Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


12. Home is where the heart is



Willow's POV

   I woke up the next day with someone sitting on the chair beside my bed. It wasn't Louis. Who do you think it was? My mother. She won't give up will she? I need to get out of this place! She was asleep in the chair. A nurse came in and I motioned for her to be quiet.

  " Is there any way I can go for a walk today?" I quietly asked her.

  " Sure!" she said quietly back. She unlocked the bar that was connected to my bed and helped me up.

  " When will I be able to get out of here?" I asked her quietly.

  " On Tomorrow. We were planning to keep you for at least two more days, but it seems you are healing quickly," she said. Yes! Only a few more hours of mother then I am free! She helped me get up then I started to walk around. It felt good to walk. It is better then laying down all day! I went down the hall, took a right, another right then a left before I hit a dead end. I turned around and started heading back when I heard my mother.

  " Where is my daughter?" she asked the nurse from earlier angrily.

  " Ma'am, she went for a walk! Please calm down!"

  " I won't calm down until she is with me!"

  " Ma'am, I think you are being a little over protective! Calm down! She will be back any minute now!" Wrong! I don't want to spend another minute with my mother! So, I started thinking. Maybe, I could escape! I mean, I am only leaving a day early and I have nothing connected to me! I slipped behind them and went to my room. Thankfully no one saw me. I grabbed some clothes Louis brought for me yesterday and went to the bathroom. I took off my hospital gown and put on some fresh clothes. I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Louis.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Need help. Mom is here and she is taking over my life. I am escaping. Bring car the front and wait please!

From: Willow_Jones

  I waited for a minute before a reply.

@Willow_Jones: Your escaping? When is your release date?

From: Louis_Tomlinson

@Louis_Tomlinson: Tomorrow, but can't wait another day! PLEASE?

From: Willow_Jones

@Willow_Jones: Fine. Be there in six. Be ready! Paparazzi!

From: Louis_Tomlinson

@Louis_Tomlinson: Thanks!
From: Willow_Jones

   I put my phone away and waited. Four minutes later, I opened the bathroom door and looked out the small window of the door to see that my mother was still arguing with the nurse. Poor nurse! I opened the door just enough for me to fit through and crawled out. I quickly walked down the hall when the worst thing happened.

  " Willow?" mother asked. I kept walking. Maybe she will think I am some stranger and will continue to argue. " Willow?" she asked again while coming in my direction. I started moving faster till I reached the elevator. I pressed lobby and thankfully it the doors closed before she could enter. it went down with that old elevator music and finally the doors opened. I walked out and saw a crowd of paparazzi and fans crowding a car. Its not hard to find them. Then, as I was about to reach the doors, a hand grabbed me.

  " Willow Lee Jones! You stop right this instant! What do you think you are doing?" she asked in a angry tone. I am not dealing with her! I simply moved my arm and walked out the door. She was fallowing.

  " WILLOW! STOP!" she screamed. I watched for cars and continued to walk to the crowded car. Louis was waiting inside of the car. I managed to make it to the car and knock on the window. He looked over and unlocked the door. I climbed in and he started off.

  " I WILL FIND YOU, WILLOW!" my mother screamed over the crowd who were now chasing the car. We made it to the road and drove away.

  " I am so sorry! I just couldn't handle another day," I told him.

  " Its alright. Everyone has missed you," he said. I smiled and we continued to drive. Soon, we reached the house and entered it.

  " Willow? What are you doing here a day early?" Delilah asked.

  " Do you want the truth or the one I want you to here?"

  " Both."

  " I escaped because I couldn't handle another day of my mother. I was let out a day early!" I say.

  " You what?"

  " I escaped."

  " Why did you escape? They might not have treated you correctly! They may want to put you on medications!"

  " I'll just take pills!" She rolled her eyes n=and sighed and walked away. I laughed. So did Louis. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is right here!

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