Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


13. The perfect one


                                     ( 5 months later )

Willow's POV

   It has been 5 months since I escaped from the hospital. Me and Louis have been on, like, 12 dates, I think. Maybe more. Delilah, Nicole, and I have turned 19! YAY! I haven't heard from my mother in two months. Nicole and Harry are doing great and Delilah and Niall to! They even came up with ship names. Darry and Nelilah. Louis' and mine are Lillow. I don't like it. Some times it is really hard to say. But, Louis, Harry, and Niall haven't been the same in a few days. Its like they are hiding something. They all went to the "recording studio" today, but they left Zayn and Liam! So, the girls and I are in my room ( I now share a room with Louis ) and we talked.

  " What is up with the boys?" Nicole asked.

  " I agree. They have been acting strange lately," Delilah said. I nodded.

  " What do you think they are hiding?" I asked.

  " You think they are hiding something?" Nicole asked.

  " Well, what else do you think it is? Louis has been disappearing and reappearing hours later! I don't want to think the worst!" I say. They nodded. The worst would be if they had affairs. They wouldn't do that would they?

  " Me either. But, what do you think they are doing?" Delilah asked.

  " I don't know! That's why I said they might be hiding something!" I said. This is confusing. " Maybe we should just ask!"

  " They may lie to us!" Nicole said.

  " Do you think Harry would lie to you? You have been like two teenage girls telling each other your deepest secrets!" I said. She hit me on the arm.

  " It is true!" Delilah whispered. I only heard it, so when I laughed, Nicole looked at me strangely.

  " Well, I guess I could ask him. But, what if its like a gift for us?" True.

  " I guess," I said. We sat there, not knowing what to do until we heard the front door open. " Here goes nothing," I say and we all get up and open the door to the room and go out to the hallway. The boys where going to the kitchen.

  " Any luck?" Liam asked Niall. We stood still and waited for the conversation to go on.

  " Yes, actually. I found the perfect one!" he said.

  " How about you, Harry?"

  " Me too!"
  " Louis?"

  " Not yet. Nothing is perfect enough!" he complained.

  " We all should go tomorrow. Maybe then you will have some luck," Zayn said. He sighed and nodded. What do they mean ' the perfect one'? We all go back into the room.

  " What's the perfect one?" Nicole asked.

  " The same thing was on my mind," I say.

  " I shouldn't say this, but they may be on a affair," Nicole said.

  " And all the boys know about it? I don't think so!" I say. " Maybe its a gift?" I say.

  " Maybe, but you can't push the possibility of them having affairs out of your mind," Nicole said.

  " They are not having affairs!" I tell her. She looks down. " Are you really giving up on Niall and Harry so quickly? Do you love them?" I ask.

  " Of course!" both girls said quietly.

  " Then fight! Put the thought in the back of your mind and let it stay there! They are not having affairs!" I say. They nod. Its only a possibility. Delilah wiped away a tear and looked down.

  " Lets just hope your right, Willow," she said.

  " Almost eight months have gone by! Do you really thing they would let eight months go to waste?" I asked. They shook there heads.

  " What are you girls talking about? Eight months go to waste?" Louis asked.

  " We were just talking. Where have you been?" I asked. He stopped to think for a moment. He was hiding something!
  " Recording studio," he said.

  " Without Zayn or Liam?"

  " Yes."

  " Really?"

  " Yes."

  " What's this ' perfect one'?" His face went white.

  " You over heard us? All of it?"

  " No. Only the part where Zayn said you all should go. What is it Louis?" I asked. He didn't answer.

  " What is it?" Delilah asked.

  " Something," he answered.

  " What is so important that you have to keep a secret from me?" I asked.

  " Its important that you don't know. If you do, it would ruin everything. Please, stop investigating!" he said while going out of the room. The affair thought came out from the back of my mind and came to the front.

  " Is he having a affair?" I asked my self. I then started to cry. Not loudly, but I still cried. Delilah and Nicole tried to comfort me, but it didn't work. My life was ruined! The only man I ever loved is having a affair! I am only half a heart now. I am going to have to listen to that song sometime.

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