Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


25. Shopping



Willow's POV

   We finally arrived at the mall. I got out off the car and walked with the girls to the doors.

  " Where to first?" Nicole asked.

  " I don't know. Where do you guys want to go?"

  " Why don't we eat?" Delilah asked.

  " Sure!" I said. We ended up going to the food court. I got some pizza. I sat down and soon the girls joined me. We sat there in silence for a while as we ate.

  " When is your baby shower again?" Nicole asked.

  " Yeah, when is it?" Delilah asked.

  " Two weeks from Friday."

  " Cool! When are you going to you honey moon?" Delilah asked.

  " After Parker is born."

  " Who is going to take care of him?" Nicole asked.

  " One of you gets him 3 and a half days and the other gets him for the rest of the time."

  " Alright. When are you going on your honey moon?" Nicole asked Delilah.

  " Next week."

  " Me too!"

  " Are you telling me you both are leaving me alone with three boys?" I asked.

  " Yeah," Nicole said. I sighed.

  " When is Parker due?"

  " Well, tomorrow I will be 5 months in."

  " Congrats! Where to next?" Nicole asked.

  " We will go shopping for us then baby shopping at the end."

  " Alright!" We all got up and went to Belk. After a few minutes I found a dress (that you wear during your pregnancy) that is cute. It is black and has blue, purple, and pink poca dots. I liked it. I also picked out a t-shirt. We walked out and the girls already had two bags. We went to another store. I didn't get anything there. I sat down at a bench as the girls went shopping. Soon three girls came up to me.

  " Are you Willow Jones?"

  " Yes, that is me."

  " Could I have a picture?"

  " Sure!" She got out her phone and took a picture with me. So did the other two girls. I signed three pieces of paper before the girls came back. The same thing happened with them. About ten minutes later we left and went to another shop which I got three pairs of sweat pants and four shirts. Plain colored. Black, blue, green, and white. We walked out and the girls where ready to leave. We walked to the parking lot and to our car. We put everything in the back and climbed in then headed off for Babies R Us. We went in then went to the boy section. The clothes were so small and adorable! I grabbed a striped onesie and a little blue hat. I grabbed two shirts and two pairs of pants. I also grabbed three pairs of tiny shoes. They were too cute! After a while, we left and headed home. I was tired. As soon as we got home I put my stuff in the corner of my room and fell asleep. I had fun.


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