Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


28. Girls night






   * A few months later *

Willow's POV

   I am now 9 months pregnant. We finally finished Parker's room. Oh, Delilah is 4 months pregnant with twins! She took the test the afternoon of my baby shower, and it was positive. We found a way to tell Niall. When we did, he was jumping up and down and hugged Delilah till she couldn't breath. He is really excited. It wasn't long before paparazzi found out. 'Two of 1D's wives are expecting! Delilah is now two months pregnant!' It made the cover. On one side, it had a picture of Delilah and Niall holding hands while walking down the street, and on the other was a picture of me and Louis walking home. The pictures weren't bad. Liam and Grace are doing really well! Liam is thinking about asking her to move in with us. It would be good to get another girl in here. They have a ship name. Giam. Zayn and Perrie are engaged! We had a party for them! I got to know Perrie a little better, and I met the rest of Little Mix. I can't remember if I have met them before, but I don't think I have. So, that is what has been going on for the last few months. Right now, the boys are at a concert, so the girls and I invited Grace and Perrie over for a girls night.

  " I'll get it!" Nicole said when the door bell rang. She got up and greeted who ever was at the door. They both came in and we saw it to be Grace.

  " Hey!" I said once she entered the room.

  " Hey! How have you all been?" she asked.

  " Just fine! We are just waiting for Perrie. She doesn't have anything to do, and the rest of Little Mix are hanging out with there boy friends, so she will be coming," I informed her. She nodded and we sat there and talked for a few minutes before the door bell rang again.

  " I'll get it!" Nicole said again and went to answer the door. She came back with Perrie and we all sat down and decided on which movie to watch.

  " How about... Hunger games?" Perrie asked.

  " Sounds good to me!" Delilah said. We all nodded and Grace put it in. Nicole popped some popcorn and got some drinks (soda) and we watched the movie. In the middle of the movie, I started feeling some pains. Oh no. I just pushed them aside and continued to watch the movie, but a few minutes later, the pain was stronger and the couch was wet. My water just broke. Why now? When my husband wasn't here, Parker was ready. Why? I ended up making faces from the pain and Perrie noticed.

  " Whats wrong?" she asked. The girls attention moved from the screen to me.

  " I think its time," I replied. She quickly got up and helped me up.

  " Lets go!" she said while rubbing my back. The pain came stronger and stronger.

  " We need to call Louis," Delilah said as we exited the house.

  " He doesn't have his phone on him! He is on stage! He leaves his phone in the back!" I said. Why didn't he just put it on vibrate? They began to get worried.

  " Why don't we call Niall? He can get Louis," Nicole said as we all climbed into the car and Grace got out of the drive way.

  " Niall turns his phone off! Harry?"

  " Nope. He left his phone here," Nicole said.

  " Liam?"

  " No. He also left his phone here."

  " How much longer until the show is over?" Delialh asked Nicole.

  " Another hour!'

  " We don't have an hour!"

  " Shut up! Call one of them and hope some one answers!" I yelled. Delilah nodded and took her phone out.

  " Please answer Zayn!" she said. After a few rings, voice mail. 

  " Try Louis'!" Nicole said. Delilah nodded and tried Louis'.

  " Hello? Who is this?" a voice said from the other end.

  " This Is Delilah. We need to talk to Louis!" she said.

  " He is on stage. Why do you need him?"

  " His wife is having there baby, so find a way to get to him!" she said.

  " Alright, I will tell Paul. I'll try to get him there as quickly as possible!" the voice said before they hung up. Deliah closed her phone.

  " They will try to get him," she said. 

Louis' POV

   We just finished Up All Night. 

  " Our next song is-" Liam said before stopping and looking back stage. I turned my head and saw Paul trying to get our attention. Zayn walked over and Paul said something to him. Zayn's eyes went wide. He rushed over to me.

  " Whats wrong?" I asked him.

  " Willow is having the baby!" he said. I went wide eyed.

  " I have to go!" I said. I dropped the microphone and rushed off stage with Liam fallowing me.

  " What is going on?" he asked while trying to catch up.

  " Willow is having the baby!" I said as I ran into the parking lot.  I quickly got to my car and climbed in. I rushed to the hospital. We are going to have a baby!

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