The Dead Boy n.h

Niall Horan,he died on his sixteenth birthday on a brutal murder at his house. The murders were never found. Now that he's dead, strange things are happening. Chairs and tables are moving by themselves. Screams and yells can be heard.

Could it be niall himself? Trying to set himself free? Find out when a girl named Kira Storm moves in.

Could the ghost of Niall exist and hope to find love?


2. Chapter 1

I walked out from my school to my old house. This was the place where I had my memories as a child. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Kira Storm. I am eighteen years old and I live here in London. My parents were separated when I was five. It was a tough time for me. I lived my with my mom until I was sixteen. That's when I put my foot down on my sidewalk.

Anyway, I was packing my things out of my old house. My house was too old and damaged to dwell and breathe in. I got my clothes and things and put them in a small luggage. My friend Harry Styles was waiting for me in the car. He had been my friends since I was like about ten. He has been really close and very cheery. That's what I liked about Harry. His personality. All that I know about him was that he has only one sister and has a step dad and mom. Other than that he is very cool.

As I went out of the door, Harry honked his blue Ford. His curly hair was the most recognizable part of him. "Hey Kira!" He called. I looked at him. "I am coming Haz!" I called back. He went out of the car and helped me with my bag. The trunk was open so he put it there. I looked at my house for one last time. "Goodbye." I waved to it. "Come on we lets not be late!" Harry reminded. I nodded in his reminder. I sat at the front next to him. My new house would be in a small town called Bradford.

All that I know, is that there was a horrible murder that happened there last year. The name of the victim was Niall Horan. He was so young but not like ten years old. More like a nineteen year old. But I don't know. Sometimes it's rumored that his house is haunted by his ghost. But I never believed in it. Ghosts are so fake like Bigfoot. Yeah! They soon discovered that Bigfoot is just a guy in a suit. What a ripoff!

"So how far are we?" I asked Harry as we drove on the road. "Like about five miles away." He muttered. I groaned. "Five miles?" I said weakly. He nodded. "So how are things?" I asked. He smiled. "Not much love."

Love? "Harry I am not your girlfriend." I said with my voice raised a bit. He sighed. "I know but maybe you could be." I hit him on the arm. "Ouch!" He yelped. I giggled. Baby. Wow! You complain a lot. I thought. We eventually made it to the house. Harry helped me unpack my things. He pointed to the house. The house was pretty old. It was made of wood and the windows were really worn down.

"Looks like its place hasn't been used in years." Harry said in amazement. "Well duh!" I glared at him. "This house didn't have an owner since that family has gotten killed. Especially their son, Niall Horan." Harry shuddered. "So it's just a murder." That made me cross my eyes. "Just a murder?" I said. "Look, there is a rumor that this house is haunted by Niall Horan himself." Harry backed away.

"Fine!" He said. "You can have this creepy house." I put my hands on my hips. "And where are you going?" He got into his car. "I am bailing. I don't want to be part of this creepy, story." Then he drove off.

I sighed. Then I dragged my bags to the top of the old bedroom. Suddenly I heard a whisper. A whisper that was so faint that it made me have goosebumps. "Hi love."


Ok that's if for this chapter!! Hope you enjoyed it. Scared yet?

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