Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


19. Picking out the name







Willow's POV

   The next day I felt a bit better. Louis was still asleep. I got out my laptop out and turned away from Louis, so he wouldn't see what was on my screen. I looked up cute baby boy names. I want to see if I can get a idea. I looked around Then, I hit the letter P. I looked around until I saw a name that I liked. Parker. Ok, I had two names to chose between. Parker and Matthew. Which one? Parker Tomlinson or Matthew Tomlinson? Then, I got it! Parker did sound better, but I couldn't let Matthew out, so I could make Matthew his middle name! Parker Matthew Tomlinson! It sounded alright. I smiled and deleted the tab. I looked up some fanfictions to waste time. When I had this baby, I wouldn't have time to waste. I sighed. I am so young! I am getting married and having a baby in five months and I am only nineteen! I am turning 20 in three months. I looked up some Louis fanfictions. I clicked on one. It was alright, but it soon became graphic. 

  " EW!" I screamed as I deleted the tab. I seemed to have woken up Louis.

  " What wrong?" he asked.

  " I read a fanfiction! Way to graphic!" I said. He laughed.

  " Who was it?"

  " You."

  " Tell me about it!"

  " Really?"

  " Yep!"

  " Well, there is a girl named Kaylee. She has had a terrible life, she was abused and sold, but she ran away and you found her. It was so sweet! You two fell in love and started dating. Soon, you did it. It became way to graphic!" I say.

  " Well, replace Kaylee with you. Read it again!" he said while staring at me. I did so, and it wasn't as bad. In fact, I wished she made a second book. Louis closed the laptop and kissed me. I kissed back. He put his hands on my side, then I realized what he was doing.

  " Louis, you do remember that I am sick, right?"

  " I don't care!"

  " What if I threw up in your mouth?"

  " Totally worth it!"

  " Gross!" I screamed. He smiled and kissed me again. Before we got to far, I got up and walked out of the room.

  " No, Willow!" he said.

  " What?"

  " Please?"

  " No!"

  " And why not?"

  " Because!"

  " Because why?"

  " I don't want to throw up in your mouth!" 

  " I told you, it would be worth it!"

  " Not today!"

  " When?"

  " I don't know!"

  " When will you know?"

  " Five months!"

  " WHAT? Way to long!"

  " Sorry! You will understand soon!" I say while walking out the door. It might harm the baby, so that is why I left. I went down stairs in my fuzzy pj's and smelt food. I was starving! I went to the kitchen and found Harry cooking with Niall waiting by the kitchen table with Delilah on one side of him and Sarah on the other.

  " Hey!" Delilah said.

  " Hey!" I said back and gave her a hug.

  " So, what did the doctor say?"

  " I promised not to say!"

  " Come on! You have known us for years!"

  " I haven't even told Louis," I say. Harry looked over with a ' you haven't told him?' face. I nodded in his direction.

  " Really?" Niall asked me.

  " Yep!"

  " It must be... wait, its not fatal is it?" Niall asked with wide eyes. I decided to have fun with him.

  " Caught me!" I said with a fake tear in my eyes. He looked at me with shock, Harry didn't even hear, and Delilah and Nicole were hugging me have to death. I started to worry about the baby, so I made them get off me.

  " Why did this have to happen to you?" Nicole asked with tears in her eyes. It started to bug me, so I gave up.

  " It isn't fatal, well, some died from it, but not many. I can't tell you! I haven't told Louis!" I said. They all sighed with relief.

  " Whats going on?" Louis asked while coming down stairs in his big white T-shirt and Pj pants.

  " Scared the day lights out of them!" I said. I put his hand up and I high-fived it. He sat beside me.

  " You can change your mind if you want!" he whispered into my ear.

  " Sorry, Louis, but you are going to have to wait!" He sighed.

  " So, can you tell us know?" Niall asked.

  " Tell us about what?"

  " What ever she had. She said it may be fatal," Niall said. Louis went wide eyed and starred at me.

  " It isn't fatal! I'm still not telling!" I said.

  " I know one way to get it out of her!" Harry said.

  " What?" Louis asked.

  " We can always try to tickle her!" Harry said while putting some eggs on a plate. Louis put on a devilish grin.

  " You know I am not ticklish!"

