Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


22. Delilah's and Niall's wedding



Willow's POV

   I woke up the next day with Louis staring at me.

  " What?" I asked.

  " Happy!"

  " Ok. What's today?"

  " Did you forget? Delilah and Niall are getting married!" he said.

  " Oh, almost forgot! Yeah."

  " Do you still want to go on our honeymoon?"

  " I don't know. I'm tired and I am carrying a baby."

  " Dang you for looking so beautiful! Dang me for being hot!" he said, making me laugh.

  " Yes, dang us!" I said. He ended up laughing.

  " How many months along?"

  " Four."

  " What's the gender?"

  " Its a boy!" Louis smiled.

  " Any names?"

  " Yeah, actually. Parker Matthew Tomlinson."

  " I like it! Parker it is!" he said I smiled and kissed him.

  " We better be getting dressed," I say while getting up. Louis pulled me back down.

  " No! Please, five more minutes?"

  " Why?"

  " Because, this is my first morning with you as you being my wife!"

  " I guess!" I say. I laid my head to his chest and fell back asleep.

                     * A few minutes later *

  " Wake up!" I heard someone yell. I opened my eye to see Delilah.

  " Five more minutes?"

  " Come one, Willow!" Louis said nudging me.

  " Hey, I am carrying your child! I do have mood swings!" I warned.

  " Five more minutes!" Louis said while getting up. Delilah left the room to go to the park where I was supposed to meet her. She is getting married in a park. I slept in for a few more minutes before Louis woke me up again. I finally got up and slipped a blue dress that I had bought for the wedding. Three longs days full of weddings, receptions, music, and dancing. Long, long, days. Louis helped me out of the car after we parked at the park. The aisle was laid out and there were chairs around it. It was 75 degrees out side and the reception is in a building right beside the park. I had to take a bathroom break before meeting up with Delilah who was in the same building but in the bathroom putting her makeup on.

  " Hey!" I said as I saw her.

  " Hey! Can't wait! How did you feel as you went down the aisle?" she asked me.

  " Nervous, but when I saw Louis, all the nerves went away. Just relax and you will feel fine!" I say.

  " Good! How are you with the baby?" she asked.

  " Good. Louis and I talked and we decided a name."

  " You found out what the gender?"

  " Yes. It is going to be a boy and his name is Parker!" I said. She smiled and applied her last bit of makeup.

  " Done!" she said while putting all the makeup away. Finally it was time. I took my seat beside Louis and we watched as Delilah walked down the aisle with Rob, her dad. The ceremony lasted for, like, ever, but the vows were sweet and then, finally it was ended.

  " I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride," the preacher said. They lend in and kissed then walked back down the aisle and started heading towards the building. Delilah was smiling the whole way there. I could imagine she was happy. We all got up and fallowed them. Louis insisted on helping me up. I didn't need his help, but because I was pregnant, he didn't want to take any chances. I feel like I am useless, but I am pregnant and it is sweet that he cares and wants to help. He entered a room with pale green and purple table cloths and a stage. Louis sat me down at a purple table and grabbed us some food. I don't like that he is doing everything, but I keep quiet. We ate and they had there dances and then the boys went up on stage and sang Heart Break Girl. It was a really good song, so Delilah, Nicole, and I were singing to it. They soon came off stage and sat with us. We talked about Louis' and I's wedding, then Delilah's and Niall's, then they talked about Nicole's and Harry's. We danced a little, other then me. Its not that I was asked not to, but I didn't want to. I only dance when it is important like at my wedding. Louis danced around, so I danced a little in my chair. I had fun! Soon, though, it was time to leave. We all went home and went to bed, It was late and I was really tired. I climbed in bside Louis and laid my head on his chest and fell asleep.

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