The Dead Boy n.h

Niall Horan,he died on his sixteenth birthday on a brutal murder at his house. The murders were never found. Now that he's dead, strange things are happening. Chairs and tables are moving by themselves. Screams and yells can be heard.

Could it be niall himself? Trying to set himself free? Find out when a girl named Kira Storm moves in.

Could the ghost of Niall exist and hope to find love?


3. Chapter 2

I froze in my tracks. That whisperer was near my ear. This wasn't wind. All the windows are closed shut. I shuddered. Maybe Harry was right. This house is haunted. Haunted by the ghost of Niall Horan. I got up. I wiped the dust off my clothes. I coughed too.

"Hello?" I called. The room was silent. "Anyone here?" I watched a ton of ghost stuff on tv. Like Ghost Adventures. I am not an expert but, I know that a ghost won't hurt you unless you try to communicate with it. "Are you the ghost of Niall Horan?" I called again. It has been like over twenty minutes, but nothing came up.

Until I heard that same whisper again. "Yes I am." It said. I smiled. But still. I wanted the spirit to show it self. "Can you show yourself?" I asked again. Then in the bedroom, it started to get colder. Like if your under a air condoning system. Then I knew what that sign is. The spirit is here. "Don't be afraid." The voice said.

Then a white mist came over to me. A door slammed, but no one was there. I knew what was happening, the spirit was trying to show its self to me. I'm wasn't afraid. The mist came on the bed. It started to take form. "This is real." I muttered under my breath. The mist was gone. In the next few seconds, on the bed stood a boy. He looked sorta my age. His hair was blonde. The eyes were blue. Like the color of water. His skin was white. And he was see through. I kinda felt sorry for him.

He died at such a young age. I sighed. "Are you the ghost?" I asked. The ghost nodded slowly. "Yes I am." His accent wasn't British. Probably Scottish or Irish. "What's your name love?" He asked. I swallowed my drool. "I am Kira Storm." I said. He smiled. A smile in which he was happy. "That's a beautiful name love." He said. I blushed a bit. "I am Niall." He said pointed to his chest I went closer to him. "Can I touch you?" I asked. Niall nodded slowly.

I couldn't believe it. He can't be touched. Only he can touch me. "Oh my god." I muttered. He nodded his head. "You are really a ghost." I said. He sighed. "Kira," he said. I looked at him. "Can you stay here with me?" He asked slowly. I felt so sad. Tears were already in my cheeks. "Of course Niall," I said.

"Thank you babe." He said. "Now get to bed, I will see you tomorrow." Then he disappeared. I smiled to myself. Niall is actually a nice guy. Why won't anyone say that he is? He's just a ghost looking for someone to be with. I sighed. "Niall I will stay with you." I went into the toilet and fixed myself.

Then I went to my bed. I put on my pajamas and slept. As I did, Niall's voice came into my ears again. "Good night love."

Alright! That's if for this chappie!! Sorry it's so short!

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