Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


27. The baby shower




   * Two weeks later *

Willow's POV

   I am in my room, watching a movie with Delilah as the others are in the living room getting it ready for the baby shower. I wasn't allowed down there, so Delilah and I have been stuck in this room for over an hour. We have watched a episode and a half of Robin Hood on Netflix. It was a really good show. As we were watching, I turned and saw Delilah deep in thought.

  " What are you thinking?" I asked her. 

  " Lots of things," she replied.

  " Like what?" I asked.

  " Um, I may need to go to the store."

  " For what?"

  " I don't know if I should tell you." Then a thought hit my mind.

  " Are you pregnant?"

  " I don't know. I have been throwing up and mood swings. I don't know when to tell him. I don't know how he is going to react, and I'm scared!" she said with a tear falling down her cheek. I wiped it away and gave her a hug.

  " He won't leave you. He loves you with all his heart! Everything will be alright!" I tell her. She hugs me back.

  " Thanks, Willow," she said.

  " No problem! If you are pregnant, have you thought of any names?" I asked.

  " Well, I can't decide over Bella or Gracelynn if it is a girl. A boy..... maybe Jack? I'm not sure," she responded.

  " Well, after the baby shower, we will go to the store, buy the tests, and take them when we get home. If it is positive, then we will find a way to tell him," I tell her. She nodded and smiled at me.

  " Thanks, Willow!" she said.

  " Like I said before, no problem!" We returned our attention back to the screen. I was happy. I may be a mother and an aunt before too long. Soon, just when the second episode finished, Liam came in.

  " Ready?" he asked.

  " Yep!" I simply replied and got up. Delilah helped me down the stairs. As we walked in, I saw everyone sitting down  on the couch or in chairs they put up. Louis' family was there as well. 

  " Hello!" I said as I walked over and hugged her.

  " Hello dear!" she said back. We talked for a few minutes, then I greeted the rest of the family, then walked back to Louis. 

  " What do you think so far?" he asked while turning to look at me.

  " I love it. It is fun to be with most of the family!" I said.

  " Yeah," he said. It was silent until Niall came up.

  " Present time?" he asked.

  " Sure!" I said. I moved over to the table, which was piled high, and grabbed one. I opened it up and saw a One Direction shirt with little jeans. It was too cute! I looked and saw it was from Nicole.

  " Thanks Nicole!" I said and hugged her.

  " Your welcome!" she said. I got another present off the table. This one is from Niall. I opened it to see a One Direction swimming trunks. It was too cute!

  " Thank you Niall!" I said to him.

  " I helped pick it out!" Delilah said.

  " Thank you both!"I said.

  " Your welcome!" they said in unison. I went through all the presents in an hour. I have a crib, a stroller, some more clothes, some toys, and a blanket. They are too cute! I thanked everyone. Soon, though, I heard a knock on the door.

  " I'll get it!" I said as I was getting up.

  " No, I'll get it," Louis said while standing up.

  " Sorry, Louis, but I'm getting it, I said as I walked to the door. He sighed and fallowed me. I smiled and opened the door, but when I opened the door, my smiled disappeared. There, in front of me, was the one person I didn't want to see. I would have rather had a clown there, and I hate clowns! There, in front of me, was my mother.

  " Hello," she said quietly to break the silence. I really wanted to shut the door, but something stopped me. I just stood there, staring at her.  " Could I come in?" she asked.

  " I rather you not," I replied.

  " Could we talk?"

  " I don't know what we have to talk about."

  " Please?" I thought for a moment, and decided that maybe five minutes wouldn't hurt. I started walking out.

  " Are you sure?" Louis asked.

  " Yeah. Five minutes," I said. He sighed and nodded. I closed the door behind me and sat down in one of the chairs. She sat down in the chair beside of me.

  " I've missed you!" she said. I put on a fake smiled and hugged her.

  " What do you want to talk about?" I asked.

  " No 'I missed you too's'?" she asked.

  " I don't know. What do you want to talk about?" i asked. She sighed.

  " I want you to come back." I sighed.

  " This again? Really?"

  " I know you are just going to block me out, but please listen!" I sighed.

  " Two minutes before I walk through that door!" I said. She smiled and began.

