Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


29. Parker and Katie


Willow's POV

   We finally arrived at the hospital. Delilah helped me out of the car and into the hospital.

  " How may I help you?" a woman asked without looking up at us.

  " My friend is having a baby!" Perrie said. She looked up and signaled a guy to come over. He brought a wheel chair with him. I got into the chair and he wheeled me off. We arrived tot eh room. He helped me out of the chair and onto the bed. 

  " The doctor will be here soon," he said. He left the room. I sat there in pain and alone. Soon, though, the doctor came in.

  " How are we doing today?" he asked while putting gloves on.

  " Not so good," I replied.

  " Why not?"

  " Well, first of all, I am in pain! And second of all, Louis isn't here. Who knows when he will get here! Or if they even told him! He may miss the birth of his first child!" I said with tears rolling down my cheek. 

  " Everything will be alright, but you are getting close. With or without him, this baby is coming. Maybe an hour," he said. I felt like crying, but I held it in. Louis, hurry!

Louis' POV

   Please let me get there in time! I see the hospital in the distance, but there is a traffic jam! Why does it have to be right now? When my wife is about to give birth to our son? I sighed. Please hold on Willow! Just a little longer!

Willow's POV

   I sat there in the room with two nurses hooking up machines to me and the doctor came in once to check.

  " Not much longer," he said while throwing away his gloves. Louis, were are you? I sighed and looked up. Why today? Why not tomorrow? I sighed again and the next contraction came. Twenty minutes later, the doctor came back. He checked me again. " Its time," he said.

  " I can't! Not without Louis!" I said.

  " This baby is coming with or without him!" he said.

  " He has to be here!" I said. Then, thank god, he ran into the room.

  " I'm here!" he said as he came and held my hand.

  " Took you long enough!" I said.

  " I need you to push with all your might when I count to three," the doctor said. I nodded. " 1,2,3!" I pushed with everything I had. I screamed with pain and Louis was trying not to do the same. I almost broke his hand. " Again! 1,2,3!" I pushed again. After what seemed like hours, I heard crying. Everyone stopped. The doctor grabbed a towel and wiped Parker off. " Congratulations! Its a boy!" he said. I smiled as he handed me Parker. I smiled at my son, then turned to Louis. He was smiling and a tear fell. I wiped it away. He turned and kissed me, then put his attention back on Parker. " What will you name him?" the doctor asked.

  " Parker Mathew Tomlinson," I replied. It seemed like such a happy moment.... until I winced in pain.

  " Whats wrong?" the doctor asked.

  " I don't know," I replied. Then the pain came stronger. Louis looked at me with worry. A nurse grabbed Parker then the doctor put his hand on my stomach. He looked confused. He put some gloves on and checked me.

  " How many where you expecting?" he asked.

  " One!" I replied.

  " Well, the process is starting over again! I need you to push on the count of three!"

  " WHAT?"

  " You were pregnant with twins! 1,2,3 push!" I did as I was told. After another hour, we heard another cry. " Congratulations! Its a girl!" the doc said. He cleaned her off and handed her to me. I turned to Louis and saw him smile.

  " What do you want to name her?" I asked him.

  " How about Katie?"

  " Katie Tomlinson? I like it!" He smiled.

  " Looks like there will be four soon," he said. I nodded. They took her away and I soon fell asleep. Louis did the same. I can't wait to take them home and be one bigger then I thought family!

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