Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


15. Love!



Louis' POV

   I am worrying about Willow. A few nights ago, about two, I heard some noise in her room. I got out of bed, and went down the hall. I stopped at her room and opened the door a crack. There, I saw her crying into her pillow. I felt horrible, but I didn't know what to do. I opened the door wider and took a step in.

  " Please go away, Louis. I'm fine," she said. I did as I was told, and left the room. I continued to hear her cry all night long. I don't know why, witch bothers me. If I try to talk about that night, she would change the subject. Is she keeping a secret from me? No, she wouldn't. So, it must be me. What did I do? I know I told her to stop asking about the perfect one, but there is a really goo reason! I can't tell you, because you may tell her and spoil the surprise, so, just hang in there. I am leaving a shop right know and heading for the food court of the mall. Maybe I can think of what I want it to look like. I ordered some pizza and sat with the boys and played with my food.

  " Why aren't you eating?" Niall asked me.

  " I'm not that hungry," I responded.

  " What's on your mind?"

  " Why do you think there is something on my mind?"

  " I can just tell! What is it?"

  " Willow. Something is wrong, and she won't tell me. I am starting to rethink-"

  " You were so sure four days ago. You knew! Maybe it is family problems! Something like that! Just try to get to her, or stop asking! Don't say something like 'I am starting to rethink'! That is rubbish! I saw how you two look at each other!" he told me. He is right. How could I even think about rethinking?

  " Your right," I say.

  " Good, know hand me that pizza. No one wants good food to go to waste!" he said grabbing the piece of pizza off my plate. I pushed the plate closer to him and took a sip of my drink while I started to think about what I wanted it to look like.

Niall's POV

   I can't believe Louis! Does he really want to give up on her? Four days ago, he would have been like ' I love her! There id nothing I wouldn't do for her! I would never do anything to hurt her! I would never give up on her!' or something similar. I would do an thing for Delilah. She has a good personality, beautiful with her long dirty blonde hair and her amazing crystal light blue eyes! I am in love with her! So, I have made a decision. I am not going to tell you what that decision is, although you can probably guess. I love her! Its only been, what, seven months? Eight? I'm not sure, but it feels like I have known her forever!

Harry's POV

   I really don't believe Louis. He was so happy and exited about this, and know isn't sure? He would tell us about how beautiful she is. He really loves her! I really love Nicole. He shining red hair and sea blue eyes are just mesmerizing! I love her! Niall loves Delilah, Louis loves Willow, I love Nicole, Zayn Loves Perrie, and we still have to get the girls to meet her, but Liam is alone. We need to find someone for him.

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