  " But, I know where your ticklish spot is!" Louis said. Crap! It is my feet, and the back of my neck, but you have to hit it just right. He did it before a few months ago. I am going to get Harry for that.

  " Wait! I know something that will be much more fun!"

  " What?" Louis asked. I whispered the plan into his ear. " I don't want to wait that long! I like Harry's plan a lot better, but we can still do your plan later," he said. I sighed. I told him that when Harry is asleep, we would straighten his hair. Perfect revenge. I got worried about the baby, because what if I fall on my stomach? 

  " I don't feel well," I say. I really didn't. I went to the trash can and threw up again. Louis came and held my hair.

  " Maybe another day." he said. I nodded and continued to throw up. I need to get some food. I threw up and finally stopped.

  " You can let go of my hair now," I said to him.

  " You sure?"

  " Yes! I am sure!" I said a bit to angrily. Mood swings. He looked at me strange. " I'm sorry! I don't feel good! I think I am going to lay down," I say and walk up stairs. Louis nodded and went back to the table. I climbed the stairs and went to our room and laid down. I suddenly craved something. Pickles, syrup, bacon, and ranch. Gross! Cravings! I hate being pregnant! I have to keep it a secret for a whole month and I have to deal with the side effects! This is a lot harder then I thought.

  " Babe, me and the boys have to go to an interview. Are you alright, or do I need to stay with you?" he asked with concern.

  " I'm alright, thanks! I think I will just stay in bed," I say kindly with a smile.

  " Alright. Bye babe, see you soon!" he said as he sent me a smile and left. I suddenly felt happy during that conversation. When they were gone, I decided that I should eat. I went down stairs and saw that the girls weren't there. I had to make my meal fast. I grabbed the jar of pickles, some bacon, maple syrup, and ranch. I mixed it all together and walked as fast as I could upstairs without becoming worried I am going to fast for the babies sake. I closed my door and locked it. I put a movie on and ate some of my gross meal. It was really good! I don't know why, but it tasted amazing! I finished it, then I wanted some cookies. Of course! I went down stairs and washed my plate before anyone saw it and started asked about it, and grabbed some cookies and milk. I went back to my room and ate that. I finally wasn't hungry, and I laid back down. I looked at my stomach and saw a bump. I was noticeable. I am surprise Louis hasn't said anything about it. I rubbed my stomach.

  " Oh, Parker. Why did you have to come so early?" I asked him. " I still love you! I can't wait till you come and see your daddy and you mommy and aunts and uncles! You will love them! Though uncle Harry won't be to happy with me tomorrow!" I said while laughing. I then felt a kick. I stopped and looked at my stomach and waited. I felt another one. I smiled. " Good boy!" I whisper.

  " Willow, can I come in?" Delilah asked. I pulled the covers over my stomach.

  " Come in!" I said. She came in.

  " Feeling any better?"

  " Yeah."

  " Who were you talking to?"

  " My self."

  " Why?"

  " Don't know."

  " You want to go have a girls day? Or are you even feeling like it??

  " Maybe we could just watch a movie."

  " Sounds good. Which movie?"

  " I don't care. Which ever. I will be down in a minute," I say. She nodded and left the room. " Lets get something picked out," I say. I put on my sweatpants and a really big shirt to hopefully hide me being four months in. I go down stairs and as soon as I smelt the popcorn, I wanted popcorn and chocolate syrup. Gross! No, I can't! I sat down and we watched Leprechauns. It was a good movie. I finally went to the kitchen and put some chocolate syrup in my bowl of popcorn and ate out of there sights. I finished and washed out the bowl and sat down and finished the movie. The boys came home two hours later.

  " Can we finish what we started this morning?" Louis asked me from behind while wrapping his arms around me. Please, Parker, be a good boy for mommy and don't kick! 

  " Sorry, Louis! Not today!"

  " Please?"

  " Nope! You will have to wait. So, the wedding is next month?"

  " Well, I was thinking about next week. The preacher said he had a day next week and not another day until months from now, and I told everyone that it was in a week, so is that alright?" he asked me.

  " Just fine!" I said. He smiled and I walked the living room and saw Harry sitting on the couch with Sarah and his arm was wrapped around her. They were watching some tv show. I went upstairs and fell to sleep. I am really glad that I don't have to hold on to this secret for another month. Lets hope all goes well!

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