redrick.' Joan says as she pry's away from Lana. Brian, and Reanne look around confused. Scratching his head Brian asks Jet, 'Where's Charel and Zalez?' Lana lightly gasps, letting go of Brian he looks down at her face and notices the hurt and sadness at the mention of their names.

'Their...their dead.' Jet barely manages to get out. Lana and Redrick take a step back to stand next to Jet. Brian, Joan and Rai widen their eyes in shock, Rai takes a step back. A tear trailing down his cheeks.

'What happen Jet?' Joan softly asks as she takes a step toward him. Jet looks up at her with a disappointed look.

'Charel died a few hours after we separated from you guy's, and Zalez..-' Jet stops himself as he remembers her last words "I love you" begin to replay in his mind. Lana sighs as she put's a hand on his shoulder and looks at everyone waiting patiently.

'Zalez died a few hours after Charel, when we were in a big metropolitan city we were attacked by..Gabriel the Saint. He killed Zalez.' Brian and Joan's eyes widen at the sound of Gabriels name. They both look to Rai, who is with his mouth wide open staring at Lana in shock.

'Gabriel killed Zalez and would of killed us too, if it weren't for another Black Heart who saved us. Her names Karlyn and she has a husband who's also a Black Heart, his names Keoki. We've been with them the past two days, but their taking joining us on the journey to the Facility.' Lana sheepishly smiles then notices Rai's shocked face, scrunching up her face in confusion she shakes her head, 'What's wrong with you Rai?'

He slowly looks up at her and shakes his head, 'It's nothing. Where are these two Black Hearts?' Lana looks nudges Redrick in the shoulder.

'Their with us, they think something is wrong with us. Our eyes turned white and started glowing, they probably think we're gonna die.' Redrick chuckles to himself. Suddenly Brian, Joan, Rai, Otit, Reanne and Jet embrace Lana and Redrick in a group hug.

Brian sighs as he begin to think about Angel, 'I really wish he was here.' Joan and Jet both glance at Brian and notice a tear stream down his chest.

'Room for one more?' Everyone quickly releases each other, turning back they all see Angel standing their healthy and smiling at the group. Everyone let's out a loud gasp, suddenly Joan and Jet run past everyone tackling Angel to the ground. Angel begins to laugh as they both begin to cry, tears landing on his face. 'Angel! Oh my god, Angel it's you! I've missed you so fucking much!' Joan screams as she wraps her arms around his neck.

Quickly the rest of the group minus Brian huddles over them laughing and crying telling him how much they miss him. After a few minutes they all spread out to let him get up. 'Brian?' Angel anxiously call's out for him. A hand reaches out to him, looking up he see's Brian their with tear's in his eye's. Helping him up, Brian yanks Angel into a tight hug. They both immediately begin to tear up even more.

The rest lf the group walks away from them, giving them space.

'Brian, I've missed you so much.' Angel stutters as he attempts to speak, tears trickling down his face. Brian attempts to wipe away the tears, holding his chin they slowly push their heads close to each other. Their lips mere inches away, Angel smiles and closes his eyes along with Brian. Flames begin to conjure around Brian's body, his chest sizzling as it brushes against Angel's chest. Suddenly both their bodies burst into flames as their lips touch, slowly kissing and bodies touching and rubbing up against each other, sparks of electricity begin to strike everything around them as their tongues enter each other mouths.

Glancing from a distance, they all watch in awe and uneasiness as lighting strikes a few feet from them. 'Joan, why don't you want us to go to the Battlefield?' Jet curiously ask, gaining the attention from Lana and Redrick. Joan let's out an uneasy sigh, 'Because it won't be safe. We won't be back in time for the final battle with the unknown enemy.' Lana quickly gasps as she holds up her hands.

'We found a way to heal Angel, Karlyn and Keoki know a way to save him. They have most of the ingredient's, but the rest are at the Facility!' Lana excitedly exclaims as she smiles brightly at Joan and Reanne.

'Yes, we know about that. But we weren't talking about them not going, we were talking about you Lana, Jet and Redrick. We don't want you three to go for fear of you..-' Jet cut's her off.

'-Dying. You're all afraid we won't survive the war.' Jet whispers out loud, Lana and Redrick both frown as they face Joan and Reanne.

'You guy's can come back! You don't have to keep looking for the Magic for Angel, We found it!' Lana shouts as she puts both hands on Reannes shoulders. Shaking her head in disagreement she sighs to herself.

'It's not about that anymore, we're gonna kill God.' Otit softly replies back with a hint of excitement.

Lana, Redrick and Jet dart their heads to face Joan with a confused stare and their mouths open. 'N-no! You can't!' Jet screams as he stands in front of Joan. Suddenly a voice from nowhere screams out, 'I can't keep this up! I'm loosing it!'

Joan and Rai both widen their eyes in fear, they attempt to reach out for Lana and Jet. 'Jet, be care-' Joan gets cut off as she disappears along with everyone else. Everything turns black, then blurs red.

Opening his eyes, Jet sees the starry night sky and Karlyn over him staring down at him. Slowly getting up and leaning on his elbows he looks around to see Lana and Redrick getting up also.

"Jet, what the hell happen to you guys!?" Karlyn shout's as she embraces him in a hug. A tear slides down Jet's cheek, "We-...we went into a trance and saw our friends. The ones who went to Heaven."

Karlyn releases him as Keoki crouches down next to him, "You met you're team mates? How?" Jet wipes away the tear and sniffles, "Some kind of telekinesis. Angel was their too." They all glance to him and notice his glowing eyes dimming under his eye lids.



I HOPE YOUR READY FOR THE NEXT ARC. It's gonna be from a completely new point of view. Which mean's NEW characters! It's going to be a three part story arc. It's my favorite 3 part chapter by far! I hope you all enjoy it.

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