The Last Nerd Standing

Every year, all of the 'bad boys' in Riverside High come together to pick a certain nerd and teach their ways, making them have straight F's from straight A's. As usual every year is the same. Pick, Teach and Join their group.Will the 'all bad boy' rule change because of one certain book-worm who wears Glasses, Braces and not to mention the worse fashion taste in history, but is also a girl?
Find out in The Last Nerd Standing.

WARNING: May contain sexual and explicit content. Drugs, Shooting and Blood.



So Hope you guys give this book a chance!

I thought about this book and how it goes, so please don't copy or post it to another website or account.

If you do want to copy some bits or event of it, please email me first and ask for permission :)

Thank you Everyone!

Cheers, From Sydney with Love - Purple

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