The Dead Boy n.h

Niall Horan,he died on his sixteenth birthday on a brutal murder at his house. The murders were never found. Now that he's dead, strange things are happening. Chairs and tables are moving by themselves. Screams and yells can be heard.

Could it be niall himself? Trying to set himself free? Find out when a girl named Kira Storm moves in.

Could the ghost of Niall exist and hope to find love?


1. Prolouge

"Don't be afraid."

September 13,2010

"Mommy?" The voice of five year old Niall Horan filled his mothers ears. His mother looked at him. Niall looked at his mother back. "Yes dear?" Niall's eyes went into a puppy look. "When will the potatoes grow again?" His mother sighed with grief. Niall lost his brother and dad during a horrible famine. "Soon Nialler." Was his mothers only response. "So maybe tomorrow?"Niall hopped .

"Just pray." His mother said. Then she kissed her son on the forehead and whispered, "I love you Niall." The young boy's lips grew a small smile. This proves that love is more powerful than anything else. Just as his mom closed the door, Niall got up from his bed and said a small prayer to himself. "Please give us a good harvest. Let them grow strong for our food. I love you." Then he threw himself on the bed. His mom kissed him one last time. Then he fell asleep.

2 hours later

Bang! A loud noise woke up the young boy. "What's that?" He whispered. He got out his flashlight and went downstairs to investigate. "Hello?" He called to the darkness. There was no answer to his question. "Mommy?" He calls for his mother. But still no response. "Put your hands up!" A man voice yelled. It came from outside of the house. Niall hurried downstairs and was shocked. "Mom!" He yelled. His mother was on the ground. Almost dead. Niall had tears in his eyes.

"Shut up kid." The man yelled. He clicked a gun that he was holding. "Niall!" His mother called. "What are you doing get back inside." The boy shook his head. He didn't want his mom to get killed. He is not going to loose his family members again. "Shoot me." Niall demanded. "I want you to spare my moms life." The man thought of his threat. "Fine." The man said gruffly. The gun was shot.

Boom! Niall fell to the ground. "NIALL!" His mom yelled. The man ran away. His mom went to his dying son. His skin was getting paler and paler by the second. "Niall baby," his mom started to cry. "Don't do this." Niall looked at his mother. "Mom don't worry. I will watch you with wings above my shoulders." His mother shook her head. "No, I will get help." But Niall touched his mom's hand. "No need, I hope I can rise up." Then his eyes was shut. The man grabbed a market and drew a scary smile on his lips.

Then he ran away. "Niall!!" His mother cried. "Please.."

To late. He died. "Oh no..." She cried. "Don't leave me." She wasn't talking to anyone.


Years past and Niall Horan was burred underneath his house. Some say his ghost is haunting the place. When most people try to live there, they always get frightened. But every time the victims leave, there is a voice that always seem to say the same thing. This voice sounded angry, yet frightened. The voice says "Leave me alone." Then sometimes glowing red eyes are always appearing on the walls.


"Don't be afraid."

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