Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


5. Meeting the boys again


Willow's POV

   It has been a few days since we bumped into the boys. It is know the day go the concert! I had to get ready! I took a shower and picked out a beautiful purple dress that came to my knees. This was not the one I bought a few days back. I put my dress on, put smoky eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip gloss, and blush. I put on some high heels that weren't very high, but, they did match my dress. I dried my hair and let my dirty blonde curls lay on my back. I finally put on some deodorant and I was ready. I went down stairs and saw two other beautiful girls. Nicole had on a light pink dress with black heels and black mascara. Delilah had on a blue dress that sparkled when the light hit it and some black mascara. We all let our hair lay on our backs. They both smiled when they saw me and I smiled back.

  " You two are gorgeous!" I said to them.

  " you are gorgeous to!" Nicole said to me. I smiled to her and we went to the car. I want to see the boys again. I climbed in and drove us to the concert. We got there about twenty minutes before the show started. We waited for a while, then finally, the show started. I think my favorite song was the story of my life. It was that or the best song ever. I can't decide. Any way the concert was over and we were back stage waiting for the boys. I was so nervous! I can't wait to see Louis again! I bet the girls can't wait to see Niall and Harry. After what seems like an forever, the boys come back stage. They didn't notice us at first. They weren't paying any attention. I finally let out a fake cough and they look over. Niall, Harry, and Louis seemed surprised to see us. They stared for a moment then they finally took there seats. 

  " Hello!" I said.

  " Hey!" all the boys said in unison. It made me giggle. 

  " You look beautiful!" Louis said. I blushed.

  " Not to bad your self," I say. He smiles. His smile makes my heart melt! We stared into each other's eyes.

  " What to talk about?" Harry said breaking the silence.

  " how about each other?" I suggested.

  " Sure!" he said.

  " Well, my name is Willow Lee Jones. I am 18 years old and turning 19 in two months," I finished.

  " My name is Nicole Victoria Tyson. I am also 18, but I am turning 19 in four months," Nicole said.

  " My name is Delilah Marie Grace. I am also 18 and turning 19 in two months as well, but two days before her," Delilah said pointing at me.

  " You know my name. I am twenty," Louis said.

  " Niall. 19," Niall said.

  " Harry. 18," he said. I could tell he liked Nicole. But, he seems like a player. If he hurts Nicole in any way, I swear, he is going to wish he was never born! I looked back at Louis, who was still looking at me. 

  " We should Hang out some time! Could, um, I have your, um, phone number?" he asked. I smiled and written it down on a piece of paper. I handed it to him and he smiled while taking it. I am totally, 100 percent, absolutely in love! And I think he feels the same way.




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