Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


26. The appointment


Willow's POV

   I woke up the next day and saw Louis fast asleep beside of me. I checked the clock. 6:34. Why did I wake up so early? I got up and grabbed some of the clothes. I walked down stairs and put them in the washer. 

  " Hey!" I heard someone say. I jumped! I turned around and saw Liam.

  " You scared me half to death!"

  " I'm sorry! How are you?"

  " Good, you?"

  " Good. The baby?"

  " Good. Grace?"

  " Good. Maybe you guys should go on a girls day."

  " Sure! We would love to take her on a girls day, but probably not this week. We went shopping yesterday. Oh, and the baby shower is two weeks form Friday."

  " Cool."

  " When is your next day off?"

  " We get all next week off because we will be missing two members."

  " Cool."

  " We have to go shoot a music video for our newest song, so could you wake Louis up?"

  " Sure!" I said as I left the room. I can't wait till next week because it seems like a long time till I got to spend time with him, though he may try to get his revenge. I walked up the stairs and into the bedroom. I went on his side and shook him a little. He didn't budge. I shook him harder and he still didn't budge. " Wake up Louis! You have a music video to make!"

  " Why?" he asked.

  " I don't know! But if you don't make start this video then you might have to make it during your week off!" I said. He didn't move. " LOUIS!" I screamed into his ear. He jumped up.

  " What? Whats wrong? Is the baby alright?"

  " You have a music video to make. Up!"

  " You scared me half to death!"

  " Sorry, but do you want your week off?"

  " Yes," he said.

  " Then march!" I said while pointing to the closet. He pretended to be angry and march to the closet like a child would. I laughed at him. He grabbed some clothes then I went down stairs for some cereal. Liam was there eating a bowl. " He is getting ready."

  " I managed to wake up Zayn, Niall and Harry, so they will all be down in a few minutes." I nodded. Soon Louis and Niall came down.

  " Morning!" Niall said to both Liam, Louis, and I.

  " Morning!" we said back. Oh, wait! I have an appointment today! Oops. 

  " Crap!" I said.

  " What?"

  " I have an appointment today!"

  " And you just remembered that?" Niall asked.

  " Yeah."

  " Do you want me to go with you?" Louis asked.

  " You have the video to make."

  " I can go back as soon as it is done."

  " I don't want to be a bother."

  " You won't be a bother!"

  " If you insist!"

  " I do!" He smiled and grabbed a box of cereal. " When is the appointment?"

  " 8."

  " I should be back around 9. We will work on it all afternoon and be back before 11."

  " Alright." 

  " What is going on?" Delilah asked.

  " We have to go work on a music video and Louis and Willow are going for a sonogram," Niall said.

  " Alright." She came in and grabbed a bowl. I finaished eating then put my bowl up and headed up to my room. I slipped on some sweat pants and a black shirt. I ended up laying on the bed and falling back asleep. I was soon woken up by someone shaking me.

  " Go away!" I said.

  " We have to go!" Louis said.

  " I'm too tired!"

  " We still have to go!" I didn't respond, but fell back asleep. Louis shook me again. He sighed when I didn't respond and picked me up.

  " What are you doing?" i asked with my eyes still closed.

  " Carrying you."

  " Why?"

  " Do you want to walk?"

  " No, but is it safe for you to carry a pregnant woman down the stairs?"

  " Probably not." I shrugged my shoulders and he walked down the stairs. he put me in the car and I managed to pry my eyes open and buckle up. Louis got in and drove out of the driveway. 

                    * 30 minutes later *

  He pulled in and got out. I unbuckled myself by the time he opened my door. I got out and we walked into the doctor office. 

  " How may I help you?" the lady behind the desk asked.

  " I came for a sonogram."

  " Name?"

  " Willow Tomlinson." She typed some things in and pointed to the waiting room. We both sat down and waited. After two minutes, I broke the silence. 

  " Are you excited? About being a father?" I asked him. He looked at me a second before answering.

  " I am excited, but also a little scared."

  " Me too." He smiled. We lent in and kissed for a second before my name was called.

  " Mrs. Tomlinson?" We both got up and fallowed her and she took my temp., weight, and so on. the she led us to a room. I got on top of the table and Louis sat down in the chair and we waited for the doctor. He soon came in.

  " Morning!" he said. 

  " Morning!" I said back.

  " How is the baby doing?" he asked.

  " Good!"

  " Well good!" he said as he motioned for me to lay back. I did as I was told and laid back and pulled up my shirt to reveal my stomach. He put the gel on and He looked to the screen. After a minute, I saw him. I smiled. Louis soon found him and smiled pretty big. He kissed me then went back to the screen. His eyes were watering. I smiled. This is when it really hits you! You are going to be starting a family! I can't believe I am actually married and pregnant with my first child! " Would you like any pictures?" the doctor asked.

  " Yes," I replied.

  " How many?"

  " Three." He nodded and we soon got the pictures and left. After about ten minutes we arrived home. Louis had to go so he left right after he dropped me off and I was alone with the girls. I entered the house and found the girls on the couch. " Hey!" I said to catch there attention. They both turned and smiled.

  " Hey! How did it go?"

  " Good! I have pictures!" They both came running towards me and I handed them each a picture.

  " He is so small! I can't wait to be an aunt!" Nicole said.

  " Me either!" Delilah said. I smiled and we sat down and watched some tv and commented on the picture.s of Parker.

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