Hannas P.O.V

Ashely you should come over to my house today i hear theres a cute boy that is supposed to be moving in across the street from me...

Hannah i am on my way meet me outside in ten

Okay Ashely you get way to hype when you here anything about *cut off* ash i have to call you back later okay 

okay love you hannah remeber wait for me outside


*answers door*

Hi i'm Liam 

Hi i'm Hannah did you just move in

Yeah how did you know 

I just never saw you around that's all

Sorry if i interupted some thing

you didn't inturupt any thing

well i have to go talk to you soon 

okay bye liam

bye han


Liam's P.O.V

I was nerves when she first opened the door she was beutiful girl i had ever laid my eyes on i was going to ask her for her digits but i didnt want her to get the wrong impresion of me or anything

Hannahs P.O.V

Oh my god i just meet the cute new boy from across the street wonder who hes staying with because that is a huge house to be stay there alone i might go over to his house with a welcome to town basket.... My thouhgt's got inturpted when Ashely cleared her voice and started questioning me....




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