  " I've missed you a lot, Willow. Remember the fun times we had together? That time I let you have a sleep over? The time you made your friends? The time we sat down on the couch and watched movies? I wonder if you have forgotten those times. I want to know you are safe! Any mother would! When you went away, I cried! I missed you the second you left! I couldn't wait to see you! When you called me saying that you were staying, it broke my heart! I came for you, but you weren't at the hotel. I looked your boyfriend up and saw that you have moved here. But, I learned you were in the hospital. You scared me! I signed the papers and everything so I could take you home, but you ran. I went to your wedding and was forced to keep quiet. I couldn't stand to see you ripped out of my hands by him! I was letting so much out when I kicked him. You should have gotten rid of that baby! You could of had a chance to be a normal teenager then! You could be back with me! I can take care of you again! I can have something to hold on to and take care of! I want you back and it hurts knowing that you are taken by him! Come back! We can be together agai-"

  " Wait a second! Are you saying Louis took me away from you? First of all, I wouldn't have been a teenager, because I am an adult! Second of all, I wasn't taken, I left, on my own! I had a choice! Don't you dare put this on Louis! I can't believe you! I gave you so many chances! Way too many! Why can't you be proud of me? Or happy? I am going to be having my first child soon, and you just want me to get rid of him. I can't believe you! Get out! Now!" I said angrily.

  " Wha-"

  " OUT! NOW!" I screamed.

  " Not without you!" she said.

  " NOW!" I screamed. Louis quickly came out.

  " What is going on?" he asked.

  " Get her out of here!" I said while pointing at her.

  " It is probably her mood swings," she said.

  " How can you blame this on mood swings? Get out! Now!" I yelled.

  " No." That one word made my insides blow up.

  " I'm calling the cops!" I said while walking in. Louis went wide eyed and fallowed me in.

  " Please don't call the cops! She is your mother!"

  " She kicked you at our wedding! She tried to get me to get rid of Parker! She blamed me leaving on you! I can't stand that woman!" I said while holding the phone.

  " I know, but we don't have to get the cops involved! Please, Willow!"

  " You don't know her like I do! She won't give up! She could hurt our family! I don't want that! I want to grow old with you at my side and Parker and maybe more children around us! She could easily take that away from us!" I said with a tear rolling down my cheek. Louis looked at me and wiped away the tear.

  " She can never take that away from us!" he said. He pulled me in. I put my head on his chest and cried. He put his head on top of mine and rubbed my back while saying everything will be alright. I continued to cry as my mother walked right in. 

  " Stop crying! There is nothing to be crying over! You need to come home, and that is that!" She is never going to stop!

  " Leave, now!" Those words didn't come from me, but Louis.

  " Excuse me?"

  " You can't be running her life! She is 19 and can live her life! I'm here helping her every step of the way! You have hurt her, and I can't let you hurt her again! Please leave!" her said with anger filling his voice.

  " You have no right to talk to me that wa-"

  " You have no right to be in this house!" he said. I dried up my tears and stood up.

  " Leave!" I said.

  " Whats going on in here?" Liam asked.

  " Could you show her to the door?" Louis asked. Liam looked confused, but did so. He opened the door up and stood there.

  " This won't be the last of me!" she said as she walked out.

  " We know!" I said back. Liam closed the door before I could see her reaction.

  " Could you tell me what that was about?" Liam asked.

  " Willow's mother came back and tried to take her home again, and started to blame every thing on me, and she got upset." I just nodded. Liam nodded and went into he other room. I went up to our room and laid down. What a stressful day! I was about to fall asleep when Louis came in.

  " You alright?" he asked.

  " Yeah," I replied.

  " You sure?"

  " Yeah."

  " Willow, I love you, and what you said earlier will come true. There is no one I would fight for more then you. I love you!" he said while bending down so he id eye level with me. I smile.

  " I love you too!" I said and kissed him.

  " Why don't we go back downstairs?" I nodded and we went back down stairs. We talked, ate, and Louis' mom showed me the most embarrassing baby photos that she had on her. They were cute, but funny. Louis saw me laugh and come over and saw the photo of when he was a year old.

  " Mom! Please put those away!"

  " She is your wife! She can see these photos," she said while giving me another photo. Soon, Louis' family had to leave. We said our good byes and Niall, Harry, Nicole, and Zayn went to there rooms. Louis and I went to ours. I think Delilah went to the store. I turned on the tv and soon fell asleep while watching another episode of Robin Hood.


  Thanks too those who have commented and liked and so on. Please give me song titles! I am running out! Thanks again!


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