Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


8. Second best day!



Willow POV

  " We are landing," the intercom said. I sat down in my seat. Ten minutes later we were walking to the car. We got in and drove to the house. We finally arrived to the house and I looked at it and it was huge! 

 " You like it?" Louis asked me.

 " Yes!"

 " Good! Lets play a game!"

 " What kind of game?"

 " How about hide and seek?"

 " Sure!"

 " Ok. Nicole, your it!" he said and tagged Nicole. Nicole tagged Harry and Harry ran for her. I ran upstairs and ran down the hall. Someone grabbed my arm. I looked to see who it was and it was Louis. 

 " Fallow me!" he ordered. I fallowed him to the closet and he pushed me into the closet. He moved a box and motioned me to go in. I bent down and saw a space. I climbed in and Louis did the same and put the box in its place.

 " I am the only one who knows about this little space. They will never find us!" I nod.

 " Your beautiful!" he said.

 " Thanks!" He leaned in and I did the same and we kissed! I am still surprised that I am dating Louis Tomlinson! 

 " We should go out again!" he said.

 " Yes! We should!"

                       *1 hour later*

  We have been in this little space for about an hour. It actually wasn't that bad. We talked a little and we kissed twice. Finally were heard them saying they gave up.

 " Come on out guys! We give up! Where in the world are you guys?" We climbed out and went down the hall, hand in hand.

 " Where were you guys?" Liam asked.

  " A secret place!" Louis told them.

 " Where is this secret place? You have been hiding there for the last twelve games!" Harry asked.

 " We aren't telling!" Louis responded.

 " If you won't tell us, then she will!" he said running at me. I ran up the stairs. I was surprisingly fast! I managed to get back into the hiding place and calm down before he entered the room.

 " I know you are in here! Come on out!" Harry said. He opened the closet door and I slowed my breathing. 

 " Where are you?" he asked. He closed the door and went out of the room. I got out of my hiding place and opened the door. No one was there. I slowly walked out and closed the door behind me. I went out of the room and looked around to see Harry staring at me. 

 "  Where were you?" he asked me.

 " Not telling you! And, i'm not ticklish!"

 " No fun! There are other ways!" he said while running after me once again. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. 


 " Tell me were the spot is!"

 " Never!"

 " Then I won't let you down!"

 " LOUIS! HELP ME!" I screamed. Louis ran up the stairs and stood still.

 " Help me!" I said. He stood there.

 " Fine! Help!"

 " Was that someone in need of help? Superman is here!" he said while tearing off his shirt and showing another shirt that was like superman's costume. I gave him the " really?" face and he nodded. He then jumped on Harry and we all fell down. I managed to get up and help Louis up.

 " You saved the damsel in distress, so lets get down stairs!" I said. He nodded and we ran down stairs with Harry hot on our heels. I stopped on the last step and put my foot out. Harry tripped and landed flat on his face!

 " That's what you get for messing with me!" I said.

 " OK OK! You win!"

 " That's what I thought!" I walked away with Louis.

 " What happened?" Niall asked.

 " Harry chased me and Superman here saved me, then we ran down the stairs and I tripped Harry on the last step," I said. Niall looked over to were Harry was getting up and laughed his face off. I laughed and soon every one was laughing. 

 " So, what know?" 

 " I know!" I said.

 " What?" 

 " FOOD FIGHT!" I screamed while running to the kitchen. Everyone else was behind me. Then they all ganged up on me. They grabbed flour and hit me with it.

 " OK, I can imagine the boys doing this to me, but you girls?" I looked through the fridge and I was lucky. 8 pies. I grabbed two and they starred at me in shock.

 " You wouldn't!" Nicole said.

 " Try me!" I said while throwing the pies. I hit Niall square in the face. He ended up eating it. And I hit Harry on the stomach.

 " Come on! New shirt!" he complained.

 " Then don't gang up on me!" I threw again and hit Delilah and Nicole! I laughed.

 " I can't believe you!" they both complained. I walked over to Zayn and put the pie square on his head. 

 " AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" he screamed while running upstairs trying to fix his hair. They all laughed. I then hit Louis and Liam square in the face. Liam wiped it of and Louis stared at me. I had one more pie in my hand. He came in front of me and grabbed my wrist and pushed it upward and the pie landed in my face!

 " I can't believe you!" I jumped on him and he fell to the ground. I held his hands down with mine and sat on my knees with my knees holding his legs down. 

 " Your lucky your cute!" I say. I leaned in, kissed him, and helped him up.

 " Don't ever gang up on me again!" I told everyone. OH! I had an idea! Niall was still licking his face! I whispered my plan into Louis', Harry's, and Liam ears. The laughed for a minute and agreed.

 " Niall! Your still cleaning off your face? Well, why don't we help you?" I said. Louis and Liam grabbed his hand and knocked him down while Harry grabbed his legs and walked him out side to the pool.

  " What are you doing?" he asked them. We came to the edge of the pool and he understood. " Let me go!"

 " Should we put icing on the cake?" I asked. " 1,2,3, throw!" I said. They threw him into the pool. " Oh, and here's the icing! OH MY GOD! IT"S NIALL HORAN!" I screamed and tons of fans ran in.

 " I'll get payback later!" he said climing out of the pool. The other boys and I were already at the door. Niall ran in just in time. We shut the door before a fan could get in. Louis. Harry, Liam, and I were laughing our butts off.

 " Whats going on?" Delilah asked.

 " They threw me in the pool and called the fans!" he said angrily. 

 " Sorry!" she said.

 " Its OK," he said before kissing her. He pulled away and looked at her. She was in shock. He smiled and laughed and kissed her again. This time she kissed back. He pulled away and went up stairs to get changed. She looked at him dreamily. We finally got up and stopped laughing. Second best day ever!

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