Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


4. Meeting the boys


Willow's POV

  I woke up by the sound of Delilah shaking me awake and saying get up. So, I woke up and followed them out the plane. Ground! Ground! I love the Ground! I was tempted to go to my knees and kiss the ground. But, I didn't. 

 " Hurry up!" Nicole said. I was almost at a point to were I had to run. I wish they would slow down. We finally got our things and got a taxi so we could get to our hotel.

 " Here you girls are," the taxi driver said. I paid and got my stuff. The girls got there stuff and headed in.

 " Room 41," the man at the front desk said.

 " Thank you," I said and went to my room. It was nice and roomy. I put my stuff up before I got a text from Delilah.

    ( W=Willow D=Delilah )

W: Hello?

D: Hey, Willow! Its me, Delilah! Lets go shopping and go out to eat!

W: Right know?

D: Yes! I'm hungry and I want to explore! Its not like we are going to stay here forever!

W: I'll be down in thirty minutes.

D: Thanks! See you soon!

   I hung up and started getting ready. I took a shower and put my dirty blonde hair into a side braid. I put on my mascara and some blush. I picked out a short sleeved white t-shirt and some regular skinny jeans. I pit on some converse and looked my self in the mirror. I was 5,7. A good size. I was ready. I walked down stairs to see Delilah and Nicole sitting in chairs waiting for me. 

 " Ok, lets go!" I said. They ran out the door and I was close behind.

   We went to several stores and I got makeup, 4 new shirts, 2 new pairs of shorts, 3 new pairs of long regular pants, a new dress, a new pair of shoes, and some new earings. We finally went to eat. 

 " Were to?" I asked because I was the one driving.

 " How about..... Nandos?" Nicole offered.

 " Sure," me and Delilah said at the same time. About 5 minutes later we arrived. We entered and were talking then BAM! All of us fell to the floor. 

 " I am so sorry!" I said. 

 " Its alright love!" someone british said. I looked up to see Louis Tomlinson. WOW! He is hot! We couldn't stop staring at each other until another person came in.

  " Are you alright?" someone asked. I looked up to see Zayn. He smiled at me.

  " I'm alright," Louis answered without looking at him. I finally looked over to the girls and saw they were staring at the boys they knocked into. Niall and Harry. They were staring! I giggled and that made them look over at me.

  " Whats so funny?" Nicole asked.

  " You all!" I answered. They realized they have been staring and started to blush. The boys smiled.

  " Are you alright?" Louis asked me.

  " Yes. I'm fine," I tell him. He smiles and gets up and offered his hand. I smiled and grabbed his hand and getting up. 

  " W...Whats your name?" he asked. He seemed a bit shy.

  " Willow. Willow Jones!" I said and shook his hand.

  " You probably know who I am," he said.  

 " I Do!" I said. He gave me a warm smile that made me melt. I think I am in love! Wait? What? I just met him! I can't fall in love that easily! Could I?

Delilah's POV

 I just bumped into Niall Horan! Oh, my gosh! AAAAHHHHH!!! I can't believe this! I stared into his eyes. He was hot! He stared at me. I hope I don't have anything on my face. I don't do I? I forgot about everything when I looked into his eyes. I was pulled into them. I was stuck! I finally was pulled out when I heard Willow laugh. I looked over.

  " Whats so funny?" Nicole asked.

 " You all!" she said. I blushed. Niall smiled at me and I smiled back. We then got up and he asked me my name.

 " Delilah Grace!" I said.

 " Niall Horan!" he said. As if I didn't know! He smiled at me. He is hot! I couldn't stop staring. " Maybe, we should meet up again?" Niall offered. 

  " Yes! I mean, great! Sounds great!" I said.

  " May I, um, have your phone number?" he asked.

  " Sure," I say. I wrote my phone number on a pice of paper. I hand it to him and we continue to stare. I like him! I really like him! But, he couldn't love a ordinary girl could he?

Nicole's POV

   I was looking at Harry. His eyes were amazing! I was being sucked into his eyes. His curls were cute and I think he is hot! I kind of like him. No scratch that, love him! But, he wouldn't fall for a ordinary girl from a small town. Would he? I got up and he did the same. We stood face to face.

  " Harry," he said.

  " Nicole," i responded.

  " Beautiful name for a beautiful girl!" he said. I blushed and smiled back. 

  " Thank you! You don't look to bad your self," I said. I am in love! No going back know.

  " Maybe we should hang out some time?" he offered.

  " Sure," I said. I handed him my phone number and he smiled just before leaving. I am in love!

Louis' POV

   She is stunning! Amazing! I don't have any words to explain! I am in love! I should have asked for her phone number, but Niall said he had her friends, so I am good! I should ask her out some time. When? I may get answers later.

Niall's POV

   I think shes really pretty. I should ask her out sometime! I have to think of everything else later.

Harry's POV

   She is beautiful! If only we didn't have a concert to go to, I would still be at Nandos. I would be with her. Is it weird to say I am in love with a girl I just met? Probably so. If I ever get to see her again. I will ask her out. Even if we just met.

Willow's POV

   We left Nandos soon after we bumped into One Direction. We ate everything quickly and went to the hotel room. I sat down and thought about Louis. He was hot and he is famous. What else would a girl want? I don't know. I love him! But, we just met! We will get to see them in a few days though! I can't wait to see him again! I'm weird, but I am in love!

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