Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


14. He stole my heart





Willow's POV

   Today, we are sitting on the couch, watching a romantic movie, with popcorn and big, puffy red eyes. It has been four days since they talked about the 'perfect one'. We sat there, eating our popcorn, and watching Letters to Juliet, when they kissed. The kiss hit something in all of us, because we began to cry. It started off soft, then became harder and harder as the seconds passed. Soon, we were crying our hearts out. I'm glad the boys aren't here. But, where were the boys? They may be off on dates with there 'perfect one'. The thought made me cry harder. Soon, our tears slowed. Delilah got up and turned the tv off.

  " Maybe we should freshen up and go for a girls day out like we used to do," she offered. We both agreed. It would be good for us to get some fresh air. I got out of my spot on the couch and headed upstairs. I got into my old room ( we refused to go into the boys' room any more. A few days ago, Louis said he was going to his room and waited for an answer like 'I'll go too,' or something like that, but I didn't budge. After a few moments, he sighed and went upstairs.) and took a shower. A few minutes later, I Got out and raped the towel around me and went to the dresser. I looked around till I just decided to wear something comfortable. I grabbed my two sizes to big blue shirt and grey sweat pants and put those on. I put on my most comfortable white tennis shoes and put on my black beanie. I put some deodorant, perfume, and mascara on before going back down stairs to see Delilah in her black shirt with silver paint splatters, nice jeans, tennis shoes, beanie, and some make up on. Nicole had on her purple shirt, black jeans, and flats on. We all decided comfortable, other then Delilah, who thinks she has to be fashionable at all times. We all put our sun glasses on and I grabbed my purse before Nicole opened the door and we all went out to be greeted by paparazzi. They took billions of pictures and asked even more questions. One bothered me.

  " Are you and Louis planning a future?" If this was a month ago, I would blush and say 'I don't know', but I didn't answer. A small, but noticeable, tear slipped and rolled down my cheek. I wiped it away and entered the car. I was in the passengers seat while Nicole was driving and Delilah was sitting in the back with ear buds in her ears. I could hear a little of the song. She was listening to Heart Break Girl. I decided to turn on the radio. And can you guess who was singing? One Direction. It was called Stand Up ( song above). Instead of turning it off, I listened to it. When it finished, I had to hold my chest. My heart hurt. I can't believe that Louis would leave me like that. No after taking us in. Not after he took my first kiss. Not after loving me so much. I started to cry again. Delilah rubbed my back, but it didn't help. Louis stole my heart and won't give it back. It hurt to even think about him.

  " Please, God, let him come back!" I whispered through tears. This hurt so much. Maybe this is why mother never let me go. So I would have my heart stolen and broken.






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