Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


24. Revenge





Willow's POV

   I woke up the next morning. I look at the clock. 12:45. I turned around and saw Louis was asleep. Must have the day off. I tried to go back asleep, but couldn't. I sighed and got out of bed. I walked down stairs and to the kitchen. I grabbed some orange juice and some pickles. I was in the mood for pickles! I took a sip then looked down and my baby bump. You don't really notice it unless I told you. I smiled down at it. 

  " Afternoon Mrs. Tomlinson!" Delilah said while coming in.

  " Mrs. Horan."

  " It is going to take some time for that to kick in!" 

  " I know!"

  " Hey girls!" Nicole said while coming in.

  " Mrs. Styles," Delilah and I said at the same time.

  " That's going to take time."

  " We know!" we said again in unison. We all started to laugh. Finally we calmed down.

  " How is the baby?"

  " Parker is fine. I can't wait to be a mom, but I am scared at the same time." They nodded.

  " What is going on down here?" Liam asked.

  " Talking. How is Grace?" I asked. I forgot to tell you about Grace did't I? Well, Liam broke up with Danielle and he is now dating Grace. They met a few weeks back. They really clicked. I am forgetting a lot now. Am I getting old? No, I am only 19. 

  " She is great! We are going on a date tomorrow night."

  " Cool!" Soon, Louis came down.

  " Afternoon!" Delilah, Nicole, Liam, and I said in unison.

  " Afternoon!" he said and kissed me before going to the fridge.  Harry, Niall, and Zayn came in. You know what this reminds me of? That day a few weeks ago when Harry said the way to get information out of me was to tickle me, and I haven't got my revenge! I smiled this devilish smile.

  " What?" Nicole asked. 

  " Nothing!"

  " No, what?"

  " Really, its nothing!" I said and I walk over to Louis. " I have a plan!"

  " What?"

  " It is evil and Harry will hate us!"

  " What is it?" I told him my plan and he smiled and nodded. " You have a sick mind, you know that?"

  " Yeah, but I can't help that I have good ideas, unlike some people," I said. He looked at me.

  " What is that supposed to mean?"

  " Oh nothing."

  " Your going to pay!"

  " You can't do anything to a pregnant woman!"

  " Who said?" He said while picking me up and walking out side. Oh no!

  " Don't you dare Louis!"

  " If you say so Mrs. Tomlinson!" he said as he threw me in. I got up and swam to the edge and climbed up the ladder.

  " Your going to pay!"

  " You can't hurt me! Your pregnant!" Being pregnant has its advantages and disadvantages. I walked inside and thought for a minute before coming up with an idea. I am going to have to wait for tomorrow morning. I sigh. 

 * Next day *

   I woke up the next say and saw that Louis was still asleep. I checked the clock. 8: 12. I got up and got a permanent marker out of the drawer. I got on the bed and drew a mustache on him. Then I drew glasses and a big mole on his left cheek. I held in giggles and put the marker away. I walked down stairs to the kitchen. When I walked in, I saw Delilah grabbing some cereal.

  " Morning!" I said to her.

  " Morning! Why are you smiling?" she asked me. 

  " I got revenge on Louis!" I said.

  " What did you do?" she asked.

  " I drew on his face with a marker!" I said and started laughing. She giggled.

  " What is going on?" Louis asked while coming down the stairs. When we saw him, Delilah and I burst out laughing.

  " What is going on?" Harry asked while coming down stairs. When he saw Louis, he burst out laughing! He almost fell!

  " What is it?" Louis asked.

  " L-Look for a m-mirror!" he said. Louis went to the bathroom.

  " 3-2-1," I said.

  " WILLOW!" he screamed. I laughed. You could hear him running to the stairs. He came into view and it was really hard not to laugh. " What is this about?" he asked.

  " How do you know it was me?" I asked trying not to smile.

  " I know it was you because you said you were getting revenge, but I didn't think you would draw on my face with permanent marker!"

  " Sorry Louis!"

  " I can't wait for that baby to get out of you because I will get my revenge!"

  " The reason I did that was for revenge!"

  " But I didn't go that far!"

  " Still! Now you know to think twice before throwing your pregnant wife in the pool!"

  " Alright, but that doesn't mean I won't have my revenge!"

  " You will forget by then!"

  " Will not!"

  " What is my middle name?"

  " Its, um..... its..... Fine!"

  " Told you so Louis William Tomlinson. Its Lee by the way!" I said while taking a bit out of a cookie I just grabbed. He sighed. Harry continued to laugh and Delilah was calming down. Soon, Niall came down.

  " What is going on down here?" he asked. I pointed at Louis. He looked at him and tried to hold it in. He was successful. " Um, you may want to get that off," he said.

  " Why?"

  " We have an interview in two hours." Louis went wide eyed and ran upstairs. " How did that happen?" he asked when Louis left.

  " He threw Willow in the pool and Willow drew on his face while he was asleep," Delilah replied.

  " Oh. Alright. We do have an interview in two hours, would you like to come or would you rather have a girls day?"

  " We would love to come, but I need to go shopping and I may need help," I said.

  " What for?" Delilah asked.

  " Bigger clothes, onesies, Cradle, things like that."

  " Alright. Wait! When is your baby shower?" she asked.

  " I don't know. I haven't thought about that."

  " Well, we may want to get ready," Delilah said as she walked upstairs. I nodded. " Your waking up Nicole!" she said before running up the stairs. I sighed. This isn't going to be fun! I walked up to Harry's and Nicole's room and saw them cuddled up together. It was really cute, but sadly, I have to wake her up. Delilah has this thing about going early, and if we aren't there on time, then, lets say it doesn't end well. I walk up to her side of the bed and nudge her. She didn't move. I sighed. It will take hour to wake her up! I pocked her face and her stomach and pulled her cheeks. She didn't even budge. I sighed again and went down stairs. I grabbed a cup and poured water into it. You can guess where this is going. I went back upstairs and got a safe distance away. I threw the water and they both jumped up and fell on the floor. I got out of the room as quickly as possible. If Nicole finds out it was me, she will kill me! I put the cup in the sink and went to my room. Louis was in the bathroom. He managed to get the mole and glasses off and was working on the mustache. I grabbed a comb, combed my hair, put some mascara an and went to the closet and looked around. I don't really care what I wear today. I put my sweat pants on, my white short sleeved shirt, my black hoodie with a heart on it that turns pink to purple to blue, then my tennis shoes.

  " Where you going?" Louis asked while coming into the room without his mustache. He successfully got it all off.

  " Shopping for Parker."

  " Oh. Alright. When are we going to have our baby shower?"

  " I don't know. Maybe next week?"

  " Two weeks?" he asked.

  " Sure. When?"
   " How about next Friday?"

  " Sounds good!" I say and finish tying my shoes. I went to Harry's and Nicole's room and found she wasn't there. I went to the kitchen and saw her fully dressed and eating a bowl of soup. " Good morning!" I say as I grab another cookie.

  " Morning. I was told we were going shopping."

  " Yep! And I am inviting you to my baby shower!"

  " Yeah! When?"

  " Two weeks from Friday."

  " Alright. When is Delilah coming down?"

  " She only went to her room ten minutes ago, give her a few more minutes." Soon enough she came down.

  " Ready?" she asked.

  " Ready!" me and Nicole said in unison. She nodded and we went to the car for our long day of shopping.


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